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8/27/2014 - Posted by Sandy J Duncan in Books, Entertainment, Health, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Mental Health, News, Personal Care

7 Ways Reading Can Improve Your Health

Ways Reading Can Improve Your Health
Want a simple, inexpensive way to improve your overall health?
Gustave Flaubert said, “Do not read, as children…

8/27/2014 by Beth Maxwell

Don’t Fall for Online Scams When Buying Beauty Products

Don’t Fall for Online Scams When Buying Beauty Products
For many of us, our beauty regimen is one of the most expensive items in our…

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8/27/2014 by Andre Berger

The Benefits of Sun Exposure

We’ve been told to steer clear of the sun most of our lives, but as the old saying goes: moderation is key.
The sun can…

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8/27/2014 - Posted by Mayimina in Crime, Food, Food, Health, Lifestyle, News, Personal Care

Is Soda with Sugar Better?

Few food ingredients – with the possible exception of aspartame – have gotten worse media publicity in recent years than high fructose corn syrup. This…

8/27/2014 by Sandeep Godiyal

20 Reasons You Need a Chemical and Toxic Metal Cleanse

Below are twenty reasons why going through a detoxifying period to cleanse the body of toxins and heavy metals is a good idea.
High Mercury…

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8/27/2014 by Dr. Michael Trayford

3 Reasons Why Your Kid’s School Should Have a Concussion Screening Program

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year in the United States, hospitals treat approximately 174,000 kids 19 and younger for…

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8/27/2014 - Posted by Ann Musico in Health, Weight Loss

Healthy Life: Starting Where You are Now – 7 Things You Need to Know

What are your health goals? Weight Loss? Heart health? Diabetes? Joint pain? Fatigue? COPD? Cancer? Looking and feeling your best? Avoiding serious disease? It doesn’t…

8/27/2014 by Jennifer Lilley

Raw Milk Sickens 45 People in Utah, Improper Cleansing of Udders Noted

Raw milk is to blame for sickening 45 people in Utah with campylobacteriosis, a bacterial infection that causes fever and abdominal pain and diarrhea.(1) The…

0 Shares | | Posted in Farming, Food, Food, Health, Health, News
8/27/2014 by Churchill Otieno

7 Superfoods Every Woman Should Have To Feel Younger

1. Low-fat Yogurt
Yogurt is high in calcium as well as protein. Due to this yogurt is able to fight osteoporosis. It also decreases the…

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8/27/2014 - Posted by Alex Jordon in Food, Food, Health, Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Personal Care, Recipes

Six Food Combining Rules for Optimal Digestion

Food combining has gained a lot of attention over the past few years.  It’s noted by scientists that the body digests different foods at different…


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