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10/21/2014 - Posted by Jade Rich in Health

Kratom: Herbal Friend or Foe?

Ever since the Prohibition Era, the U.S government has been quick in outlawing specific compounds that may have actual medical uses. In-depth objective studies are…

10/21/2014 by Samantha Clove

Simple but Super Effective Lower Body Workout

Obviously a lower body workout involves a set of exercises that improves the strength of the lower part of the body. This…

0 Shares | | Posted in Fitness, Lifestyle, Personal Care, Strength Training, Weight Loss
10/21/2014 by Joanna Simons

Why you should add coconut flour to your pantry

Coconut flour is made by taking the flesh of the coconut meat and grinding it very finely, creating a perfect texture for baked goods recipes.…

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10/21/2014 - Posted by IodAaron in Child Care, Farming, Fluoride, Food, Food, GMOs, Health, Health, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Lifestyle, Medicine, Nutrition, Nutritional Medicine, Personal Care, Physics, Science, Water

Tooth Remineralization 101: Never Sit In Another Dentist’s Chair Again

About seven months ago, I walked out of a dental office with a pretty serious quote for dental work that was needed on 8 different cavities…

10/21/2014 by Jennifer Lilley

Why Iodine Deficiency Disorder Should Be On Your Radar Screen

When it comes to changes in health, it’s common for most people to jump to the conclusion that they’re lacking a certain vitamin or that…

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10/21/2014 by Mayimina

6 Reasons to Start Using Eggshells in Your Garden

Since eggs – loaded with vitamins and minerals – are one of the healthiest sources protein on the planet, it should be no surprise that…

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10/21/2014 - Posted by Christine . S in Food, Food, Health, Health, Herbal Medicine, Medicine, News, Nutrition, Nutritional Medicine

10 Reasons Why Aloe Vera is a Magical Plant

Whether you are using aloe vera gel topically or taking it internally, this spiky, blue-green succulent is definitely worth the space in your garden or…

10/21/2014 by Rosalina

5 Body Scrub Recipes with Kitchen Ingredients

Most women know what a difference a good scrub can make for their faces, but fewer will utilize body scrubs with the same regularity. While…

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10/21/2014 by Elise Sole

5 Surprising Virus-Killing Recipes You Didn’t Know About

Particularly when cold and flu season rolls around every year, people get very interested in ways that they can help ward off these infections. The…

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10/21/2014 - Posted by Alex Jordon in Food, Food, Health, Health, Nutrition

Top 5 Reasons to Add Cashews to Your Diet

Native to Brazil, cashew nuts come from the fruit of a cashew tree. Commonly called cashew nuts, they are actually the kidney-shaped seeds found on…


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