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2/20/2017 - Posted by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers in Health, Herbal Medicine, Medicine

FDA Approves Clinical Trial for Cancer-Busting Turkey Tail Mushroom

In what may be the most significant health discovery for mycologists and health researchers since the invention of penicillin (which was derived from the fungus… Shares
2/20/2017 by pixieforest1

Hesitant To Ask What’s In That Vaccine? – The 1 Life Saving Question I Urge You To Ask

Despite what you may have been fed by the CDC and their cohorts in the media, vaccines are not an argument of duality. There are,… Shares | Posted in Health, Vaccines
2/20/2017 by Twain Yobra

Top 10 Alkaline Foods That Flush Toxins from Your Body

Most people don’t realize how getting rid of toxins can improve their health. It can lower risk of diseases, fight inflammation and make it easier… Shares | Posted in Fitness Nutrition, Food, Health, Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Nutritional Medicine, Personal Care, Weight Loss
2/20/2017 - Posted by Dr. Serge Gregoire in Health

The Best Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Aromatherapy essential oils have long been used to treat a variety of conditions from stress and insomnia to burns and infections. Here is a brief… Shares
2/20/2017 by Twain Yobra

10 Foods You Can Use As Natural Skincare Products

Most skincare products are pricey and have side effects. But the truth is you don’t need them. You can keep your skin healthy and glowing… Shares | Posted in Fitness Nutrition, Food, Food, Health, Health, News, Nutrition, Nutritional Medicine, Personal Care
2/20/2017 by Hesh Goldstein

How diet relates to disease

In Hawaii, as well as in the contiguous United States, flesh is consumed n excess. The result of this is that obesity, diabetes, heart disease,… Shares | Posted in Health
2/20/2017 - Posted by Anna Johansson in Health

Study Shows That Remote Workers Have Increased Risk for Burnout

Burnout is not a foreign concept for the workforce. Things like stress, lack of sleep, and repetition can all contribute to burnout, reducing productivity and… Shares
2/20/2017 by Yulia Tarbath

A Controversial Way To Heal Type 2 Diabetes With A High-Carbohydrate Diet

If you’re looking for alternative methods to naturally heal your type 2 diabetes for life, then there’s a highly effective method for you to try.… Shares | Posted in Health
2/20/2017 by allyson3james

Diabetes and Oral Health Problems

Overview During the past ten years, much research has been undertaken on the link between periodontal disease and diabetes. The periodontal disease is the sixth… Shares | Posted in Health, Health, Lifestyle, Personal Care
2/17/2017 - Posted by bettercalltmatt in Constitution, Liberty, Parental Rights

The Long Lost ‘Lincoln Letter’ – Harriet Tubman on the “A” Word

Long Lost “Lincoln Letter” Danvers, MassachusettsAmong the papers of agronomist and free-thinker, T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. (1812–1901), was recently found a letter written… Shares

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