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Outdoor Weddings: 3 Tips to Pull Them Off Without a Hitch

Outdoor weddings can be a fantastic way to have an affordable, beautiful wedding that you’ll never forget. But outdoor weddings come with a few potential downsides, if you don’t plan carefully. Whether you’re planning to walk down the aisle on… 0 Shares | | Posted in Lifestyle

Hyper, Obsessive and Violent Kids: Are Our Toxic Foods To Blame?

Neurotoxic Chemicals and Foods Void of Essential Brain Nutrients Can Lead to Violent Behavior There was a very interesting article published on December 15, 2012 right after the Sandy Hook, Connecticut massacre when twenty children and six adults were killed… 0 Shares | | Posted in Child Care, Food, GMOs, Health, Holistic Medicine, Mental Health, Nutrition, Nutritional Medicine

Pay More And Get Less

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq. As the end of 2015 rapidly approaches and people evaluate the year gone by, there are those who have summarized 2015 as the year we paid more and received less.  Many have… 0 Shares | | Posted in Business, Home, Lifestyle, Money, News

My Kids Loved this Best Ever Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Best Ever Cauliflower Pizza Crust I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately as far as trying new recipes. Since we have 5 teenagers and my husband is gluten-free, it is not always easy to not just give in… 0 Shares | | Posted in Food, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Personal Care, Recipes

10 Survival Foods You Should Grow

In the event of a survival situation, you won’t be able to simply go to the store for food; you will be first responsible for feeding yourself and your family. The best way to do this is by growing your… 0 Shares | | Posted in Food, Nutrition

An introduction to Nice, France

Nice is one of the surrounding cities on the French Riviera. Many tourists include this city on their bucket lists because of the beautiful sceneries on the Promenade des Anglais and its popular waterfront. This ethnically diverse city has a… 0 Shares | | Posted in Travel

Astragalus Root: Halts Aging, Cure Type 2 Diabetes And Repair Our DNA

Astragalus is an amazing root that helps to support immune system function and protect the liver and heart. This article will explore astragalus health benefits in both the Chinese and Western Herbalism perspectives. Astragalus root originally comes to us from… 0 Shares | | Posted in Chemicals, Electropollution, Fitness, Food, Food, Health, Health, Herbal Medicine, Lifestyle, Personal Care, Pilates

Pumpkin Banana Waffles Paleo and Gluten Free

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and also the biggest factor in how much energy you have throughout the day. I find this to be especially true with the Paleo diet.  In the… 0 Shares | | Posted in Fitness, Fitness Nutrition, Food, Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Recipes, Weight Loss

A Blue Print for North American Food Production.

Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future, too.” – Marcus Aurelius With the current drought playing havoc with California food production, economic uncertainty and the U.S energy revolution … 0 Shares | | Posted in Farming, Food, Gardening

5 Herbs to Grow in Your Garden This Spring

For foodies, mommies, and health-conscious individuals, a cooking session wouldn’t be complete if there aren’t any herbs and spices present whenever you need them. A small sprinkle of lemongrass in salad, a dash of coriander in an omelet, and a… 0 Shares | | Posted in Environment, Farming, Food, Gardening, Herbal Medicine, Home, Lifestyle