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Coconut Oil For Health: Healing Common Ailments Naturally With Pure Coconut Oil

Many people rely heavily on over-the-counter drugs to find relief for today’s common ailments, from a minor headache to skin infections. What many probably do not know is that coconut oil is fast becoming an alternative to a more natural… 0 Shares |

The Link Between GMO and Autoimmune Diseases

Genetically modifying the seeds of staple crops like corn and soybeans has been increasing the yields of many farm factories across the country. This is despite the agricultural industry’s challenges in keeping sustainable farmlands amidst rapid urbanization. While many are… 0 Shares |

Here’s Why You Should Ditch Coffee for Matcha

Coffee drinkers would agree that coffee gives them the “high” and the right fix that they need to go through the day. Coffee is a great stimulant, but there are side effects noted in long-time drinkers. Most coffee drinkers swear… 0 Shares |

Toxic Coconut Water Brands: What You Ought To Know About Coconut Water

Deceptive business practices within the coconut water industry are common. Consumers are made to believe they are getting exactly what’s promised on the label. Don’t fall into this trap. Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Health Benefits Provided you’re… 0 Shares |

The Benefits of An Alkaline Diet for Cancer Patients

According to some health experts, 80% of Americans will have one of these three things happen to them — cancer, stroke, or heart attack — in their lifetime, and most of them agree that this has something to do with… 0 Shares |

The Incredible Goodness of Ginger

Ginger is an amazing spice and one that has an extended tradition of use as a medicine. You should devise ways to incorporate ginger into your meals and dishes since there are a lot of health reasons to eat more… 0 Shares |

The Reality about The Health Hazards of Energy Saving CFL Bulbs and LEDs

The US Department of Energy had implemented the remaining provision of the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act in January of 2014. The law enacted was the phase-out of forty to sixty-watt incandescent light bulbs in the US market. The… 0 Shares |

If You Aren’t Using Coconut Oil Just Yet, Then Read This!

Once pushed aside due to its saturated fat content and sneaky high-level marketing tricks from the corn and soy industry, coconut oil is finally making its way back into our homes. Coconut oil is actually one of the healthiest, heart-friendly… 0 Shares |

Health Benefits of Turmeric in Aiding Chronic Health Conditions That Affect Westerns

Certain health conditions tend to be more prevalent in some continents than others. Consider Alzheimer’s and arthritis. These chronic health conditions are less widespread in Asia than in the United States. Such difference can be attributed to the kind of… 0 Shares |

5 Lies About Food You Need to Stop Believing

It is quite sad to note that a lot of the ideas that people know about food is apparently not true and not backed by proper research. Some information has been distorted, misleading people to consume unwisely and scaring them… 0 Shares |