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Danna is an occasional blogger in the health and beauty arena, works in the insurance industry as a day job, and also owns AuraSensory.com, a natural body, skin and hair care company that offers highly effective alternatives to traditional chemical-heavy products. Her product line includes a natural deodorant, natural sulfate free shampoo and silk conditioner, facial skincare and more.


Intermittent Fasting : Why Compressing Your Eating Schedule Sheds Stubborn Weight

Intermittent fasting first piqued my interest several months ago when I came across the concept reading a completely unrelated article. I read about it, and then I forgot about it. While a novel concept, fasting just wasn’t for me. I… 0 Shares |

Boost creativity, motivation and mood with these quick fixes

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut? Maybe you’ve reached a point where things that normally brought you joy and fulfillment no longer seem enjoyable – or even seem like a chore.  It’s not necessarily what you would consider… 0 Shares |

Rosemary studies prove anxiety-reducing, memory-boosting properties

What if taking a whiff of a certain plant oil could actually have a significant impact on your cognitive performance and also potentially on your mood?  Well, it turns out this is a proven benefit of rosemary essential oil, which… 0 Shares |

Food Pairing and Preparation for Optimal Nutrient Absorption

Thanks to modern science and an expanding base of nutritional education that is readily available to anyone in the world, our knowledge of food has allowed a greater understanding of what foods we need to eat in order to be… 0 Shares |

“Bullet Proof” Coffee – Have You Tried It?

I first read about the concept of “bullet proof” coffee over a year ago. It is a term used for the special way to make coffee, as well as a special mycotoxin-reduced brand of coffee that was coined by Dave… 0 Shares |

Ellagic acid tempers fat storage, protects skin and more

If you haven’t yet heard much about the polyphenol nutrient called ellagic acid (also called EA), that may soon change. Some promising new studies are showing that it may benefit not only your overall cell health through its antioxidant and… 0 Shares |

The Aesthetic, Psychological and Therapeutic Benefits of Light Therapy

Natural light, supplied by the sun to our planet for thousands if not millions of years, is an integral part of our well-being. It supplies the plant life we heavily rely on for our food supply with vital nutrients to… 0 Shares |

Need help with appetite control? Try this highly effective spice & mineral combo

Who doesn’t need a little help in the Appetite Department after the holidays? After all, the nearly involuntary splurging on high fat, sugary, savory indulgences that are inevitably plentiful during this time, cause our appetites go into overdrive. And it’s… 0 Shares |

4 Reasons You Should Keep Witch Hazel in Your Cupboard

Witch hazel is one of those age old multipurpose remedies that tend to go forgotten as newer, more enticing (and often more expensive) natural folk remedies come into vogue. The witch hazel shrub is native to North America, and its… 0 Shares |

3 reasons processed foods are so addictive

Even the most well-meaning health nuts occasionally get sucked into the junk food vortex. We’ve all been there. You take a few bites of a flavorful processed snack food, and suddenly you’ve consumed 1,000 calories that are devoid of any… 0 Shares |