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Stop Your Migraines With Lemon and Himalayan Salt

More than 36 million Americans suffer from migraines, it means that this issue affects almost 1 out of every 10 people, and three-quarter of the suffers are female. Usual Symptoms of Migraines A headache for 1-2 days or even longer… 0 Shares |

2 Simple Ways to Use Nutmeg For Sleep

When I was a kid, my grandmother would add a pinch of powdered nutmeg in my milk before bedtime. She did that for a reason as this spice does aid deep sleep and calms your mind as well. Nowadays, nutmeg… 0 Shares |

How to Treat High Blood Pressure Naturally with This Tasty 4-herb Tea

One of the most common health issues in the US, high blood pressure affects more than 70 million people and only half of them can control it to a certain extent. Don’t underestimate the risk of high blood pressure, it… 0 Shares |

How to Lose 5+ Pounds In Just 5 Days With This Miracle Drink

There are many ways to lose weight naturally and safety. Certain foods  have power to speed up the fat-burning process and help you get your ideal weight, one of which is parsley. Is Parsley Really Good For Losing Weight? Parsley… 0 Shares |

10 Foods That Boost Your Focus and Memory

A healthy diet is essential for your physical as well as mental health. Eating healthy foods may help improve memory and concentration significantly. As the most energy greedy organ in the body, how we eat also affect the brain function.… 0 Shares |

100% Natural Remedies to Fight Cold and Flu

Colds and the flu are common illnesses all over the year, and particularly severe in winter days. And if you don’t treat them on time, it can develop into other dangerous diseases too. What you need to do is to… 0 Shares |

What Will Happen To Your Body If You Consume This Pineapple Turmeric Smoothie

The health benefits of pineapple and the healing properties of turmeric are well known for all of us. But do you know you can combine these two powerful ingredients too? Here is a smoothies recipe you should try. Powerful Pineapple… 0 Shares |

How to Promote Hair Growth with Castor Oil

Castor oil is one of the most effective essential oils to promote hair growth. If you have hair loss problem or just want your hair grow faster, apply a few drops of castor oil on your scalp and massage for… 0 Shares |

How to Make Your Own Alkaline Water With Lemon and Himalayan Salt to Combat Cancer

Based on studies, more than 95% of all cancers thrive in an acidic environment, so if you keep your body in an alkaline state, you’re less prone to cancer and other chronic health issues, such as heart disease and diabetes.… 0 Shares |

A Sweet Syrup That Helps Detox Your Body, Lose Weight, Improve Brain Function and More

Natural is always best, and this natural homemade sweet syrup is said that will help you lose up to 10 pounds in a week and also get rid of excess water and harmful toxins out of the body. This miracle… 0 Shares |