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Banker Suicides Continue At Alarming Rate: JP Morgan Executive Kills Wife, Then Ends His Own Life

It’s happening all over the world. Banking executives are ending their lives, leaving a trail of tears in their wake.
The latest of US banking executives is Julian Knott, age 45. According to reports, Knott blasted his wife Alita, age…


Latest Science Teaches That There is a Field of Energy that Surrounds the Body

By Debora Wayne
This is SO IMPORTANT because this field holds the key to your health OR the key to your illness.
In the mid 1980′s Russian scientists defined the existence of an additional class of fields in physics beyond…


5 Reasons You Should Get Food Sensitivity Testing

 By Stacy Simons of Yvolv Nutrition
Food sensitivities are no joke. If you think you may be affected, here are five reasons you should get food sensitivity testing:
1. Food sensitivities are a common problem.
You may be surprised to…


More Evidence: Crime Not Linked to Mental Illness

A new study published in the American Psychological Association journal Law and Human Behavior has found that contrary to popular belief, crime may not be linked to mental illness.
When analyzing crimes committed by offenders suffering from a serious mental…


The Link Between Nerve Damage and Cholesterol

by Wayne Greathouse, DC
Statin drugs are conventionally used to lower or limit cholesterol levels in the body. The problem is in the side effects; this medication can cause neuropathy when used constantly over a long period of time, even…


Personal Zen: Free Smart Phone App Reduces Anxiety and Makes you Feel Good

Interesting research results for my favorite new smart phone app, Personal Zen (and it’s free). It’s a simple game based on proven psychological principles that make you feel good.
According to research published in the Clinical Psychological Science journal, playing…


Is Good Health Worth Paying For?

by Geraldine Bright
You can’t take it with you when you go, but it can make you feel better when you are alive. Yes, I’m talking about money. I think people consider what they have to pay for their health…


Prisoners See Themselves as Morally Superior to Non-Prisoners

It seems that even those who have been incarcerated fall prey to the idea that they are better than others. New research from the University of Southampton has found that those in prison believe themselves to be kinder, more moral,…


6 Key Lab Tests for an Effective Wellness Tune-­Up

By Dr. Wes Youngberg
When I was 24 years old I read the studies done by Drs. Brown and Goldsteine. They had just won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their work showing how harmful cholesterol particles can enter the…


How to Control Elevated Cholesterol Without Prescription Drugs

By Alexander Shikhman, M.D., Ph.D., FACR
Cardiovascular disease, including coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, cerebral vascular disease, cerebral vascular accident (stroke), myocardial infarction, sudden death syndrome, is the number one cause of death in most developed countries all over the world.…