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Physically Fit Kids Have Better Brains

For parents who are struggling to get their kids off the computers or video games and into the back yard to run and play, science may have found the ultimate bribe.
Research examining the brain function of children has shown…


5 Benefits of Chemical-Free Pet Shampoo

If you’re like many pet owners, your furry friend is a true companion. Some even compare their pets to their children!
If you feel this strongly about your pet, why would you want to use a pet shampoo that is…


Nature Deficit Disorder – Signs Symptoms and Solutions

Nature deficit disorder was introduced by journalist and author Richard Louv in a book titled Last Child in the Woods (2005).
Do you spend as much time in nature as you should?
And have you heard about the behavioral effects…


20 Mental Health Symptoms of Food-Borne Heavy Metal Toxicity

Most people believe that the food supply must be safe for human consumption, right?
This is a dangerous assumption. There are, in fact, toxic heavy metals in our food, air, water and other consumer goods. These substances could be affecting…


Five Essential Nutrients You Should Be Supplementing

Guest post by Colin of Raw Revelations Superfoods
With so many choices of vitamins and supplements on the market, and so many choices out there, I am going to present my take of the top five nutrient essentials.
I have…


Bacteria May Be Controlling Food Cravings

Mike Bundrant is co-founder of the iNLP Center.
According to a new report, the bacteria in our digestive system may indeed play a particularly active role in determining our food choices. Active bacteria outweigh human cells by 100 to 1,…


85% Report Increased Willpower After Free Online Course

After voluntary and anonymous participation in a free online course for the public , 85% of users reported an increase in willpower.
As of this writing, 121 people have participated in the online willpower course. Updates may be posted at…


The Anti-Anxiety Diet

By Nadine Chopra
Anxiety and anxiety-related conditions are the most common psychological afflictions of humans and account for a major percentage of initial complaints to psychiatrists as well as to general practitioners.
It is estimated that some 33% of women…


Treating Headaches, Sinus Problems and Tinnitus with Cranial Sacral Therapy

People ask me what type of conditions does “cranial sacral therapy” (CST) help?
If you have never tried CST it’s a good question.
The answer is “almost everything.”
I’ll briefly explain how cranial sacral therapy works. Your body needs to…


CHANGE AHEAD: 7 Simple Steps to Personal Transformation

By Linda Prejean
It’s true the best things often come in small packages and this idea can also work when it’s time for a change.  However, most people resist change while seeking   transformation.  Lasting change occurs when you take small…