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Everything you Need to Know about Fibromyalgia from an Integrative Medical Perspective

By Dr. Peter Lloyd Fibromyalgia is defined as widespread chronic pain continuing for more than three months and associated with the presence of multiple tender points. Fibromyalgia affects an estimated 2-4% of the general population in the US. Nearly 5%… 0 Shares |

5 Foods that Reduce Stress and Anxiety, According to Research

By Mike Bundrant of the iNLP Center. With all the stress in life, wouldn’t it be nice to allow your body to de-stress on autopilot? Whether mental or physical stress, your body needs vital nutrients that support your nervous system,… 0 Shares |

“Your location has been shared 5,398 times by 10 apps in the last 14 days.”

That’s what one recent study participant was told with his new app that detects location sharing. He was shocked, and took immediate action to restrict the data on his smartphone. You probably should do the same. With the age of… 0 Shares |

Diet and Nutrition: Proven Factors Affecting Mental Health

By Mike Bundrant of the iNLP Center. Many mental health practitioners and trained coaches have long recognized the importance of diet and nutrition on a patient’s overall health and well-being. Now psychiatrists and psychologists are being urged to recognize the… 0 Shares |

Simple Plant Extract Fights Cushing Disease

A recent study has found that silibinin extracted from the seeds of the milk thistle could be a new, non-invasive treatment for Cushing Disease. This condition (not to be confused with Cushing’s Syndrome) is caused when a tumor forms on… 0 Shares |

Overcome Feb-Mar Fitness Doldrums by Rocking Your Core

Guest post by Fit Athletic Ah February and March…..the month of love and the month of all that can be made green.  The months of preparing for taxes.  The months to ponder and await spring.  And the time of the… 0 Shares |

Break Free of Your Stress and Pain Patterns with Biofield Healing

by Debora Wayne Many people suffer from stress, pain, depression and anxiety. The statistics are staggering. According to a survey by The American Psychological Association, two-thirds of Americans said they were likely to seek help for stress. The American Pain… 0 Shares |

Physically Fit Kids Have Better Brains

For parents who are struggling to get their kids off the computers or video games and into the back yard to run and play, science may have found the ultimate bribe. Research examining the brain function of children has shown… 0 Shares |

5 Benefits of Chemical-Free Pet Shampoo

If you’re like many pet owners, your furry friend is a true companion. Some even compare their pets to their children! If you feel this strongly about your pet, why would you want to use a pet shampoo that is… 0 Shares |

Nature Deficit Disorder – Signs Symptoms and Solutions

Nature deficit disorder was introduced by journalist and author Richard Louv in a book titled Last Child in the Woods (2005). Do you spend as much time in nature as you should? And have you heard about the behavioral effects… 0 Shares |