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World Economic Forum 2017 Report Advises Geoengineering, Brain Chips and Tesla Technology

The World Economic Forum has produced its The Global Risks Report 2017 detailing many of the trends and risks in the current global economy. Leading think tanks and academia contribute to the different sections of the Global Risks Report devoted… 0 Shares |

Obama Executive Order Declares National Emergency over Cyber Enabled Activities. Could End Alternative Media with DHS Claiming Elections are Critical Infrastucture

President Obama signed Executive Order 13694  on April 1st 2015. Declaring a National Emergency over so-called cyber-enabled activities. I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, in order to take additional steps to deal with the national emergency… 0 Shares |

Scientists Plan to Send First Interstellar Greetings to the Star System in the Movie Avatar: Link to the Scientific Research

An organization called METI short for Messaging Extra Terrestrial Intelligence has announced that there is a project under way to send Greetings by way of powerful radio or laser signals to Proxima Centauri, our nearest stellar neighbor. Sitting just 4.3… 0 Shares |

Parabiosis: Elite Transfusing Blood of the Young? Original Research Funded by Rockefeller Foundation

Parabiosis refers to the transfusing of blood from one subject to another literally combining the circulatory systems of two animals. Some scientific studies have shown reported health and longevity benefits to older mice if paired with younger mice. This came… 0 Shares |

Alien Contact. Can We Answer Back?

A Recent spectrographic study of data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey by two scientists from the University of Laval in Quebec, Canada, E.F. Borra and E. Trottier, has produced some shocking results. It revealed that 234 star systems quite… 0 Shares |

World Economic Forum 2017: What it Means for You

The World Economic Forum will be convening in Davos, Switzerland from January 17-20 2017. High atop a mountain the world’s most powerful people will be planning your future or lack of a future. Main themes this year will be global… 0 Shares |