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How to Save Money on Your TV and Internet Bills

This may sound obvious, but saving money is always a great feeling! The good news is that there are more ways than ever to do so, and you might be surprised to find out in what aspects of your life…

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Some Easy DIY Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

So, you are getting ready to organize a grand party for your wedding. That is surely a great idea. But you need to think about a lot of things. In addition to giving an amazing feast or decorating the venue…

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Effective Productivity Tools for Bloggers

If you want to build a successful blog and maintain its popularity, then you need to be fully committed to it. At one point or another, you will surely face a writer’s block or lack of time. When you find…

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Are Movies Manipulating Your Thoughts

Every single piece of information you take in should be questioned.
In 2012 the percent of Americans who thought that mass media (newspapers, radio, TV) was NOT providing fair or accurate information was at 60%.
A quick search on American…

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Host a Safe, Healthy, and Fun Tailgating Party

If you’ve never ventured out at the crack of dawn with nearly all your earthly possessions to stand in a blazing hot (or freezing cold) parking lot with thousands of other people while eating food you laboriously prepared yourself, you’re…

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The Future of Motocross Looking Bright Across the Planet

It is more than true that motocross has been a very popular sport, although somewhat dangerous. There is nothing like saddling up and putting your machine to the test against some of the world’s best riders. Still, it is important…

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Beneficial for Various Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has become a popular alternative treatment option for several neurodevelopmental disorders, especially Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Although not approved by FDA as a treatment for autism and other issues, several parents have reported that HBOT has…

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Samuel Hahnemann: Non Utilis Vixit

“Who does this work, is thrice blest.” Samuel Hahnemann
Samuel Hahnemann was born on April 10th, 1755 in Meissen, Germany. He was a German medical doctor who became dissatisfied with the medical practice at the time. He refused to practice…

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On Arranging The big Bollywood Dance Party

There is a common link between many of the peppy numbers, such as Chamma Chamma, Jaan Pehchaan Ho, Mundya tu bach k rahi, Chaiya Chaiya , Dhoom Machaley and many more on the line… Apart from being numbers that never…

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Three Sisters: Growing Beans, Corn, and Squash

As spring gets closer families are beginning gardening projects that not only bring them together but also provide nutritional balance. Such gardens include vegetables that complement one another also known as companion gardening.
As of late indoor gardens, small gardens,…

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