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What is Reality T.V.

What is Reality T.V. It is easy to feel conflicted about something as trivial as reality television. Though it may lack the elements of an actual show like a soap opera because there is a storyline to follow. There are… 0 Shares | | Posted in Celebrity, Televison

The Major Cause of Obesity in The United States

We are headed on a very dangerous course in our nation today. 78.6 million Americans are clinically obese in the United States. That is over two thirds of the U.S. Population. Why have obesity levels reached such an alarming rate… 0 Shares | | Posted in Arts & Culture, Fitness, Fitness Nutrition, Food, Health, Nutrition, Personal Care, Weight Loss

Agorism and the Agorist Ideology

What is Agorism? Agorism is defined as a libertarian social philosophy that advocates creating a society based upon voluntary exchanges as a means of counter-economics thus slowly engaging in a form of peaceful revolution. Although a great idea, the ideology… 0 Shares | | Posted in Aquaponics, Arts & Culture, Backyard Chickens, Business, Child Care, Constitution, Entertainment, Environment, Farming, Food, Food, Free Speech, Gardening, Health, Health, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Home, Liberty, Liberty, Lifestyle, Medicine, Mental Health, Money, News, Nutrition, Nutritional Medicine, Personal Care, Pets and Animals, Politics & Government, Recipes, Travel, Videos, Weird, World

Junk Mail – Get Rid of Your Paper Trail

I absolutely hate getting junk mail and seeing all that waste immediately getting put into our recycle bin.  Did you know that the average American home receives an average of 69 pounds of junk mail every year? And if you… 0 Shares | | Posted in Business, Entertainment, Environment, Home, Lifestyle, News

The Art of Japanese Gardens

Japan is the home of many arts and traditions. Over the centuries, Japanese gardens have become a distinctive feature of the country’s culture and symbols. They can calm even the busiest mind and help a person feel relaxed. A traditional… 0 Shares | | Posted in Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Travel

How much does it cost to hire a photo booth for a wedding?

Even just a decade before, photo booths were not something that you would see in almost each and every ‘special’ occasion. In fact, very few people (read primarily the rich and famous) would have it in their parties. The chief… 0 Shares | | Posted in Entertainment

Pregnant Zooey Deschanel Says She Won’t Pose for After-Baby-Body Photoshoot

Zooey Deschanel plans to keep her curves under cover. Expecting her first baby, she has revealed that she has absolutely no intention of putting herself under pressure to shed off the pregnancy pounds in double time after giving birth. The… 0 Shares | | Posted in Celebrity, News, World

Life Changing Golf Lessons: New Book Release

In her new book, Saturdays with Bob: Life Changing Golf Lessons for Mind, Body and Spirit, Gena Livings takes you on a journey of remembrance and self-discovery. As a young child, Gena was raised in the midst of religious and… 0 Shares | | Posted in Books

Top 8 Entertainment Websites Everyone Should Know About

One of the best ways to be entertained these days is to go online. After all, where else can you watch television shows, movies, read articles, see cartoons and jokes, and do many other things that most people do for… 0 Shares | | Posted in Entertainment

London Florist Presenting Exclusive Tips for Designing Creative Floral Arrangements

It is rightly said that- “Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature and has very extra special powers.” This symbolizes the power of nature which does not always require a professional florist for making attractive floral arrangements. All you… 0 Shares | | Posted in Arts & Culture