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Score Big with These Football Party Food Ideas and Other Tips

It’s football season and everybody’s favorite thing to do is go to football parties, or better, the game and the tailgating party. If you are the one hosting or you are going to be tailgating with a group, you may…

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5 Ways to Embrace your Child’s Creativity with Piano Lessons

Inspiring certain degree of confidence in the child or children’s creative capabilities is truly one of the numerous sound gifts you could provide them.
Real pleasure in your life starts at the edge of the recognized world; therefore you don’t…

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9 Surprising Facts About Pizza

Surprising Facts about Pizza
It’s America’s favorite takeout food, but how much do you know about pizza? From pepperoni to mushroom, pizza is a solid favorite among Americans. Do you know any facts about the delicious dish? The cheesy bread-based…

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7 Warning Signs of Protein Deficiency

Protein is a vital building block of the body – our  hair, nails and muscle tissue all require Protein. Here are 7 Warning Signs that you might not be getting enough:

Swollen Eyes

Protein deficiency can lower the amount of…

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How about Wooden Handicrafts as a Gift for Your Wedding Anniversary?

Wooden caskets, patchwork quilts, suede passport covers, handmade photo frames, exquisitely embroidered tablecloths – they all make their way to your wedding anniversary gift ideas bank, especially if you are a dedicated DIYer, and even if you prefer buying anything…

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How Much Do You Know Your Lipstick?

Consider this:
With every sip of coffee – You are ingesting heavy metals.
Every time you eat sandwich – You are supporting animal testing.
Every time you kiss your child – You are keeping child labour in 3rd world country…

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Top 5 Men’s Jewelry Gifts 2014

As someone that takes a few chances with fashion every now and then, I thought I would share some of my top men’s jewelry gift ideas for 2014.  There are many different directions to go from tech-fashion like smart watches,…

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Writing With Pen And Paper Keeps Your Brain Sharp

In our modern society we have become so accustomed to typing everything on a computer keyboard that using an old fashioned pen and actual paper has fallen by the wayside. While it’s true that typing offers a faster and easier…

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7 Website that make you more clever

Website that’s make you cleverer
Have you ever think internet change everything as it is a virtually limitless resource of information and best is this is even at our fingertips, thanks to the tech engineers of all over…

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Health & Longevity Secret: Louise Hay’s Bone Broth Recipe

In honor of Louise Hay’s 88th birthday this week, it seems fitting to feature one of her health and longevity secrets. At 88 years of age, self-help pioneer Louise Hay is a model of health and wellness demonstrating aging is…

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