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Turn Off The TV: 10 Activities In Place of TV

The television is detrimental to our physical and mental health, and there’s no question the role it plays in our sedentary lifestyles today. It’s easy to turn it on out of habit, but if  you find yourself mindlessly watching it,…

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Swing Dance Is Popular Around the World

Swing dance has a kind of allure that is enduring, which is why it has been popular since it originated in the early part of the twentieth century. Swing dance has spread to all corners of the globe and can…

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How to Throw a Corporate Event for Fitness Freaks

Without a doubt, if you want to throw a corporate event for a bunch of people who are interested in health and fitness, you should go out of your way to think of their wants and needs. When doing so,…

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Wanna Get Fit and Trim? Stop Dieting and Let your Body Take Over! (And Follow These 5 Guidelines)

Often we think we know better than our own bodies. We are guided by self-gratification that is ruled by our sensory instincts that more often than not, take precedence over good old fashioned common sense. When it comes to…

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Do What You Were Born To Do: The World is Waiting

Do you ever have the feeling that you were born to do something and you’re not doing it?
Do you have a vision or a passion or something that’s calling you, but for whatever reason it’s not converting into physical…

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Best 10 Apps to Take a Break and Have a Fun

To work 9 to 5 is a tough job. You sacrifice 100% of your daytime to different working tasks and live in a constant stress. With such a busy schedule, people often forget about small pleasures of life. Sometimes it…

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7 Simple and Useful Online Tools for Your Life

Online industry is developing vastly nowadays offering wide range of different tools and facilities. All of them are aimed on making our life easier. Moreover some of them are available absolutely free. No matter if you are planning to cook…

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Designing An Eco Friendly Home Online

Designing a home using environmentally sound design principles is a priority for people who are planning to build a home with a small carbon footprint. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to start the planning process…

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Video Gaming- A Blessing or a Curse!!!

Video gaming has always been people’s most favorite hobby that they like to pursue in their leisure time. It is not restricted to children only rather teenagers and adult are also passionate about playing video games on regular basis. Video…

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Popular Haunted Locations in Washington State

Everybody loves a good ghost story but few people dare to investigate ghost sightings themselves. However, for those curious here are some popular haunted locations for both Washington state residents and visitors.
If visiting Washington state or currently residing there…

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