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How Much Do You Know Your Lipstick?

Consider this:
With every sip of coffee – You are ingesting heavy metals.
Every time you eat sandwich – You are supporting animal testing.
Every time you kiss your child – You are keeping child labour in 3rd world country…

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Top 5 Men’s Jewelry Gifts 2014

As someone that takes a few chances with fashion every now and then, I thought I would share some of my top men’s jewelry gift ideas for 2014.  There are many different directions to go from tech-fashion like smart watches,…

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Writing With Pen And Paper Keeps Your Brain Sharp

In our modern society we have become so accustomed to typing everything on a computer keyboard that using an old fashioned pen and actual paper has fallen by the wayside. While it’s true that typing offers a faster and easier…

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7 Website that make you more clever

Website that’s make you cleverer
Have you ever think internet change everything as it is a virtually limitless resource of information and best is this is even at our fingertips, thanks to the tech engineers of all over…

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Health & Longevity Secret: Louise Hay’s Bone Broth Recipe

In honor of Louise Hay’s 88th birthday this week, it seems fitting to feature one of her health and longevity secrets. At 88 years of age, self-help pioneer Louise Hay is a model of health and wellness demonstrating aging is…

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4 Places in India For A Nature Trip

India is a land of diverse landscapes, cultures and places, and offers a variety of places to visit for the nature-loving tourist. But the great thing about India is that almost every destination has a multidimensional aspect to it. Your…

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The Best Times To Visit India

With 750 languages, 29 states and over 3650 ancient heritage monuments, India’s diversity and culture make it a great place to visit. Though the country has much to offer throughout the year, there are certain times when the country comes…

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3 Ways to Worship Hindu Gods

Hinduism’s pantheon of gods and goddesses is incredibly diverse and vast in number. There are gods, goddesses, demi-gods, benevolent spirits, nature spirits and many more kinds of celestial beings in the Hindu world-view. However, the main gods are Vishnu, and…

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3 Festivals to Experience Indian Culture

Indian culture has matured and developed over several millennia, and its customs are among the oldest in the world. Celebration has always been an important part of the Indian way of life, and thus, the Indian calendar is filled with…

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5 Leadership Lessons from the Indian Epic Ramayana

Leadership is a tough job in today’s competitive world. Stress and tension can take their toll on your team unless you provide effective and competent leadership to guide them. But leadership advice isn’t a product of just today’s age. It…

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