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Last week I watched the movie “Lucy”. Have you seen it? It’s a great Hollywood movie starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman with quite an interesting subject: Nootropics aka Smart Drugs. Now, I’m not writing an article supporting drug…

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Understanding Hinduism: 5 Facts About Hinduism

Hinduism is among the largest religions in the world with around a billion followers, most of whom are from the Indian subcontinent or of Indian origin. Let’s look at a few aspects of Hinduism.
The subcontinent of India was traditionally…

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5 Health Benefits Of Painting

Painting was the first art that mankind created. Painting is older than any other form of art. As all art does, it allowed mankind to extend his presence in the world beyond his lifetime. And as all art, painting requires…

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5 Ways Your Bad Posture is Destroying Your Health

5 Ways Your Bad Posture is Destroying Your Health
Admit it.  At some point you’ve seen someone with such alarmingly bad posture, that you could have mistaken them for a caveman.  Your mind fills with questions like: What happened to…

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Lost in All Those Deals and Coupons? Here Are a Few Shopping Secrets You Better Start Learning From

While most of us like deals and coupons and savings, not many can call themselves efficient shoppers/savers. From relatives to bosses and colleagues, the holiday season is synonymous with giving and receiving gifts. Not surprisingly it is also the most…

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Did Cardiac Arrhythmia Inspire Beethoven’s Masterpieces?

It’s no secret that a telltale sign one is listening to a Beethoven piece is that the music contains dramatic highs and lows, often filled with abrupt pauses and sudden shifts. While the majority of classical music lovers say his…

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Letting Luxury Guide the Way in Africa


It can be simple to book a basic safari when you look at any number of the travel agencies advertising their services online. However, it can be much more difficult to book a safari holiday that offers you luxury…

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Tips for Starting Out a Successful Modeling Career

Modeling is one of the hot professions that every girl of today look to opt for but it isn’t that easy as it might seem. Everyone loves being in the news and media and this popularity and fame trigger girls…

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Fitness Secrets of Victoria’s Secret Models Finally Revealed For Amateur Models

You Must be a Great Fan of Victoria’s Secret models and why not as They Are The Most Evicted Models from All over the World. Don’t You Want a Chiseled Physiques just like them and what they actually do in…

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Great Ways to Celebrate the New Year in India

Every culture has its celebrations to kick of the new year, but some of the most unique ones are found in India. Of course, as per the Indian calendar, these celebrations aren’t actually New Year celebrations. They are more in…

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