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Getting Beautiful and Handsome ( And Staying That Way Naturally)

It’s inbred in the genetics of every human being that has ever walked this planet: we are designed to want to make ourselves as attractive as possible to others. Unfortunately, in our society, this natural inborn instinct has caused us…

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Style Tips While Wearing a Keffiyeh or Shemagh

A keffiyeh has become so popularized that no longer is it worn primarily to fight against harsh weather. Instead, it can be worn alongside suits and daily wear as a fashion accessory made available in numerous patterns and colors.

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Handmade Gifts That Touches Every Heart

When it comes to choosing a gift for special celebrations like housewarming, wedding, or welcoming the newest member of the family- a handmade gift stands out of just any commercially bought presentations; sometimes, it means more beyond that. Of course,…

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The Ideal Valentine Gift for “her”

14 February might be a mere date for some or the most awaited date of the year for many. People have given this fine date the name of ‘Valentine’s day’. People across the length and breadth of the world celebrate…

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5 Reasons Vegan Diets Are Not as Healthy as You Think

A good rule of thumb to remember about wellness and nutrition is that it is not a “one fits all” science. We all have different nutritional needs that dictate we need certain nutrients unique to our individual metabolisms and genetic…

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The Joys of Painting

We all have different motivations and inspirations behind our paintings. The art of putting down colors on canvas based on our interpretations and perception is unique to us all. Painting involves adding a fine blend of colors and forms to…

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Those Amazing Fats (And Why We Need Them)

I find it ironic that in the US, we have the highest incidence of obesity in the world, and yet we have become a low fat, no- fat obsessed nation. In the last 3 decades, everything has become fat free,…

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How to choose a saree which suits your personality

Sarees have been used by women from the beginning of known time in India by women of all classes, segments, castes and locations across the country. It is a wonderful style of clothing and is not only considered beautiful by…

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Turn Off The TV: 10 Activities In Place of TV

The television is detrimental to our physical and mental health, and there’s no question the role it plays in our sedentary lifestyles today. It’s easy to turn it on out of habit, but if  you find yourself mindlessly watching it,…

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Swing Dance Is Popular Around the World

Swing dance has a kind of allure that is enduring, which is why it has been popular since it originated in the early part of the twentieth century. Swing dance has spread to all corners of the globe and can…

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