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Understanding Hinduism: 5 Facts About Hinduism

Hinduism is among the largest religions in the world with around a billion followers, most of whom are from the Indian subcontinent or of Indian origin. Let’s look at a few aspects of Hinduism.
The subcontinent of India was traditionally…

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5 Health Benefits Of Painting

Painting was the first art that mankind created. Painting is older than any other form of art. As all art does, it allowed mankind to extend his presence in the world beyond his lifetime. And as all art, painting requires…

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Did Cardiac Arrhythmia Inspire Beethoven’s Masterpieces?

It’s no secret that a telltale sign one is listening to a Beethoven piece is that the music contains dramatic highs and lows, often filled with abrupt pauses and sudden shifts. While the majority of classical music lovers say his…

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Letting Luxury Guide the Way in Africa


It can be simple to book a basic safari when you look at any number of the travel agencies advertising their services online. However, it can be much more difficult to book a safari holiday that offers you luxury…

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Great Ways to Celebrate the New Year in India

Every culture has its celebrations to kick of the new year, but some of the most unique ones are found in India. Of course, as per the Indian calendar, these celebrations aren’t actually New Year celebrations. They are more in…

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Absurdity prompts Clarity within Linguistics and Perception.

For six seasons during January 1996 and May of 2001, 3rd Rock from the Sun provided absurd perceptions of humans as noted by alien life forms. This was thought by some, but many found the sitcom quite humorous. Personally during…

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Whether It’s For The Stage Or The Screen, Acting Studios Can Make A Difference

You’ve heard the story before – an aspiring actor and actress flocks to New York, Los Angeles, Toronto or London in hopes of being discovered. Despite this common fantasy, the chance that untalented and inexperienced actors and actresses will be…

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Shaving Tips For Those With Sensitive Skin

Electric razors are designed to shave the user’s face without bringing about any hair pulling, damage, or skin irritation of any kind. Those with sensitive skin normally make the switch from a manual razor to an electric with the intent…

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A Helicopter Ride over London: A Real Christmas Treat

When it comes to coming up with original ideas to offer as a present to someone close, it can be a bit of a dilemma and this is especially true for the person who seems to have everything. If you…

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Veracity of wedding rings! The most imperious ornament for her

Is The Wedding Ring That First Comes In Your Mind When You Decide To Start Wedding Preparation? Yes obviously it is! And it should be, because jewellery stands as the heart of the preparation of any event, whether it is…

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