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Dr. Oz Goes To Washington

Last week, the mighty Dr. Oz took his celebrity show on the road to Washington, DC. Instead of a warm reception, the great and powerful Oz found himself in the hot seat being chided by a Senator from the back…

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Headlines lead to warped perspectives

No matter how hard you may try to bury your head these days ignoring the news and the state of the world, catchy headlines are almost impossible to avoid all together. The problem with this is that headlines alone can…

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Life Love and Piece

Do you have any clue as to what is going on in this world other than funny cat pictures, celebrity gossip, fabricated racism and irrelevant TV drama? Because there’s more.
Have you ever been curious why you’re sick all the…

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Chemical Peels Benifits; Not just for Movie Stars

Wish you could hit a secret “reset” button for your face, essentially turning back the clock to ‘erase’ fine lines, brown spots, and even acne?  Then consider a chemical peel – it’s what most of Hollywood does before walking down…

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Media Coverage of Kim & Kanye Prevails Over Important Issues

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.
The first amendment to the Constitution guarantees, among other things, freedom of the press.  This freedom is one of America’s cornerstone rights and rightfully so.  However, our forefathers guaranteed this right in…

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Make Your Event Memorable with a Seasoned Speaker

At some point in his or her career, everyone has a moment of self-doubt. You might wonder if you are too old or too young to be competitive, or worry that your skill set is outdated. These concerns span all…

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Pope Francis Gives Thumbs Up to Public Breastfeeding!

The Pope gives all nursing moms thumbs up on public breastfeeding! Wow, how refreshing is that.  I have always been completely confused by the fuss and outright restriction about a woman feeding her child the way nature intended.  Why is…

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The Secret Behind Mike Tyson’s Athletic Performance? Hypnosis

In a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph, boxer “Iron Mike” Tyson explained how he regularly used the power of hypnosis to prepare for fights during his career. Known for his fierce presence in the ring, Tyson credits his explosive…

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3 Natural Skincare Secrets of the Stars

Whether you’re an avid tabloid reader or couldn’t care less about the latest star in the spotlight, it’s undeniable that celebrities tend to have access to the widest range of beauty and skincare products, and are more inclined to spend…

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Yankees Need To Play Contractual Hardball With Cano

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq./
The Yankees are currently engaged in a high stakes game of negotiations with their star player Robinson Cano.  Currently, both sides appear to be at a stale mate, as the Yankee years…

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