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Pope Francis Gives Thumbs Up to Public Breastfeeding!

The Pope gives all nursing moms thumbs up on public breastfeeding! Wow, how refreshing is that.  I have always been completely confused by the fuss and outright restriction about a woman feeding her child the way nature intended.  Why is…

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The Secret Behind Mike Tyson’s Athletic Performance? Hypnosis

In a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph, boxer “Iron Mike” Tyson explained how he regularly used the power of hypnosis to prepare for fights during his career. Known for his fierce presence in the ring, Tyson credits his explosive…

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3 Natural Skincare Secrets of the Stars

Whether you’re an avid tabloid reader or couldn’t care less about the latest star in the spotlight, it’s undeniable that celebrities tend to have access to the widest range of beauty and skincare products, and are more inclined to spend…

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Yankees Need To Play Contractual Hardball With Cano

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq./
The Yankees are currently engaged in a high stakes game of negotiations with their star player Robinson Cano.  Currently, both sides appear to be at a stale mate, as the Yankee years…

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Lessons from Survivor: How Former Host of The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Cured Her Celiac Disease

While morning talk show viewers are aware of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s controversial stances on The View and her departure from the show in July 2013, not many know about the fact that she had celiac disease, let alone cured herself.

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A Stone In Major League Baseball’s Shoe

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq./
The Alex Rodriguez MLB suspension arbitration is well underway and Arod is firing back with a flurry of lawsuits.  As if suing MLB and Bud Selig for tortious interference of his contract…

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Pure Motivation

With yet another new project of mine getting underway, I began, as always, to think about motives. Leaving aside the mechanism behind my projects, I began to plumb the depths of my motivation: Why am I undertaking this particular project?…

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Wife of Tommy Morrison, Boxing Champion Dead at 44, Cites Numerous Illnesses Not Associated with HIV

By John Strangis
Tommy “The Duke” Morrison passed away Sunday night after a long period of suffering from numerous health issues. News reports regarding his fight with illness have attributed his health issues to being caused by untreated HIV/AIDS, but…

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Jenny McArthy autism story

Jenny McArthy bio
Jenny McCarthy is a popular name in American mainstream media. A model, comedian, actress, TV show host, and former nude model, Jenny has managed to draw a lot of media attention and criticism during recent years, for…

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Angelina Jolie copied by men! Surgeons now cutting out healthy prostate glands of men who carry BRCA gene

(NaturalNews) Beyond merely inspiring women to cut off healthy breasts just because they carry the BRCA1 gene, Angelina Jolie also seems to be inspiring men to remove some of their own reproductive organs as well. According to an IBtimes article, a British man…

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