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Maintain Sharp Vigilance! 14 Everyday Foods that Can Kill Your Pet

You love your pet, and as with any family member, their health and safety is a priority. Yet oftentimes we can take their well-being for granted.  While safe and nutritious for you, some foods can cause serious illness, or even…

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Creating a Non-Toxic Kitchen, Part 1 – Natural Dish Soap

Is your kitchen toxic?
Ironically, the kitchen is home to more toxic products than any other area of the house. When you use commercial products to clean your kitchen you’re allowing undesirable toxic chemicals to leach into your utensils, countertops…

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Air Purifiers VS. House Plants

It can be hard to breathe easy once you discover what’s really in the air all around you. Pollutants like asbestos, noxious chemicals, dust mites, pet dander, second-hand smoke and airborne viruses represent just a few of the dangers that…

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Sprayed air freshener

10 Cancer Causers Lurking in Your Home

When most people hear the word “toxin” or “pollutant”, they might starting thinking about belching smoke stacks or biohazard suits. The images of many things that are in the home and part of everyday living do not come to mind.…

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Offices With Plants Have Happier Employees 

Do you feel happy and contented at your workplace? Not many people work in an ideal environment but this doesn’t have to make the regular job a nightmare: a new study found that plants affect the general mood at the…

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Go Greener on Your Home and Save Up on Power Bills

For a lot of people, money spent settling monthly power bill consists of a large chunk of their budgets. Even worse, power bills have been going up as energy production becomes costlier and the cost is passed on to the consumers.…

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How Much Do You Know Your Lipstick?

Consider this:
With every sip of coffee – You are ingesting heavy metals.
Every time you eat sandwich – You are supporting animal testing.
Every time you kiss your child – You are keeping child labour in 3rd world country…

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Tooth Remineralization 101: Never Sit In Another Dentist’s Chair Again

About seven months ago, I walked out of a dental office with a pretty serious quote for dental work that was needed on 8 different cavities they found in my teeth. I was confused. I eat a pretty healthy diet. How could…

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6 Reasons to Start Using Eggshells in Your Garden

Since eggs – loaded with vitamins and minerals – are one of the healthiest sources protein on the planet, it should be no surprise that their shells can have many uses as well. The shell of a chicken’s egg is…

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Five Toxic Products You Might be Using in the Yard (and How to Switch to Organic)

As a gardener, it can be conflicting when you try to protect your yard from bugs and other elements without jeopardizing the health of your other plants by using toxic agents. If you let every organism roam free, your plants…

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