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10 Ways to Clean Green

Ways to Clean Green
Everyone has their own reason for switching to green cleaning. Perhaps you’re rightfully concerned about the chemicals in popular store-bought cleaners. Your skin may be too sensitive for the harsh chemicals, or you may worry about…

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Warning: Avoid Walmart’s Great Value Unmeltable Ice Cream Sandwich At All Cost

Earlier this summer a mom in Cincinnati made an astonishing discovery. Her son accidentally left his Walmart’s Great Value Ice Cream Sandwich outside while playing in 80° F (about 27°C).
After more than 12 hours she found the ice cream…

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10 U.S. Environmental Health Atrocities

What Americans wear, eat, drink, throw away, use, and are constantly exposed to is nothing short of a massive environmental health atrocity. Find out why with this informative list.
#10 Clothing: From pesticide usage on cotton crops (¼ of all…

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10 Surprising Things to Know About BPA

Bishpenol A, or BPA is a common chemical which has been used since the 1930’s in the production of many kinds of plastics. These plastics naturally find their way into the home, especially in forms of water bottles, baby bottles…

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Stop using these toxic supermarket toothpastes!

Did you know that your generic supermarket brand toothpastes are highly toxic? I’m talking about your Colgate, McLeans and Crest brand toothpastes. All these brands and more contain ingredients that can be highly dangerous to your health in the future.…

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5 Things You Should Know About Pure Caffeine Powder

Until the death this year of an 18-year-old after consuming pure caffeine powder, many people were probably not even aware of its existence. It has, however, become extremely popular and in the wake of this tragedy, the Food and Drug…

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What’s The REAL Reason Blacks Are Hurt More By Vaccines?

To Learn The Truth, Our Attitude Matters
In my decades of holistic health research, I have made the most progress in discovering how things really work by getting rid of all preconceptions and just looking for whatever is true, even…

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The Slow Attack: Symptoms of Low-Grade Arsenic Poisoning

Low levels of arsenic, ingested over time through common food and drinking water, can lead to serious and even fatal health complications.
While occasionally arsenic may be used as an intentional poison, it is increasingly discovered in ground water. Over…

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California Killer Drought Did NOT “Just Happen” – Please Let Others Know

First the Bottom Line Message
I’ll give you the bottom line first.  The drought now threatening to destroy California’s agricultural production, and perhaps its ability to even sustain life for those who live in the state, was engineered and intentionally…

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6 Hidden Health Hazards in the Home

When many people think about home safety, things like security systems and fire alarms generally spring to mind. However, there are other, less obvious dangers around the home that can be hazardous to health, particularly if children, elders or pets…

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