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Learn To Distill Your Own Remineralized Water

Distillation is the process of purifying and filtering water. This results in pure, pH-balanced H2O, that is the cleanest and most beneficial thing you can put in your body. Without a doubt, the easiest and most efficient way to distill…

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Mercury Poisoning: Symptoms and Solutions

Heavy metals are beginning to become widespread in our air supply, our food, and our water to the extent that they are showing up in numerous products that have always been confirmed as being safe to use, or safe for…

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10 Surprising Uses for Leftover Coffee

If you’re like most people, you probably put your leftover coffee grounds in the compost to help reduce your kitchen waste (and provide great nutrients for your lawn and garden). More people are stumped, however, on what to do with…

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Infertility Causes and Solutions

Infertility has become a problem for many couples today. The issues could be something from the environment to a change in hormones. The result is many families are having a hard time conceiving a baby.
Let’s talk about possible causes of Infertility
For Both Male and…

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Are Pipes and Cigars less Risky than Cigarettes?

Sorry, pipe and cigar lovers. Pipes may be classier than cigarettes, but cigars and pipes carry the exact same health risks as cigarettes do. In some respects, they can be riskier than cigarettes. Let’s look at why this is.

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Organic vs. Non-Organic: What’s the Real Difference?

What are the real differences between organic and non-organic foods?  The most obvious is that one is grown without pesticides or hormones.  These organic foods must be grown in such a way as to comply with national government standards.  The…

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10 Ways to Clean Green

Ways to Clean Green
Everyone has their own reason for switching to green cleaning. Perhaps you’re rightfully concerned about the chemicals in popular store-bought cleaners. Your skin may be too sensitive for the harsh chemicals, or you may worry about…

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Warning: Avoid Walmart’s Great Value Unmeltable Ice Cream Sandwich At All Cost

Earlier this summer a mom in Cincinnati made an astonishing discovery. Her son accidentally left his Walmart’s Great Value Ice Cream Sandwich outside while playing in 80° F (about 27°C).
After more than 12 hours she found the ice cream…

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10 U.S. Environmental Health Atrocities

What Americans wear, eat, drink, throw away, use, and are constantly exposed to is nothing short of a massive environmental health atrocity. Find out why with this informative list.
#10 Clothing: From pesticide usage on cotton crops (¼ of all…

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10 Surprising Things to Know About BPA

Bishpenol A, or BPA is a common chemical which has been used since the 1930’s in the production of many kinds of plastics. These plastics naturally find their way into the home, especially in forms of water bottles, baby bottles…

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