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Are you Magnesium Deficient? You may lead to heart attack

Magnesium deficiency can cause a variety of problems and negative impacts on human health. It is a mineral that is very important and is responsible for many body functions. Function of magnesium include, helping the formation of new cells, and…

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Super Food Mangosteen: 11 Health Benefits

Unique for its appearance and flavor, mangosteen is often revered as queen of the tropical fruits, especially in the oriental regions. This exotic, purple color fruit is quite popular for its snow-white, juicy, delicious arils all over the Asian countries,…

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Decisions that Make Our Mother Earth Desperately Unhappy

Our Mother Earth is desperately unhappy with our insatiable appetite for energy that is now being obtained through a technology called:  Fracking!
Our earth is compromised of an amazing complex balance of energy and frequencies.  The universe can be seen…

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Anorexia Nervosa: Causes, Symptoms, Effects and Treatment

What is anorexia nervosa?
Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that usually occurs in teenage girls, models, artists, dancers or others who are required to have an ideal body to support their careers. Although more common in women, anorexia nervosa…

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New York Says No Fracking Way!

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.
In a surprise decision to many, Governor Cuomo has decided against hydrualic fracturing (fracking) in the state of New York.  The decision has been approximately six years in the making, as detailed…

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Aloe Vera: Natural Magic Bullet

Aloe Vera is one of the most famous plants in the world. It is considered as a miracle plant because of its amazing healing health benefits. The aloe vera leaf is filled with gel and it is rich in vitamins…

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Bottle Gourd juice: Control Diabetics, Blood Pressure, Urinary disorders

Bottle gourd name comes because of its shape. It contains mostly 92% of water. So many are not interested to eat the recipes, curries prepared with this vegetable.
It is one of the earliest vegetables cultivated by man, believed to…

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20 Reasons Why You Need a Toxic Metal and Chemical Cleanse

Each day, we are overloaded with chemicals and toxic metals that can have negative affects on our health. These negative affects can be anything from heart problems, to kidney issues, to cancer, as well as many other diseases. There are…

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Acidity in the Body – Are You Out of Balance?

Acidity in the body is a wide spread health problem! Your good health depends on your body being in the proper acid/alkaline balance! Unfortunately, due to the many acid forming foods that we eat and to other factors there is…

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8 Common Symptoms Of Liver Damage

Liver plays an integral part in the process of digestion by processing nutrients such that they are readily available for apt use by the human body. This unique, solid organ also works as a filter that refrains toxins from accessing…

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