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Lost Arts Radio Begins January 10, 2015 – New Health Information Talk Show

New Radio Show In January
Natural News readers already benefit from an incredible array of great information on the Natural News sites, radio programs, videos, research databases and Mike’s ongoing lab tests for heavy metals in superfoods, supplements and more. …

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9 Ways to Avoid the Flu This Season

As the weather starts to cool down, it is more important than ever to look after your health, keep your immune system strong and have a fighting fit body to prevent any unwanted nasty colds and flus.
While classes are a…

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World Heat Records Broken: Will We Have a Hot Christmas Too?

No matter where you live in the world, you may have noticed unusual weather this year. From one of the worst droughts in California history to well-below-average temperatures in the Midwest, the average citizen has often felt flummoxed by unpredictable…

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Win $1,000 by Celebrating Vegetarian Awareness Month, Discover Benefits of Going Meat-Free

October 1st is World Vegetarian Day. It kicks off Vegetarian Awareness Month in which advocates of the dietary lifestyle reinforce the physical, emotional, and environmental benefits of choosing to go meat-free, and those who are non-vegetarian are encouraged to eat…

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The Impact of Chemtrails On Your Overall Health

When does a conspiracy theory no longer become just a theory? When it’s the truth.
Most of you, I’m sure, have seen the long white lines that run across the sky, that are left by planes flying high above. If you…

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7 Herbal Remedies for Autumn Dryness

What do allergies, asthma, and flaky skin have in common? Dry weather indicative of the changing seasons. Fall weather hit the lungs and intestine the hardest, but there are some easy, natural ways to prevent some of the most common…

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California Killer Drought Did NOT “Just Happen” – Please Let Others Know

First the Bottom Line Message
I’ll give you the bottom line first.  The drought now threatening to destroy California’s agricultural production, and perhaps its ability to even sustain life for those who live in the state, was engineered and intentionally…

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WE SAY SO! The Science We Should Never Question (Sarcasm)

Does anybody out there remember the old “Dinosaurs” episodes on ABC TV?  I loved the “WE SAY SO” Corporation that Earl worked for. In the series, the WE SAY SO Corporation owned “just about everything” much like the combined pharmaceutical…

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Chemtrails: What are They and How You Can Protect Yourself From Them

When it comes to asking people what they think about chemtrails, there are three probable answers you’re likely to get. Some people will say that chemtrails are a bunch of bull and that they aren’t real. A few others will…

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Why Fake or Artificial Grass Is Environmentally More Substantial Than Real Grass

From sports stadiums to school grounds to backyards—we are now seeing more and more people using artificial turf. These are some of the reasons why they prefer synthetic to natural grass:

It is said to be more convenient because you…

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