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8 Most Effective Herbs for Heart Health

Those concerned with a healthy lifestyle naturally want to make sure that they are doing all they can to promote the strength and stamina of the heart. Balanced meals, regular exercise and stress managment can go a long way to…

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Pros and Cons of Body Building Supplements

“There is no gain without pain.”
Almost every athlete and fitness enthusiast follows this exercise motto. However, the availability of dietary supplements for bodybuilding are changing the “no pain, no gain” concept. Some diets and workout programs are not working…

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10 health benefits of turmeric and how to use it

Turmeric has been used as a herb over the centuries for its anti-inflammatory properties and is also packed with several nutrients, including dietary fiber, sodium, vitamin C, E, K, calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium. Due to all these properties, this…

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Sleep deprivation and weight gain go hand in hand, experts say

According to sleep experts, losing out on shut-eye, in addition to contributing to groggy feelings on a regular basis, may also interfere with the ability to lose weight. (1) “There is no doubt that insufficient sleep promotes hunger and appetite,…

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Top 7 Natural Sweeteners that are Actually Good for You

Between the risk for weight gain and diabetes that comes with use of refined sugar and all the health problems associated with the use of artificial sweeteners like aspartame, it can sometimes feel as though there is simply no health…

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Top 10 Ways Magnesium Heals Mind and Body

Magnesium is not a nutrient which gets as much coverage in the popular media as calcium or iron, for example. However, it is just as important to many bodily systems and its deficiency can lead to an array of health…

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5 Natural Weight Loss Supplements

A good deal of media coverage has been given to the epidemic of obesity in America, and it is now estimated that well over half of Americans remain overweight or obese. However, as anyone who had tried to lose weight…

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Sex After Cancer: How Cancer Can Affect Your Sex Life?

There is no general answer to whether or not cancer will affect your sex life. There are over 100 different types of cancer, and men who have cancer all have unique views on sex. Whether or not cancer affects your…

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Why You Should Start Drinking These Super Slimming Herbal Teas

Many people wonder where to begin when they decide to drink herbal teas.  Tea has long been known for its good health effects, but many tea drinkers eventually find themselves looking for teas without caffeine products.  However, herbal teas are…

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Top 7 Morning Drinks for Body Detox

Detoxing the body is a great way to flush out harmful chemicals and free radicals. Another benefit of a body detox is losing weight without any harmful side effects. The best way to achieve a result which is desired is…

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