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Omega-3 Revolution

The horrible smell that result in burps and stomach issues are dying processed fish.  The capsule or pill is nothing more than a coffin trying to preserve the rotting until it is consumed.   Fish oil is not only ineffective, it’s…

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Why Blueberries are So Healthy for You

Blueberry season is only a few short weeks away, so it’s perfect time to learn about health benefits of these little blue orbs. Let’s take a closer look at the health benefits of blueberries.
When is Blueberry Season?
Depending on…

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Why Bananas are Great for Your Health

Do you know that bananas are the most consumed fruit in the world? Not only do they come in their own bio-gradable packaging, they are packed full of a whole array of nutrients and health benefits.
So let’s take a…

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Recent Study Reports How to Prevent Diabetes

A recent six-year study from China reports that exercise and diet helped to prevent diabetes and lowered death rates for high-risk people.  In addition, the report suggests that death rates are particularly lower for women when they adhere to lifestyle…

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10 Best Exercises for Spring

Whether you’re just ridiculously happy to finally get outdoors after a long, harsh winter or you’ve had the sudden realization that swimsuit season is only a few weeks away, spring is an awesome time to get in shape. And, since…

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Aspartame – A Hidden Schedule II Narcotic

What? That can’t be right, you are likely thinking.
It is.
The methanol in aspartame affects the dopamine system of the brain causing addiction. Methanol, or wood alcohol, is classified as a severe metabolic poison.
Aspartame is a dipeptide molecule…

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4 Natural Tips to Lower Your Cholesterol Today

1.    Up & at ‘em!
In addition to lowering LDL “bad” cholesterol, regular physical activity can raise HDL “good” cholesterol by up to 10%. The benefits come even with moderate exercise, such as brisk walking.  Robert Harrington, MD, professor of…

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Processed Food Lowers IQ in Children, Study Finds

The standard American diet is rife with processed food, so much so that more than 100 million Americans are either diabetic or pre-diabetic.  While the most commonly known results is a host of physical ailments, what’s lesser known is the…

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Cancer – Taking Your Power Back! Part 3

Please read Cancer – Taking Your Power Back! Parts 1 & 2 Prior to this. They can be found at
“Take care of yourself”. We hear it daily, but what does that really mean?
I think to each of…

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Be Yourself, No Matter What They Say. 5 Ways How

Just be yourself.
Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  I’ve heard it many times, and for many years, I thought I was actually being myself.
The truth is, I wasn’t. I was pretending.
When someone asked me to do something, I did…

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