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What You Need to Know About Food Additives

Do you ever stop to wonder what your food contains? The one you buy from the supermarket, the one from fast-foods… Since we can’t all have vegetable gardens and farms, we have no choice but to buy from the local…

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5 Health Benefits of Magnesium Rich Foods

In general, most people are simply not aware of the importance of magnesium in their diet in the same way that they are of minerals like iron or calcium. However, this nutrient, too, is vital to the healthy functioning of…

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Marathon Blues: How To Avoid Injuries While Marathon Training

Training for a marathon is an arduous task, even for experienced runners. It takes a lot of time and effort, both mentally and physically, to prepare yourself for a 26.2-mile trek. Unfortunately, a lot of runners may not know the…

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The Benefits of Beta Glucan

What is Beta Glucan?
Beta glucan is a biologically active polysaccharide that is comprised of only glucose polymers.  It can be found naturally in the cell walls of baker’s yeast, the bran from barley and oats, and a variety of…

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Solution to Obesity: Get a dog?

The fight against obesity and weight issues is still ongoing. Various diets and exercise programs are applied without long term results. Treadmills and indoor bicycles are bought and then thrown into basements after two weeks of sweating. However, one thing…

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20 Reasons Why You Need a Toxic Metal and Chemical Cleanse

Each day, we are overloaded with chemicals and toxic metals that can have negative affects on our health. These negative affects can be anything from heart problems, to kidney issues, to cancer, as well as many other diseases. There are…

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Holiday Parties-Keeping Spirits Up and the Weight Down!

This the season to be overwhelmed with holiday parties, brunches, lunches, dinners, etc.  You are faced with the work holiday parties, the friends getting together for a little dining out celebration, the family parties, children’s school parties, club parties, and more!  What…

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Maintaing Your Weight While Traveling

While on vacation, we all tend to go all out with everything. Since vacations are mostly taken once or twice a year, one thinks – why not enjoy all the benefits? This means also enjoying the local cuisine in whatever…

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5 Foods to Shed Belly Fat

What if there were foods we could eat, that actually help in shedding belly fat?
The good news: there are. The less good news: a healthy lifestyle and physical activity are still required to reach your goal weight.
As usual, it…

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Are Toxins Making You Fat?

By Laura Heikkila
Health problems caused by being overweight and obesity are a rising epidemic in our country. There are many factors in our life that can lead to weight gain, such as poor diet and lack of exercise.  Even…

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