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The New Revolution in Fish Oils

So what’s in your fish oil?
Is it made with Chinese fish oil?  Odds say that you are consuming low nutrient fish from China.  Mackerel, herring and sardines are the best fish for producing fish oil.  However, with a $1.8B…

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Vitamin D: The Body’s Essential Nutrient

Theoretically, our bodies make plenty of Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, when exposed to the sun. But today, people shy away from the sun, due to cancer concerns, or lather on the sunscreen. We spend too much time in homes,…

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Total Body Detox: How to Purify Your Life, Mind and Soul

Both the body and the mind need to be detoxified. The process is to remove toxins and pathogens so the body can maintain good health and the mind function properly to achieve a high level of happiness.
Fortunately, the human…

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Top 5 Herbs to Relax Your Muscles

Tight muscles certainly are a standard point of suffering in many individuals. Tight muscles typically cause issues since they cannot permit adequate blood to get into the muscles, which keeps the nutrients from getting to your muscular tissue, which is…

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The Alexander Technique: Educate Yourself Well

A small amount of stress is beneficial to your health as it prevents you from getting complacent or lazy, but if you continue to stress yourself out over long periods of time, without respite, it can have lasting negative effects…

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Eat, Play, Lose: Playing Your Way to the Perfect Weight

If you’re reading this, then chances are that you’ve tried to lose weight at some point in your life. It seems to be the go-to topic for discussion with forums, talk-shows, and magazines entirely dedicated to the delicate art of…

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How to Prevent Injury When Working Out

Getting fit and in shape isn’t as straightforward as simply hitting the gym or doing lots of exercise. The reality is, if you do it wrong – you could cause yourself a painful injury. Developing a healthy workout routine is…

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The Heavier the Better – 5 Top Reasons for Increasing How Much You Lift

Heavy lifting is increasingly popular these days. You might feel happy in your comfort zone, but upping the amounts you lift in a workout can have a number of important benefits. Heavy lifting isn’t just for those who want to…

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Essential Fatty Acids – Muscle Fuel!

If you’ve ever swum through supplement research, you’ve surely dipped a toe in the ocean of information surrounding fish oil. This little supplement has made waves, but should you dive headfirst into the fish fry? In a word, yes. In…

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7 Steps to Help You Stick to Your New Year Fitness Goals

We’re reaching that time of year where for many people; the motivation from countless New Year’s Resolutions and fitness goals is starting to dwindle. The early January buzz is beginning to fade, and there’s the ever looming threat that your…

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