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Papaya Vitamins and Nutrition Facts And Its 7 Amazing Impacts Over Health

Exotic papaya fruit or pawpaw is packed with numerous health benefiting nutrients. The fruit is one of the favorites of fruit lovers for its nutritional, digestive, and medicinal properties. It probably thought to have originated in the Central Americas. Papaya…

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Kratom, the Health Catalyst

Kratom, besides its proven pain-relieving prowess, also acts as a catalyst to improve the overall health of the individual in many cases. I have seen this happen in chronic pain sufferers — as kratom has helped them feel better than…

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Analyzing the Debates Around Liposuction

The debate surrounding liposuction never seems to wane. Those who advocate for the procedure insists that it is a good way of getting rid of body fat while others have taken a vehement position on the other side of the…

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Serious Superfood: Avocados Can Balance Hormones, Boost Metabolism, and Fight Disease

The avocado tree is native to Central Mexico and belongs to the same family as cinnamon and bay laurel. Avocado is also known as alligator pear because its shape and the leather like appearance of the skin resembles an alligator’s.…

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40 Great Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks

Just like breakfast is important for all of us, pre- and post-workout foods are important for those people who manage to squeeze some gym time into their routine too. While everyone has their own nutritional requirements, you can choose from…

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Shrink Belly Fat: 12 Nutrient And Food That Made Our Task Easy

A bloated stomach not only hampers your personality but also makes you uncomfortable. The best way to get rid of such an disgruntled belly is by following a low-calorie diet and practising regular exercise.
All you need to do is…

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10 Problems That Bananas Solve Better Than Pills

Yes, many people love eating bananas, and it has been revealed that there are some problems that banana can fix better than pills. With their nutritional value, bananas have the power to remove several problems.
1. Depression: Bananas contain tryptophan,…

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You’ll Never Look At Celery The Same Way Again After Reading This

Celery is a great source of vitamin K, C, A, B6 and B2, and is high in many essential minerals such as molybdenum, folate, potassium, manganese, calcium, copper, phosphorous and magnesium. It acts as a great snack, and a great…

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Don’t Pollute Your Own Stream- The missing link in cancer prevention

Those concerned with the health of the environment know that polluting our ecosystem is wreaking havoc on this planet. Second offense is squandering our natural resources with no thought of replenishing them. This method of operation is just a mirror…

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Self-love and acceptance trumps diet for lasting change

“When you call yourself fat, you should be offended.”
If you find yourself, like millions of others, in a place in life where you desperately want to lose weight, you have tried a dozen (or a hundred) diets, you have…

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