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5 Of The Best Retreats For Yoga Trips To India

Those familiar with the activity will know that yoga has been a part of India’s ethos and daily practice for thousands of years. As its popularity in other countries has risen, however, so have the number of travelers wishing to…

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3 Tips to Relax Your Mind

Many times what we think are huge problems in our lives really originate in our own minds. This is beautifully put across in a famous aphorism by the third century BC Indian teacher, Chanakya. One Chanakya quote says, “The mind…

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Internal and External Anti-Aging Skin Repair

Many of us older folks are interested in skin repair due to how aging can affect the skin, causing wrinkles, aging spots and dryness of our skin cells.
No matter how hard we try to protect and nourish our skin,…

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If You Are Beyond 40 Then These 7 Foods Should Be In Your Daily Diet

While we have yet to find the Fountain of Youth, we’ve discovered the best foods to keep you looking and feeling young.
Studies suggest that the amount of energy burnt while resting begins to drop by the age of 30,…

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10 Foods for Beautiful Skin

In his book, Eating For Beauty, nutritional expert, David Wolfe, discusses some of the most beautifying foods for beautiful skin to look and feel great.
As usual, if you don’t want to panic, Go Organic!
1. Aloe Vera

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3 Simple Ways to Realize your Resolutions

Realizing your resolutions is surely difficult, although doable. The holidays have come and gone, but not without leaving the imprint of excess. Perhaps your counters are now cluttered with kitchen gadgets, your family room features the latest in electronic entertainment,…

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3 Ways To Get Started With Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are a great way to bring physical health and mental peace and calm. But often, for a beginner, or someone who wants to get started with yoga, things can be quite confusing with all the different kinds…

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The Best Activities for Stress Relief

Sometimes life is a breeze…but other times it can be quite difficult and stressful. During such a period, it is important to take some time and space for yourself to rest and recoup. Unfortunately, many people do not take this…

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4 Ways Yoga and Meditation Can Change Everything About You

Good health and peace of mind are easily within the reach of anyone who is willing to invest just a few minutes a day in the practice of yoga and meditation. A large volume of research, as well as the…

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5 Great Tips for Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is so common in today’s world, with its fast-paced and success-oriented lifestyle. But we needn’t be encumbered by stress all the time, provided we take a little care and use a few simple methods to make things easier. So…

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