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Breathing Techniques to Stop Premature Ejaculation

To make lovemaking last longer, sexual tips and techniques are often employed to the satisfaction of both parties. Conscious breathing is a key that can help premature ejaculation and these breathing methods will also help keep you aroused. Slow controlled…

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4 Things to Know Before You Learn Yoga

Yoga has been around for a very long time, and though the Western world’s experience of yoga is largely limited to hatha yoga, there are so many other aspects that are significant parts of yogic practices. Understanding how the yogic…

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7 Top Super Juices

Juicing is  a great way to  detox, reach your goal weight or simply look and feel great.
Juicing involves you, a Juicer and some fruit and vegetables.
Remember: It pays to go Organic and buy local if you can.

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4 Meditation Tips for Beginners

There are several physical and psychological benefits that can be derived from meditation, and daily practice can lead to a healthy body and peaceful mind. Often, the biggest barrier to taking up meditation is figuring out how to begin your…

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4 Powerful Ways How Yoga and Meditation Benefit Your Health

Yoga and meditation originated in India, and are a fundamental aspect of the Hindu way of life. According to Indian tradition, Lord Shiva, one of the Hindu trinity is said to have bestowed yoga to humanity to help them attain to…

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Treating Varicose Veins through Natural Means

Varicose veins can cause quite a bit of discomfort, but for many people, the primary issue is one of aesthetics. Their gnarled, blue, bulging nature may make you self-conscious about your legs, and you are probably interested in finding ways…

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Your DREAM Life in 5 Easy Steps

As human beings our greatest asset that we possess is our health. Healthy minds and bodies ignite our unique potential to live our sole purpose and to flourish. Through healthful living arise increased self-confidence, productivity, and a higher level of…

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The Truth About The Truth

The Truth About The Truth
Everybody has their own version of what they believe to be the truth. We all base our version (opinion) of the truth utilizing what it is that we perceive. Those perceptions are informed through our…

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Top Fitness Tips To Improve Your Sex Life

Though it may be an understated aspect of sex, improving one’s cardiovascular health is an important consideration to remember. Couples should make it a goal to improve on their sex lives in some different ways. Fitness as a goal takes…

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How Healthy Is Your Brain?

Most of us do so many things to take care of our body, such as eating right, exercising and daily hygiene routines (e.g. brushing our teeth).
But do we do the same for our brain?
After all, it plays a…

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