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Be Yourself, No Matter What They Say. 5 Ways How

Just be yourself.
Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  I’ve heard it many times, and for many years, I thought I was actually being myself.
The truth is, I wasn’t. I was pretending.
When someone asked me to do something, I did…

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Improving Glaucoma, RP, Myopia, and other eye conditions with simple “Holiday Lights”

What does Glaucoma, Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), Myopia (nearsightedness), Macular Degeneration (MD), and Strabismus have in common? They are all EYE DISEASES! What else do they all have in common? They can all be improved and eventually cured when one diligently enters…

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Meditation for Beginners: Give Yourself the Gift of Peace!

The great thing about meditation is we enter into the very depth of our souls to discover a place of inner peace. Therefore, mediation can be practiced by people of different religions as well as those not currently practicing a…

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Exercise Without Antioxidants Accelerates Aging

We all hear about the importance of exercise, and if you’ve made it a regular part of your daily routine, you’ve no doubt experienced the plethora of physical, mental and emotional benefits it imparts.  Exercise can bring about a better…

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6 Types of Yoga you should be familiar with as a beginner

If you are new to yoga you may be strained and stressed just trying to choose which class you should take and what would best suit you. Although we do encourage trying every style at least once, here is a…

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This one yoga pose energizes you like espresso

Just recently released an article on yoga titled “The Yoga Pose That Energizes Like Espresso” and we believe wholeheartedly in this article.
It has been well known that yoga has the ability to energize us when people begin doing…

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Thanks to Yoga, Disabled Veteran Learns to Walk Again & Loses 140 pounds in 10 Months

When 47 year-old Arthur Boorman, a disabled Gulf War veteran, when told he’d never be able to walk on his own again, he lost hope. Feeling defeated upon hearing the news, he started gaining weight, eventually hitting the 300-pound mark.…

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5 Yoga Poses for Immediate Pain Relief

Back pain is a modern epidemic that afflicts a wide cross-section of the population. Prolonged periods of stress, poor posture confounded by increasingly sedentary jobs, and the physical effects of aging can all contribute to chronic or intermittent discomfort of…

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Top 5 Poses for Weightloss in Yoga

Yoga although a widely known exercise has never been super popular with the crowd looking for fast, quick weight loss. Yoga however does have a wide variety of poses that work to firm and in the meantime burn calories. Yoga…

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Top 10 Yoga Poses for Beginners

So you’re looking to start yoga ? Perhaps you need to DE-stress, or it holds your interest, you want to lose weight or maybe your friend is dragging you to her studio. Well no worries because in this article we…

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