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5 Tips To Maximize the Benefits of Yoga

In the yogic lore, it is said that the god Shiva transmitted yoga to humanity as a path to enlightenment. But though it was created for this purpose, there are also many things that yoga offers on the level of physical…

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Understanding the Role of Chakras in our Body

The chakras are points in the human system where the network of energy channels come together and meet. According to the yogic tradition, there are 7 chakras that are the primary ones within the human body. These are named the…

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4 Ways To Cut Stress In Less Than 15 Minutes

Let’s face it. Most of us get stressed at work. Sleeping more, exploring your hobbies and catching up with family and friends can be great stress busters, but not many of us have time to invest in these activities on…

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4 Things to Know Before You Learn Yoga

Yoga is the talk of the town these days and everyone who is anyone is practicing it or at least talking about it. Though yoga and meditation were initially manifested as a means of spiritual growth for the yogis and…

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Why Yoga Can Make Long-distance Travel Easier

Yoga has become incredibly popular around the world in the last few decades. The origin of yoga is attributed to Shiva in the yogic lore, and was later codified by Patanjali in his famous book, “The Yoga Sutras.” But though yoga is essentially…

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Stressed Out? Tried This Weird Tip Yet?

In today’s modern world it can be incredibly easy to become stressed, anxious and even frantic.
Endless “have-to-do-lists” can make us feel like a manic hamster on a wheel – causing us to stress about the future and agonise about…

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Everything You Need to Know about Yoga and the Lymphatic System

Did you know that the secret to a healthy immune system is a healthy lymphatic system? Did you know that regular Yoga practice can help your body move vital lymph throughout your body, preventing illness and improving your overall well…

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3 Unexpected Ways How Meditation Benefits Your Health

Yoga and meditation are all the rage now, and everyone knows it can make you calmer, more relaxed and a much fitter person. But there are several unexpected ways in which meditation benefits you. So let’s take a look at…

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Is Your Life Out of Control? Your Neurotransmitters May be to Blame

Is there an area of your life where you feel out of control?
Are you a shopaholic, chocoholic, caffeine addict, alcoholic or drug addict?
Do you get depressed for no apparent reason, feel overwhelmed by life, have trouble sleeping, or…

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Yoga Blocks: A New Way To Stretch

For a gentle, effective workout that leads great posture and body elasticity, yoga blocks are the way to go.
Stiff bones? Improper, awkward posture? Need to exercise with minimal injury and travel time – after all, running and biking have…

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