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5 Ways to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

The summer has been warm this year, and unfortunately, that usually means that the fruit flies have come out to play along with everyone else. Fruit flies are an annoying summer pest, but many people are also understandably reluctant to…

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Presidential Order Issued To Fight Antibiotic Resistance

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.In the United States, approximately 6 million pounds of antibiotics are prescribed by doctors every year.  While this most certainly has been a factor in antibiotic resistance, the far more glaring problem is…

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7 Herbal Remedies for Autumn Dryness

What do allergies, asthma, and flaky skin have in common? Dry weather indicative of the changing seasons. Fall weather hit the lungs and intestine the hardest, but there are some easy, natural ways to prevent some of the most common…

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10 Foods and Drinks to Avoid With High Blood Pressure

Almost a third of Americans are diagnosed with high blood pressure. The condition can be treated by eating a healthier diet that consists of super foods that help nourish and heal the body naturally such as lean protein, whole grains,…

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10 Essential Foods for Hair Growth

Increasingly, more and more women are coming to the realization that the best products for enhancing their beauty are not to be found in the cosmetics aisle but in the grocery story. That’s right – a health, balanced diet that…

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5 Recipes Rich in Health-Boosting Calcium

Calcium is more than just about strong and healthy bones (although that’s very important, too!). It is also needed for a healthy cardiovascular system and regular heartbeat and proper functioning of the nerve and muscle cells. It has also been…

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5 Alternative Uses for Coffee Grounds

#1: Body Scrub – When it comes to alternative uses, rubbing coffee grounds on your body may sound like a strange idea, but it really works! Coffee grounds are loaded with antioxidants, and when rubbed into the skin, they exfoliate…

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Healthy Snacking While Traveling – What You Need to Know

Healthy Snacking While Traveling
Most people face problems with healthy eating while traveling, especially if they are on a special diet, like the well-known Paleo diet. In the last few years, more and more people have started paying attention to…

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5 Ways to Choose a Healthy Yogurt

Yogurt is becoming more popular than ever, but in health food stores and in main stream markets across the country. In response to consumer demand, it is not unusual for stores to save several cases dedicated exclusively to yogurt. However,…

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8 Reasons We Should All Dehydrate Food

Today many of our foods found in the grocery store have shelf lives close to that of a Twinkie thanks to modern food technology which has invented various cheap artificial ways of extending the natural life.
While this helps provide…

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