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Why You Should Start Drinking These Super Slimming Herbal Teas

Many people wonder where to begin when they decide to drink herbal teas.  Tea has long been known for its good health effects, but many tea drinkers eventually find themselves looking for teas without caffeine products.  However, herbal teas are…

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French Supermarket’s Fight Against Food Waste is a Smashing Success

In light of the news that an insane amount of food is wasted every year (over 300 tons), the European Union decided to make 2014 “The Year Against Food Waste“. In response, Intermarche, France’s 3rd largest food chain, has arranged…

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Enjoy Fresh Healthy Peaches with this Amazing Chutney Recipe

Fresh Healthy Peaches
Peaches are in full season and the Porter Peach Festival begins on July 17 in Porter, Oklahoma.
The Executive Chef of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Kenny Wagoner, whipped up the attached recipe for Peach Chutney for me to share.…

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New urban farm film takes positive approach, pushes for PBS

We’ve all heard about the problems in agriculture, from GMOs and CAFOs to aging farmers and mad cows. But, what all these acronyms and statistics don’t add up to is change. So, about four years ago, my childhood friend Andrew…

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How To Minimize Your GMO Foods Intake

In 1978, it happened. Food that was changed by scientist attacked the world. No, there was not a real attack of food, but there was a movie that was released that year called Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.  The premise…

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The Georgia Guide Stones, Agenda 21 and The Pharma/medical System

Many people have had suspicions that the medical system has a dark and sinister side but when you look at the driving force behind the progression of our one-world government system it becomes plain to see just exactly what is…

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Stop Newest Toxic Weed Killer from Approval

 URGENT ACTION ALERT: The Environmental Protection Agency is currently  considering Dow Chemical Co.’s application to market a new weed killer called  Enlist Duo, a mixture of the toxic weed killers 2,4-D and glyphosate, the chemical in Monsanto’s Roundup.
 Dow wants to…

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The Dangers of Eating GMO Food

According to MIT scientist, Stephanie Seneff, Round up spray used on many Monsanto GMO seed crops, may be “the most important factor in the development of multiple chronic diseases and conditions”.
GMO stands for genetically modified organisms, which are…

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6 Unique Veggies to Add to Your Garden

Unique Veggies
If you’re thinking about what vegetables to plant to liven up your garden this year, it may be best to skip the predictable choices. This doesn’t mean that tomatoes and carrots aren’t great veggies; it’s just that they…

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After March Against Monsanto, Momentum Favors The People

It is clear that we have just witnessed the largest single worldwide protest against a company and their products. What’s also clear is the major public disgust for anything bearing the words ‘Genetically Modified Organism’. Monsanto’s only refuge lies in…

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