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Lead Poisoning: Symptoms and Solutions

We are all exposed to lead through food, water, and environment regardless of our lifestyles. Lead is a naturally occurring metal, but the fact that its natural doesn’t make it healthy. In fact, lead is extremely toxic to humans and affects…

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Five Ways to Improve the Environment through your Gardening

There are many ways you can improve the environment and demonstrate your eco-friendly credentials through gardening.
If you are starting out with a blank canvas in your garden, the first thing to do is to clear the area, using a…

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5 Easy to Grow Veggies for Your Own Organic Produce

If you have always wanted to know what it’s like to grow and eat your own fresh vegetables, but are scared because you have no gardening experience, don’t worry. Not all vegetables are fussy and require a lot of expertise.…

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Maintain Sharp Vigilance! 14 Everyday Foods that Can Kill Your Pet

You love your pet, and as with any family member, their health and safety is a priority. Yet oftentimes we can take their well-being for granted.  While safe and nutritious for you, some foods can cause serious illness, or even…

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Why Matcha Tea is So Hot Right Now?

Matcha is very much the tea of the moment, let’s take a look at what it is and what natural health benefits it provides.
What is Matcha?
A long-standing tradition of Japanese culture, Matcha is a nutrient-dense, powdered green…

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Offices With Plants Have Happier Employees 

Do you feel happy and contented at your workplace? Not many people work in an ideal environment but this doesn’t have to make the regular job a nightmare: a new study found that plants affect the general mood at the…

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5 Body Scrub Recipes with Kitchen Ingredients

Most women know what a difference a good scrub can make for their faces, but fewer will utilize body scrubs with the same regularity. While it is admittedly a big task to scrub down your entire body, the pay-off is…

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5 Fragrant Herbs that Repel Flies

The warm weather brings with it time in the garden, bloom flowers, eating outdoors on the patio – and, unfortunately, flies. Depending on where you live, these flying pests can seriously ruin your enjoyment of the great outdoors once things…

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Cheap and Easy Ways to Make Your Own Natural Pesticides

Looking to save money and produce safer vegetables and fruits for your family?  Making your own natural pesticides is both cheap and easy, and these types of pesticides can be just as effective as the ones you purchase at the…

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We All Have Parasites: Symptoms, Cleanses, and 10 Foods That Prevent

Humans, just the same as other animals, have always had parasites, both inside and outside of our bodies. Its easy to see inside of animals when you dissect a fish, frog or pig in a college biology lab. The perfect environment for parasites…

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