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Why Brown Fat is Good Fat

Obesity continues to be a growing global epidemic. According to the World Health Organization, 1.4 billion people in the world are overweight and nearly half of them are considered obese as their BMI is over 30. People who are overweight…

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5 Reasons Why Avocado Oil is Good for You

Avocado oil, made from the pressing of the flesh of the avocadoes, is a great oil to have in your pantry, excellent for both culinary and cosmetic purposes. For instance, since it has a high smoking point, this oil is…

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8 Best Herbs for a Healthy Kidney

While many studies have been undertaken to study the effects that many herbs have on the heart, lungs or colon, for instance, much less research has been done on herbs which help with kidney health. The need for this is…

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Say NO To Palm Oil And Help Save Mother Earth

You may not realize it but palm oil is one of the world’s most used vegetable oils. It is hiding in approximately 40-50% of common consumer products under the name vegetable oil. Palm oil can be found in baked goods,…

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Why Brown Rice is A Healthy Choice For Your Diet

Brown rice is a nutritious whole grain filled with nutrients that can help provide your body with a healthy dose of beneficial nutrients. The whole grain is tasty to pair with a side of lean meat and vegetables to create…

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7 Warning Signs of Protein Deficiency

Protein is a vital building block of the body – our  hair, nails and muscle tissue all require Protein. Here are 7 Warning Signs that you might not be getting enough:

Swollen Eyes

Protein deficiency can lower the amount of…

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10 Herbs that Boost Lung Health

Most people realize how important their lungs are to overall health, not only providing oxygen needed by every cell in the body but also filtering out small blood clots from the veins and even providing cushioning for the heart. Yet…

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Are you deficient in magnesium? 5 signs that you are deficient and how it’s impacting your health and energy levels.

Magnesium is a vital nutrient in the body that is needed for more than 300 different biochemical reactions in your body and is crucial for optimum health. Research studies have shown that magnesium can help prevent cardiac arrest, heart attack,…

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Naturally Treat and Prevent Ebola – Share with Everyone You Love

(ANH) With the panic from Ebola spreading across the country, the public is rarely exposed to the natural ways to prevent Ebola, or treat the patients. This is even more vital because the natural ways can often be self-administered and…

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Himalayan Salt Versus Table Salt

Himalayan salt is famed for its distinctive pink hue and held in high esteem for its extensive nutritional value.
The salt crystals are formed in ancient ocean deposits in the Himalayan Mountains and are mined by hand. The pink hue…

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