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The Dangers Of Using Fluoride Debate

The Dangers Of Using Fluoride Debate
Many of us around the world put our trust in fluoride everyday to help fight tooth decay, it is a common ingredient in toothpaste and also mouthwash. In fact, several countries also use fluoride…

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Thyroid Fatigue… Tune into Your Hormones!

Our thyroid gland is considered the battery of our entire body.  Thyroid hormone function is extremely important for the metabolism of every cell in the body, including the brain.  In today’s medical world some of the most prestigious doctors…

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Fluoride: Our Daily Medication

Fluoride is a word we have all heard before. It’s in our water; it’s in our toothpaste, mouthwash, and many other things that we are probably not yet aware of. So, what exactly is fluoride and why is the government…

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7 Powerful Herbs and Spices that Slow Aging, Boost Metabolism and Fight Disease

Spices can collectively help your skin look younger and softer. Many spices contain antioxidants which protect your skin from sun dent and help you overcome aging. Since they are rich in antioxidants they act as anti-aging agents .They firm up…

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Fibromyalgia: Are Your Amalgam Fillings The Cause?

Not long ago, Jackie, a 50 year old woman, was referred to me having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia; a long-term disorder of the nervous system. Over the years, Jackie had visited various doctors and specialists as she tried, and failed,…

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10 Powerful Anti-cancer Juice and Smoothie Recipes

Cruciferous vegetables include vegetables like arugula, collard greens, turnips, watercress, broccoli, cabbage, kale, and cauliflower to name a few. Cruciferous vegetables are great anti-cancer foods because they are high in nutrients that neutralize free radicals. They also contain nutrients like…

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How Water Fluoridation Promotes Thyroid Impairment and How to Treat

If you are suffering from thyroid dysfunction, it is possible that the water you drink and the oral care products you use are the cause of this health condition. In fact, medicinal researchers are discovering that fluoride, a chemical element…

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Essential Items for an Economic Collapse

Ammo, weapons, food, and medical supplies are all obvious to have during any crisis but more comprehensive items such as ‘how to’ books, spirits, and essential tools will prove to be necessary as well.
It is well understood what items…

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Homemade Pesticides for Home Gardens

Homemade organic pesticides are becoming a popular alternative for families that are choosing to grow their own fruits and vegetables in both indoor and outdoor gardens. This is because they are safe, effective, and easy to prepare.
As the spring…

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Which Type of Water Is Right for You?

Did you know that some bottled water is actually the same stuff that comes from your kitchen sink? Until recently, I didn’t realize that some bottled water really isn’t always worth the price. So why is bottled water so popular?…

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