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Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Newest findings say there is the possibility that Alzheimer’s could be caused by the Herpes simplex virus. We have known for the past few years that a virus may be the reason that Alzheimer’s gets started and why it has…

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Got Brain Fog? 3 Top Ways to Clear Your Head Naturally

Brain fog. It’s a commonly used phrase that sums up feelings of confusion, forgetfulness, and lack of focus and mental clarity.
Basically you feel like you just can’t think, which can be very frustrating and even downright frightening.
Everyone feels a little…

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Caffeine May Boost Your Long-term Memory

For many people, starting off the morning without coffee, tea or even a soda jam packed with caffeine is unthinkable. Coffee makers with timers, the mandatory stop by a coffee shop or something as simple as grabbing a can of…

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Mind blowing new way to look at health and healing!

While this may not be news to everyone it certainly will be to most.
We have been trained, as the general public, to believe that germs, viruses and bacteria cause illness. They are the enemy. As well as that the…

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Harvard Study Confirms Effect of Food on Mood and Stress Response

A recent study seems to confirm what most health-conscious, emotionally healthy people not only already know, but also tend to practice just about every day. Researchers at Harvard University concluded that the foods we eat have a definite impact not…

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How to stay serene all day: an hour by hour guide

No one wakes up thinking, “I sure hope I have a meltdown in the middle Kmart today,” But these things happen despite our best intentions to living a sane and serene life. Stress, worry and anxiety build up as we…

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Eight Reasons beer is not bad for you

Studies have found that beer can be good for you, from improving the bone health to reducing the risk of getting diabetes, it even can improve memory. While the key is drinking it in moderation, heavy drinking will lead to…

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Seasonal Allergies – Or Something Else?

Having battled with what I assumed was seasonal allergies for several years and then I started reading about wheat and gluten intolerance and I noticed that the symptoms I had not only matched seasonal allergies but also could fit for…

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Is Being Sick All In Your Head?

There is a chasm of knowledge that doctors face every day as patients with complex issues, and sometimes not-so-complex issues, show up in a doctor’s office with an illness that defies everything the doctor knows. At this point, the doctor…

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Latest Science Teaches That There is a Field of Energy that Surrounds the Body

By Debora Wayne
This is SO IMPORTANT because this field holds the key to your health OR the key to your illness.
In the mid 1980′s Russian scientists defined the existence of an additional class of fields in physics beyond…

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