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5 Foods that Reduce Stress and Anxiety, According to Research

By Mike Bundrant of the iNLP Center.
With all the stress in life, wouldn’t it be nice to allow your body to de-stress on autopilot?
Whether mental or physical stress, your body needs vital nutrients that support your nervous system,…

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A Non PC Look at Bullying

I am likely going to catch a lot of flak for this article, as I am jumping head first of the politically correct wagon here, but that’s OK. It needs to be said.
Having seen yet another picture pop up…

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Your Posture Affects More Than You Think

Poor posture can be a contributing factor to many health problems. Some of the most common problems can include:

Back, neck and shoulder pain
Muscle fatigue
Joint degeneration
Spinal dysfunction
General body aches and muscle fatigue
Rounded shoulders
Decreased cardiovascular…

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“Orthorexia nervosa” – a veiled attack on your health

“Orthorexia nervosa” is the psychiatric industry’s veiled attack on organic food, your health, and the organic food movement.
Concerned about toxic and unhealthy ingredients in your food?  You may suffer from “orthorexia.”
A more precise definition of “orthorexia nervosa” is…

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Four Brain Foods to Help Depression

Depression, anxiety and stress are such common complaints heard today. Fifty percent of doctor visits are due to depression and stress; it also has become a big topic being discussed and written about by media throughout the world.
Diseases of…

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Your Relationship To The Topic Of Health

Your relationship to the topic of health may affect your level of health more than anything else. This relationship can consist of

What you think about health

How you feel about health

How many perspectives you have about health


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Adopting New Perspectives About Health

What is it like to think about health? To find answers inside from your own wisdom instead of looking outside of yourself? Humility is helpful towards this end. That, and the willingness to uncover more about this topic through self-reflection…

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The Widespread Physical and Psychological Effects of March Madness

Now that this year’s annual March Madness college basketball tournament has wrapped up, it’s a good time to talk about the full effects of the three-week event that attracts millions of fans and viewers. Specifically, it’s interesting to analyze the…

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Safe Points in Houses during Natural Disasters

Various safe points exist within the home during events such as earthquakes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions however; evacuation may still be necessary and is always recommended.
Recently there has been a peculiar increase in the amount of severe…

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How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain

The link between musical prowess and intellect has long been established, with numerous impartial studies having uncovered the fact that musicians tend to be smarter…
Question is, are they better at music because they’re more intelligent, or was it learning…

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