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Disease: An Adjustment to Reality

By Christian Flèche, edited by Marie A. Boularand.
Today I’d like to approach health from a Biodecoding® standpoint. First, I want to emphasize the fact that the modality relies on a new paradigm, a new way of thinking, a…

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Tips for Keeping Critters from Backyard Gardens

As spring approaches families are preparing to plant, grow, and harvest their own backyard fruit and vegetable gardens. To ensure a large harvest here are some important tips to help deter both birds and critters away from backyard gardens.

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The Overlooked Benefits Of Fermented Food

If you’re health-conscious, you may already know about the benefits of consuming raw foods and vegetables as part of a healthy lifestyle. One type of food, however, which is overlooked in dietary consumption is fermented foods.
Fermented foods are powerful…

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Overcoming Internal Obstacles To Being Healthy

When it comes to achieving your health goals, you’ll often come across internal obstacles. These obstacles often present themselves in the form of resistance, as negative thoughts and emotions towards a person, place, thing, or situation.
In other cases, internal…

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3 Things to Know Before Starting Yoga

Yoga is the talk of the town thanks to International Yoga Day set for June 21. The practices of yoga and meditation have their origin in India, where it was used as a path to enlightenment, or mukti as it…

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Getting Rid of Your Anxieties

While being anxious about some things can actually help you solve problems, it can also lead to more problems in your life. Millions of people deal with anxiety issues every day, and for many, their anxieties can be paralyzing. If…

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Our Electromagnetic Universe

Electromagnetic forces are a fundamental element to all life on Earth however; it is becoming increasingly obvious that electromagnetic forces are at work amongst all types of cosmic bodies and their interaction with one another.
Electromagnetism. What is it? It…

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10 Easy Ways to Get Better Sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night? Does your husband or wife snore away soundly next to you while you stare at the ceiling for what seems like an eternity? Do you wake up in the middle of the…

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Babysitting grandchildren prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

Research has now shown what grandparents everywhere have long known. Being around grandchildren is good for grandparents. A new study demonstrated that babysitting grandchildren prevents Alzheimer’s, increased brain concentration and decreased depression. Alzheimer’s disease now affects one in every eight…

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The Benefits Of Adopting A More Expansive Perspective On Health

Many people equate health with focusing on the physical body, but outstanding radiant health encompasses more. Outstanding radiant health encompasses one’s surroundings, the psychological realm, and the spiritual realm. When people expand their focus to include these areas, they will…

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