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“Your location has been shared 5,398 times by 10 apps in the last 14 days.”

That’s what one recent study participant was told with his new app that detects location sharing. He was shocked, and took immediate action to restrict the data on his smartphone.
You probably should do the same.
With the age of…

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Style Tips While Wearing a Keffiyeh or Shemagh

A keffiyeh has become so popularized that no longer is it worn primarily to fight against harsh weather. Instead, it can be worn alongside suits and daily wear as a fashion accessory made available in numerous patterns and colors.

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Famous EPA Court Cases and What They Mean for the Environment

The future of the planet might be decided in a courtroom. As corporate polluters test the boundaries of regulatory constraint, regulatory agencies must work to end the worst of industrial excesses through legal action. Listed below are four instances where…

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Our Electromagnetic Universe

Electromagnetic forces are a fundamental element to all life on Earth however; it is becoming increasingly obvious that electromagnetic forces are at work amongst all types of cosmic bodies and their interaction with one another.
Electromagnetism. What is it? It…

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Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Recalled Due to Metal Fragments

Kraft recalls 242,000 cases of macaroni and cheese over metal risk
Just when we thought processed food couldn’t get any worse, we find this headline in today’s paper! Kraft Foods is recalling approximately 242,000 cases of its original flavor Macaroni…

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Essential Items for an Economic Collapse

Ammo, weapons, food, and medical supplies are all obvious to have during any crisis but more comprehensive items such as ‘how to’ books, spirits, and essential tools will prove to be necessary as well.
It is well understood what items…

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The War Drum: The Media and Mandatory Vaccinations

Are you for or against mandatory vaccinations? Regardless of where you stand, it only takes a moment to grasp that major media networks covering the measles, mumps, and flu outbreaks are promoting a mandatory vaccination program.
For some examples see …

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Homemade Pesticides for Home Gardens

Homemade organic pesticides are becoming a popular alternative for families that are choosing to grow their own fruits and vegetables in both indoor and outdoor gardens. This is because they are safe, effective, and easy to prepare.
As the spring…

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Release Anger From your Subconscious Mind

Have you ever felt the inner throb of anger?
Has rage ever taken you over so deeply that you totally forgot yourself?
This happened to me. All at once I became incredibly angry at several people.  I remember driving in…

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3 Temporary Care Options for Your Elderly Parent

Despite being very careful around the house, your mother recently suffered a fall and incurred a broken arm. Since your father is no longer around to look after her, you’ve found yourself at a loss regarding temporary care options. While…

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