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Prescription Drug Rehab and Kratom

Prescription drug rehab is big business — and what’s even better from the rehab centers’ viewpoint — there’s a lot of repeat business.
But, when the public wakes up and says, “Whoa, seven times through rehab is enough!”, it’s time…

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Getting Started with Growing Sweet Corn from Home

Sweet corn is a great vegetable to consume in order to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. However, during the summer months bushels of corn become more expensive due to drought. To avoid this families are beginning to grow corn…

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Are Viruses Really Cut Short by Vaccines?

My son was poisoned with his first MMR vaccine back in the late 1970’s.  He ran a high fever, went into a convulsion in my arms, turned white and then blue.  He was rushed to the emergency room.  It…

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Do What You Were Born To Do: The World is Waiting

Do you ever have the feeling that you were born to do something and you’re not doing it?
Do you have a vision or a passion or something that’s calling you, but for whatever reason it’s not converting into physical…

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Vaccination: Will the owner of my body, mind, and soul please stand up?

By the time we got the letter, my son was already excited about sixth grade and going to middle school. He had been through a wonderful weeklong orientation, met his teachers, found his locker, and felt like he already fit…

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Kratom Fights for Recognition

The many chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and fatigue sufferers who live in and visit Florida are now watching that state’s legislature to see whether they will recognize kratom’s benefits or ban the herb altogether.
Those who are in constant pain…

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Has PHA or ACO asked for Information and Permission? Who? What?

Have you received “important” looking mail from your doctor? Beware! It really is from the Accountable Care Coalition (ACO), an out-growth of Medicare, requesting information related to your health. This is under the guise of assisting your medical care givers.…

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Government Surveillance Strikes Back

Open Letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron On Freedom Of Speech, Government Surveillance and What to Do
About the Author: Matthew Jones is an elected BitShares delegate, one of the worlds first people to be employed by a decentralised…

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Democide The Murder of People by a Government

In the 20th century Theodore Abel coined the term “democide” in order to define “the murder of any person or people by a government.” The term was hardly known but soon caught on after the political scientist R.J. Rummel redefined…

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Topping Plants to Increase Potential Yield Size

Topping is a very beneficial method that may allow a grower, whether indoor or outdoor, to yield a larger harvest off of almost any plant that grows above ground. Traditionally plants are grown and harvested naturally without too much additional…

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