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CDC Is NOT Incompetent With The Ebola Crisis

Incompetence Comment From An Alex Jones Guest Host
Having been a great admirer of the courageous attitude and work of Alex Jones and the whole staff at and (please get the $6 a month subscription to this great…

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Can Moderation Therapy establish itself as an Alternative to Abstinence Therapy?

In some therapeutic circles a new approach to addiction treatment is emerging, moderation therapy. As opposed to the abstinence-based approach that’s the current standard for treating addiction and substance abuse, proponents of moderation therapy are advocating for a more moderate…

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Medical Negligence: Changing the Doctor-Patient Relationship

The concept of medical negligence has not always been a prominent feature in society. Indeed, doctors were traditionally highly regarded in their profession, and in the past, there was a strong assumption that they always acted in the best interests…

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Killing Baby Monkeys at University of Wisconsin with Your Tax Money

Killing Baby Monkeys
This is no laughing matter but there was a tasteless joke going around in the 70’s:  “How many baby monkeys do you have take from their mothers to prove that maternal deprivation is harmful?” The answer: “As many…

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Health Freedom on Trial in Nevada City, California

“…September 15th, 2014 will be known as the day the line was drawn in the sand for our health freedoms. Join us on the 15th at the Nevada City Court House, 9am, and stand in unison with the Bigelsens!”

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Mrs. T and the Sassy High School Girl

Cast of Characters:
Mrs. T–Sub teacher
Queen B.–Beatrice the bipolar cat
Mr. D–Dawg the loveable dog
Hipster–The opinionated purse

Hipster:  I was talking to Mr. D today when Queen B came sauntering in with her happy whiskered face.  She was being too nice. …

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A Quick Interview Guide for the Pregnant Job-Seeker

Among life’s greatest challenges, our careers and our children stand far above the rest of our concerns. But what happens when the two collide?
When Marissa Mayer became Yahoo’s latest CEO in the summer of 2012, she did so while…

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Science Proves Decrease in Happiness by Cell Phone Users

Decrease in Happiness by Cell Phone Users
Science proves what we already know.  However, knowing the facts and making changes to reflect our knowledge is sometimes easier said than done!
Frequent cell phone use is linked to anxiety, lower grades…

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California Killer Drought Did NOT “Just Happen” – Please Let Others Know

First the Bottom Line Message
I’ll give you the bottom line first.  The drought now threatening to destroy California’s agricultural production, and perhaps its ability to even sustain life for those who live in the state, was engineered and intentionally…

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An Appeal to Agencies Considering Banning Kratom

Banning the herb kratom is a bad idea and will fail to achieve the desired objectives, just as banning alcohol or marijuana were costly failures.
Ladies and gentlemen, I appeal to your instinct of political self-preservation. I am referring to…

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