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Popular Theme Park Employees Arrested In Child Porn/Sex Sting

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.
A CNN investigation has reported that an ongoing operation since 2006, has resulted in multiple arrests and convictions of popular theme park employees for various child pornography/sex sting related crimes.  Arrests reportedly…

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Is The Common Core Illegal?

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.One of the more polarizing topics of current day discussion, is the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (also known as the Common Core) in our classrooms across the country.  Common Core…

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Is childhood obesity abuse? Parents arrested because son is overweight, say neglect not to blame

The British parents of a 210-pound, 5-foot-1-inch, 11-year-old boy were arrested and later released on bail on the grounds of neglect, saying that his obesity is due to their inability to help their child reduce his 41.8 BMI (body mass…

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More Evidence: Crime Not Linked to Mental Illness

A new study published in the American Psychological Association journal Law and Human Behavior has found that contrary to popular belief, crime may not be linked to mental illness.
When analyzing crimes committed by offenders suffering from a serious mental…

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Need Your Help: My Family is in Prison in the Middle East

I received this letter via today and it really made me want to do something to help these poor folks out of this outrageous situation.  Read the letter and sign the petition to help these Americans come home and…

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Shocking Discovery: Seventh Generation fails Toxicity Test

I’ve decided the only way to remove products with toxins from our household is to not buy ANY products whatsoever.  I’m so incredibly frustrated right now with companies, labeling, government agencies and the general public in regards to allowing known…

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Are You Buying These: 66 Chemicals of High Concern to Children

Parents obviously want to buy products that are safe for their children and most consumers believe when something is manufactured and made available that it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.
But the reality is that the United States’ toxic chemical laws…

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Harry Potter: Selfless Hero or Satanic?

Some say they are capable of leading young Christians into the occult and yet others believe they contain excellent moral themes and show that the good wins every time. There’s a wide road between these two opinions. I’d like to…

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Pope Francis Gives Thumbs Up to Public Breastfeeding!

The Pope gives all nursing moms thumbs up on public breastfeeding! Wow, how refreshing is that.  I have always been completely confused by the fuss and outright restriction about a woman feeding her child the way nature intended.  Why is…

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The Dangers of Teen Wilderness Therapy Camps

When it’s time to send your child to wilderness therapy camp you can barely wait.
You just want the dangerous behaviors to stop and for them to get better. You research and talk to other parents, hoping to find just…

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