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10 Surprising Benefits of Winged Beans for Beauty and Health

Winged beans – also known as asparagus bean, Goa bean, princess pea or the four-angle bean – can be an amazing part of a healthy, balanced diet that is also budget-friendly. The leaves, roots, stems and flowers are all edible…

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5 Ways to Limit Arsenic in Your Diet

Arsenic is a mineral which occurs naturally throughout the world and has a history of both medical use and as a murder weapon. Apart from the gastric problems it can cause, studies conducted by the National Academy of Sciences report…

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Nothing Sweeter: 6 Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes To Try Now

The Autumn season is filled with the fresh, crisp air and cooling temperatures that turn leaves from vibrant to deep and rich shades of mahogany. We’re gearing up for the cooler days and darker nights, and before we know it…

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2 Simple Tricks to Remove Pesticides From Fruits & Vegetables

Today, more than 65% of the produce samples analyzed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture actually test positive for pesticide residue.  This means that unless you solely buy certified organic fruits and vegetables, you are likely consuming a number of…

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3 Honey Recipes to Help Gain Weight

In our society, which is increasingly obsessed with thinness, it is easy to forget that there are those who need to gain weight for their health, too. This could be a college student who is wanting to build muscle and…

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7 Superfruits You Can Grow in Your Garden

The term “superfruits” or “superfoods” is something that you hear thrown around a lot these days. While it is a common term, however, there is no set definition for it. In general, though, it means a fruit or other food…

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7 Ways Marijuana Hurts Your Health

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado and Washington, use of this drug has been on the rise both in these states and also in the other 48 where it is still illegal. There are certainly health benefits to…

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Micro Job Sites: How to Win Projects

It is possible to get your first two projects within a day of registering for micro job sites such as and Fiverr and posting jobs on them. There are some tips that will help you to increase the interest…

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The Wonders of Breast Milk

I have always had a fairly healthy relationship with my boobs, which is surprising because I got them at a young age and my last name rhymed with “Hooters” (kids can be so cruel!). When I got pregnant people would ask…

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Congratulations! You Had a Setback. The Top 3 Advantages of Failing

The desire to be successful is what keeps entrepreneurs going. Whether it’s because we need money to keep paying off that mortgage or simply because we want to know that our passion is making a difference in the world (likely,…

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