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The Wonders of Breast Milk

I have always had a fairly healthy relationship with my boobs, which is surprising because I got them at a young age and my last name rhymed with “Hooters” (kids can be so cruel!). When I got pregnant people would ask…

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Snoozing and Snoring: 4 Reasons Why Children Snore

Just when you thought that snoring is just for grownups, your daughter all of a sudden tells you that her big brother she shares the bedroom with makes the same funny sound when he’s sleeping. Before you get alarmed, you…

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Warning: Avoid Walmart’s Great Value Unmeltable Ice Cream Sandwich At All Cost

Earlier this summer a mom in Cincinnati made an astonishing discovery. Her son accidentally left his Walmart’s Great Value Ice Cream Sandwich outside while playing in 80° F (about 27°C).
After more than 12 hours she found the ice cream…

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Should Parents Post About Their Children Online?

Before I had my son I was convinced I would not be one of those moms who posts pictures and updates about every milestone on social media…but here I am, 3 months later doing just that! I have my reasons…

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Mrs. T and the Sassy High School Girl

Cast of Characters:
Mrs. T–Sub teacher
Queen B.–Beatrice the bipolar cat
Mr. D–Dawg the loveable dog
Hipster–The opinionated purse

Hipster:  I was talking to Mr. D today when Queen B came sauntering in with her happy whiskered face.  She was being too nice. …

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A Quick Interview Guide for the Pregnant Job-Seeker

Among life’s greatest challenges, our careers and our children stand far above the rest of our concerns. But what happens when the two collide?
When Marissa Mayer became Yahoo’s latest CEO in the summer of 2012, she did so while…

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Stop using these toxic supermarket toothpastes!

Did you know that your generic supermarket brand toothpastes are highly toxic? I’m talking about your Colgate, McLeans and Crest brand toothpastes. All these brands and more contain ingredients that can be highly dangerous to your health in the future.…

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What’s The REAL Reason Blacks Are Hurt More By Vaccines?

To Learn The Truth, Our Attitude Matters
In my decades of holistic health research, I have made the most progress in discovering how things really work by getting rid of all preconceptions and just looking for whatever is true, even…

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Codeine Cough Syrups Reduce White Matter in the Brain

Many countries allow over the counter cough syrups to use codeine as an active ingredient to help suppress a cough.
Unfortunately, the practice has allowed codeine cough syrups to become a drug of choice for young people to use as…

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Governor Challenges Legality of Common Core With Federal Lawsuit

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.
In our June 5, 2014 Scales of Justice article entitled, “Is The Common Core Illegal?” (See we  examined the legality of the Common Core national education program.  Some of the challenges…

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