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Rotten To The Common Core

The Common Core program, which is seemingly force fed to our children in school, is currently under the microscope of scrutiny as more and more parents are opting out of having their children being subjected to the program’s standardized testing. …

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2 Surprising Ways Chlorella Helps Your Kids Stay Healthy

It’s a constant struggle as a parent . . . how do you make sure your children are getting the nutrition they need? Some parents turn to supplements to help ensure their children are getting adequate nourishment. But then you…

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Natural Alternatives for Dyeing Easter Eggs

This year families are switching over to concocting their own food coloring dyes rather than purchasing store bought food coloring due to the increase in health effects brought on by Yellow No. 5 and Red No. 3.
Easter is around…

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8 Great Reasons to Get Your Kids Involved in Nature

After another frigid winter, it’s time to put an end to short days spent indoors. Although there are plenty of stimulating indoor activities for your kids, there are many – if not more – benefits from regular outdoor play.

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Babysitting grandchildren prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

Research has now shown what grandparents everywhere have long known. Being around grandchildren is good for grandparents. A new study demonstrated that babysitting grandchildren prevents Alzheimer’s, increased brain concentration and decreased depression. Alzheimer’s disease now affects one in every eight…

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Essential Items for an Economic Collapse

Ammo, weapons, food, and medical supplies are all obvious to have during any crisis but more comprehensive items such as ‘how to’ books, spirits, and essential tools will prove to be necessary as well.
It is well understood what items…

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Take Good Care of Your Kids on the Net and Everywhere

Almost every month we meet the next top five or ten tech trends that are going to change our lives and our kids seem to have all necessary skills to operate them from the cradle. And that’s what make modern…

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The War Drum: The Media and Mandatory Vaccinations

Are you for or against mandatory vaccinations? Regardless of where you stand, it only takes a moment to grasp that major media networks covering the measles, mumps, and flu outbreaks are promoting a mandatory vaccination program.
For some examples see …

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Homemade Pesticides for Home Gardens

Homemade organic pesticides are becoming a popular alternative for families that are choosing to grow their own fruits and vegetables in both indoor and outdoor gardens. This is because they are safe, effective, and easy to prepare.
As the spring…

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Decoding dairy and meat labels. Which one is better; organic or natural?

Everyone wants to make the best decisions and ensure that they purchase healthy and safe food products. Especially, when it comes to meat, poultry and dairy products.  Surely, the growing number of different labels such as “Organic”, ”Natural” and “Hormone…

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