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5 Ways to Preserve Food Without Refrigeration

In the past, food preservation was part of life, especially for those who lived on farms and were dependent on their own preservation skills to have a year-round source of food. Nowadays we depend on grocery stores and on our…

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How to Choose the Best Healthy Holiday Foods

Healthy Holiday Foods
As most of us begin to plan our menus for the upcoming holidays, we may fall into the mentality that it’s okay to eat unhealthy just for this special occasion. You don’t have to give in and give up…

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Moms Best Turkey Meatball Soup

Best Turkey Meatball Soup
When the weather turns cold and you have the fireplace cranked up, there is nothing better than a nice piping hot bowl of soup with the family.  One of our favorites has become my version of…

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BlenderBottle Versatility: Fun Uses and Recipes

Bottle blenders are such amazing devices, and something every home should have at least one of. If you’re like me, you live off of these things. They are similar to a traditional blender, but with no motor. You are force that…

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How to Choose Comfortable Shoes that Sustain your Feet and Prevent Pain

by Jerick Sobie, Board Certified Pedorthist
What people don’t realize is that your foot changes shape and length over time as an adult.
Although a woman may be a size 8 in her twenties, it does not mean she’s still…

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Fight the Flu Naturally

Apparently it’s flu season, or at least that’s what I’m being told.  Me?  I haven’t had the flu in about 8 years or a sinus infection.  Yep, you heard that right, at least 8 years.  This is coming from someone…

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10 Facts about Microwaves that Should Terminate Their Use

Microwaves have been in use since the 1970’s and by now have become an integral part of the household, so much so that people do not really even give them that much thought. The microwaveable TV dinner is a staple…

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How to Create an Eco-Friendly Garden

Non-green gardening practices can be very harmful to the environment. Making poor choices can consume around 80% of household water, upset the pH balance in soil, and destroy wildlife habitats. That said, with the right knowledge and equipment it’s possible…

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7 Ways Fiber Assists Digestion

Fiber experts say 30-50 grams of fiber per day is best. This helps the movement of food and other components in the intestinal system, commonly called the peristalsis action. This allows food taken in to be digested, broken down and…

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7 Great Simple Educational Gifts for Children for Christmas

Simple Educational Gifts for Children
As we speak kids across the world are writing out their Christmas lists and letting their imaginations run wild as to what they are hoping to find under the tree on Christmas morning. Whether you are a…

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