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How to Control Dandruff Problem Through Home Remedies?

Dandruff is an extremely common problem, though that doesn’t make it any less annoying. Dandruff is actually a scalp disorder called seborrheic dermatitis and it is caused when a yeast-like fungus, malassezia, grows out of control. Malassezia actually occurs naturally…

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Lead Poisoning: Symptoms and Solutions

We are all exposed to lead through food, water, and environment regardless of our lifestyles. Lead is a naturally occurring metal, but the fact that its natural doesn’t make it healthy. In fact, lead is extremely toxic to humans and affects…

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8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Radiant Heating for Your Home

As the days get shorter and the mercury begins to dip,  many are reaching for the dial on their heaters and flicking on their fireplace to fight the chill in the air.
With rising energy costs, radiant heating is one…

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8 Ways to Purify Your Home Air Naturally

When most people hear the word “air pollution”, they tend to have images of smog-filled cities or factory smoke stacks. However, indoor in pollution, especially around the home, can also be a major problem, particularly for the very old, the…

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3 Tips for Proper Sleeping Posture Wake Up Feeling Great

Proper Sleeping Posture 
We spend an average of seven and half hours a day sleeping, so it is not particularly shocking that the way we sleep can have a big effect on our overall health. How we sleep can affect…

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7 Surprising Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

When people think about air pollution, the images that come to mind are generally things like belching smoke stacks or automobiles spewing exhaust. However, there are many source of air pollution that are right in the house itself and this…

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10 Smart Ways to Use Citrus Peel

If you consume a lot of lemons, limes, grapefruits or other members of the citrus family, you have probably noticed how much of the fruit you waste by through away its rind. However, before opening that lid to the kitchen…

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5 Ways to Embrace your Child’s Creativity with Piano Lessons

Inspiring certain degree of confidence in the child or children’s creative capabilities is truly one of the numerous sound gifts you could provide them.
Real pleasure in your life starts at the edge of the recognized world; therefore you don’t…

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9 Surprising Facts About Pizza

Surprising Facts about Pizza
It’s America’s favorite takeout food, but how much do you know about pizza? From pepperoni to mushroom, pizza is a solid favorite among Americans. Do you know any facts about the delicious dish? The cheesy bread-based…

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Release Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils

Are you bogged down by your emotions or feeling overwhelmed? Do you ever feel trapped in an emotional rut? Are you frustrated, angry or trying to work your way around your emotions?
Thankfully the process to clear these and many other emotional blocks…

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