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10 Cancer Causers Lurking in Your Home

When most people hear the word “toxin” or “pollutant”, they might starting thinking about belching smoke stacks or biohazard suits. The images of many things that are in the home and part of everyday living do not come to mind.…

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10 Home Remedies That Burn Fat Fast

Do you want to burn fat but don’t have the time or money to go to a gym? Relax. There are plenty of at-home tricks that will shed unwanted pounds without leaving the comfort of your house or spending a…

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Top 10 Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil

By now you have probably already heard of tea tree oil and all of its wonderful antiseptic uses.   You probably already know that you can use it, diluted, on cuts and abrasions, and that you can even apply pure tea…

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Early Detection Can Save Lives How to Recognize a Drug Addiction?

How To Recognize a Drug Addiction?
Drug addiction ruins not just the health of the person but also his behavioral pattern. He feels so obsessed with drugs that he hardly gives importance to the quality of his life. Right from experiencing…

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How Much Do You Know Your Lipstick?

Consider this:
With every sip of coffee – You are ingesting heavy metals.
Every time you eat sandwich – You are supporting animal testing.
Every time you kiss your child – You are keeping child labour in 3rd world country…

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Simple but Super Effective Lower Body Workout

Obviously a lower body workout involves a set of exercises that improves the strength of the lower part of the body. This makes the muscles around the lower parts to function effectively without unnecessary fatigue. This beneficial…

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Tooth Remineralization 101: Never Sit In Another Dentist’s Chair Again

About seven months ago, I walked out of a dental office with a pretty serious quote for dental work that was needed on 8 different cavities they found in my teeth. I was confused. I eat a pretty healthy diet. How could…

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5 Body Scrub Recipes with Kitchen Ingredients

Most women know what a difference a good scrub can make for their faces, but fewer will utilize body scrubs with the same regularity. While it is admittedly a big task to scrub down your entire body, the pay-off is…

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5 Surprising Virus-Killing Recipes You Didn’t Know About

Particularly when cold and flu season rolls around every year, people get very interested in ways that they can help ward off these infections. The best ways to do this tend to be natural ones which strengthen and support the…

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Simple Natural Remedies to Help You Combat the Flu

The flu season is upon us again and there are a number of ways to keep your family healthy.  While the flu vaccine is usually touted as your best defense, the flu shot alone is not enough to help keep…

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