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21 Simple Winter Health Tips

1. Wash your hands
Keeping your hands clean may not sound like it’s extra important during winter, but it is! Those winter bugs that cause colds, flu, and other ailments generally find their way into your system via your…

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Scientists Develop Alternative To Antibiotics vs Superbugs

Scientist have developed an innovative new way to treat anti-biotic resistant super-bugs. The new drug called staphefekt has been demonstrated to destroy bacteria in seconds. The treatment is based on naturally occurring enzymes called endolysins that are produced by viruses and work…

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Maintain Sharp Vigilance! 14 Everyday Foods that Can Kill Your Pet

You love your pet, and as with any family member, their health and safety is a priority. Yet oftentimes we can take their well-being for granted.  While safe and nutritious for you, some foods can cause serious illness, or even…

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12 Steps to Kill Fleas 100% Naturally

12 Steps to Kill Fleas
Anyone with pets knows how frustrating it is when despite there best efforts their pets still get fleas. Fleas multiply fast and can take over your house in a matter of days! Try these steps…

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Exposure to Heavy Metals: Dangers Hidden in Plain Sight

Certain metals are found naturally in the body, and are vital to human health. Like zinc, for example, which is a co-factor in over 100 enzyme reactions, and iron which prevents anemia. Normally, they occur at lower concentrations and are referred…

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The Impact of Chemtrails On Your Overall Health

When does a conspiracy theory no longer become just a theory? When it’s the truth.
Most of you, I’m sure, have seen the long white lines that run across the sky, that are left by planes flying high above. If you…

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Mrs. T and the Sassy High School Girl

Cast of Characters:
Mrs. T–Sub teacher
Queen B.–Beatrice the bipolar cat
Mr. D–Dawg the loveable dog
Hipster–The opinionated purse

Hipster:  I was talking to Mr. D today when Queen B came sauntering in with her happy whiskered face.  She was being too nice. …

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Planning a Vacation with Pets

Are you planning to get a hideaway from the bustle of daily routine? Relishing a tour with family is a perfect option to rejuvenate the mind and soul. However, this is not the same for those who own a pet.…

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You Can Raise Chickens

Often in gardening magazines and on homesteading web sites, people dream of raising chickens to provide fresh eggs and meat for their families, but the fear of the unknown keeps them from ever taking the first step toward food independence.…

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Dog Breeds Best Suited for Life In An Apartment

If you think that living in an apartment distances one from the love and companionship of a dog then you need to open your eyes to certain possibilities. It’s true that there is a certain way of life which needs…

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