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Hemp Seeds for An Energized Life

Hemp seeds are some of the most nutritious seeds you could eat. They provide protein, essential fats, vitamins and enzymes combined with sugars, starches and saturated fats to help provide your body with nutrients that support optimal health and sustain…

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9 Surprising Facts About Pizza

Surprising Facts about Pizza
It’s America’s favorite takeout food, but how much do you know about pizza? From pepperoni to mushroom, pizza is a solid favorite among Americans. Do you know any facts about the delicious dish? The cheesy bread-based…

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Avocados: How a fatty food can help you lose weight

This creamy fruit, most famously known for being used in guacamole, is considered fatty but in a way that actually helps with weight loss and not the opposite.
Avocado is three-quarters fat and most of this is monounsaturated fat. This…

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Anyone Can Prepare Healthy Food with These Meal Prep Hacks

Preparing and cooking meals can be very time consuming and is a process that a lot of people would just rather avoid. But even if you don’t enjoy the whole cooking thing, you can still eat delicious, nutritions meals at…

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6 Health foods that actually can kill you

You will find many health tips for all kinds of foods, most often based on zero evidence. we also get tricked thinking that when we see “100% Organic” on a package, I think the general public just assumes it’s really…

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Powering the Runner’s Diet with Spinach

Every runner or aerobics aficionado knows that strenuous exercise makes you sweat. With sweating comes loss of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium which are critical  to proper physiological function, especially cardiac function. However, did you know that you can…

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Turmeric Juice : A Powerful Healing Beverage

It is no wonder there has been so much buzz around turmeric in recent years. Although it has long been used in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, the West was not as aware of its medicinal value. However, as modern…

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Soak or Sprout Almonds and Other Nuts to Unlock Hidden Benefits

Almonds are a filling and healthy snack, packed with real protein, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and fiber. Many raw food enthusiasts will tell others how essential almonds are in a balanced diet, but it’s usually a little more…

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4 Calm-Down Drinks that Lower Stress Naturally

In our stressful world a nice, warm stress-relieving cup of tea can be just what the doctor ordered.  In fact, experts say that there are a number of drinks that you can make yourself that will help you calm down…

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5 Recipes to Help You Lose Weight

One of the more difficult aspects of dieting can be feeing deprived of foods that you enjoy. This feeling can lead to cheating on your diet, overeating or indulging in foods that are not very good for you. However, if…

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