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7 Essential Oils For Anxiety, Depression & Attention Disorders

Anxiety, depression and attention disorders are on the rise. The causes may be two-fold, first simply because we live in a culture saturated with unimportant things. We have thousands of choices we can make every day, from the foods we… 0 Shares | | Posted in Environment, Fitness, Food, Food, Health, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Lifestyle, Recipes

9 Health Benefits of the Chinese Herb Astragalus

In Chinese traditional medicine, astragalus has been put to treat common colds and flu due to high content of active compounds like polysaccharides, saponins and flavonoids. This herb is an excellent immunity booster which with lots of health benefits. Following… 0 Shares | | Posted in Food, Food, Health, Health, Herbal Medicine, Medicine, Nutrition, Recipes

4 Recipes for Vinegar Weed Killer and 5 Other Items You Can Use

Vinegar is a popular natural weed killer, and many different types of vinegars are used for this purpose, including white vinegar, rice vinegar, red vinegar as well as apple cider vinegar. Vinegar’s lethal ingredient, acetic acid, damages plant foliage and… 0 Shares | | Posted in Environment, Farming, Gardening, Home, Recipes

Delicious Grain Free Coconut Macaroon Cookies

This cookie is a favorite for the Jewish holiday of Passover because it is grain free and grains are restricted during this festival. Macaroons are delicious to eat all year round, when one desires a lighter dessert. The egg whites… 0 Shares | | Posted in Food, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Recipes

3 Powerful Drinks that Instantly Restore Your Energy Levels

Springtime and the warm season are finally here. It’s time to bring out the barbeque, dust off the patio furniture and start enjoying the great outdoors again! And it’s also time to shake off the cold-weather “blahs” and re-energize now… 0 Shares | | Posted in Fitness, Food, Food, Health, Health, Herbal Medicine, Lifestyle, Medicine, News, Nutrition, Nutritional Medicine, Recipes

6 Super Healthy Low Calorie Snacks Ideas

Chicken and Waffles Bet you never thought you’d find chicken and waffles on a page of snack ideas. We’ve brought this Southern delicacy to the snack menu by going with a fiber-packed waffle and lean chicken breast rather than the… 0 Shares | | Posted in Health, Recipes

Simple DIY Facial Masks to Clear Your Skin Using Baking Soda & Lemon Juice

It’s hard to prevent these skin problems: whiteheads, blackheads, acne and others. While there are some effective home remedies are helpful, baking soda and lemon juice are two of them. They are the basic ingredients in the kitchen for every… 0 Shares | | Posted in Food, Food, Health, Health, Lifestyle, Personal Care, Recipes

How to Use Mediterranean Diet to Improve Your Health

According to Leslie Cho, MD, Director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Women’s Cardiovascular Center.  Mediterranean diet is one of the best choose to prevent heart disease during those various diets. The Mediterranean diet is centered around plant-based foods — heavy on… 0 Shares | | Posted in Food, Health, Nutrition, Recipes, Weight Loss

12 Power-Packed Vegetables and Fruits Peels And Health Benefits

It’s true. Citrus fruits, apples, grapes, and tomatoes all have amazing antioxidant properties in their skins! (Think of antioxidants as the “clean up crew” in your body, using their resources to counteract the damaging effects of poor nutrition, pollution, stress,… 0 Shares | | Posted in Environment, Fitness, Fluoride, Food, Food, Health, Health, Herbal Medicine, Lifestyle, Medicine, Nutrition, Recipes, Water, Weight Loss

Top Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice and How to Take This Super Drink

The aloe vera plant is amazing, almost every part of it is useful to health. It’s not only popular for its nutritional benefits, but also very beneficial to the skin, aloe vera gel is an excellent tool to treat several… 0 Shares | | Posted in Food, Food, Health, Health, Nutrition, Recipes