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Chocolate Chip Mint Meringue Cookies

I have fond memories of large Passover seders at my in law’s home in Kentucky when my children were young. It was a chance for my husband’s family to gather from around the country to celebrate this religious holiday and…

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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Getting the Kids on Your Side
Getting kids to eat healthy can be a challenge. It seems everywhere you go high sugar and low nutrition foods are screaming out for their attention. So instead of arguing with the little ones,…

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Mini Carrot Cake Bites: Gluten and Sugar Free

I’ve been really watching what I eat lately and feeling really good, except for my darn sweet tooth.  I happened upon this recipe at and it is amazing!  I love carrot cake but everyone makes it with some form…

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The Mighty Mung Bean

Mung beans have been used throughout Asia as early as 1500 BC. They were valued for their high nutritional content. Mung beans are highly effective at inhibiting LDL oxidation (cholesterol ratio) due to the potent free radical properties and phenol…

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14 Grocery Foods to Buy Organic

The Environmental Working Group publishes an annual “Dirty Dozen” list of the most contaminated supermarket foods.  This list is important because according to its research, you can reduce your pesticide exposure by as much as 80 percent by avoiding the…

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Family Meals: Are You Losing the Battle

I treasure every time we get to sit down with all 5 kids and enjoy a meal together.  Every meal is an opportunity for sharing our lives while enjoying something nutritious and made with lots of love (usually).  I feel…

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Fructose Feeds Cancer More Than Other Sugars

Fructose may actually do more to promote and proliferate the growth of cancer cells than any other form of sugar.  Fructose is the form of sugar commonly known to be in fruit, but it’s most heavily consumed in the form…

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Black Bean and Quinoa Burgers Vegan and Gluten Free Taste Great

Finding recipes that actually include good for you ingredients and taste great can be a real challenge.  I can be honest, I don’t spend much time thumbing through cookbooks and cooking magazines.  Actually it seems that the only time I…

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How to End Cooking Burn Out and Save Money: An Everlasting Meal

How do you feel about cooking?  Are you someone that absolutely thrives in the kitchen and loves every minute you get to spend there or is it a chore just to drag yourself in and “slave” away at the stove…

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Free for the taking: How to fashion super healthy, ambrosia fruit salad with banana…the tasty, tropical bliss that’s food for longevity.

Dehydrated coconut is ambrosia’s taste of je ne sais quoi…its special bonne bouche…the spectacular, star of our show. Dried coconut…a wildly popular viand in the latter nineteenth century…led to what was then, the simple elegance of ambrosia. With this said……

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