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A Simple and All-Natural Drink for Alkaline Balance, Inflammation & Clear Skin

This easy-to-make, powerful health drink consists of ingredients that practically anyone should be able to access. It will have beneficial effects that reduce inflammations, promote alkaline balance in the body, and promote clear, healthy skin.
The ingredients are as follows:…

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Gut Gastronomy: Recipes to Heal Your Digestive System

Between stress and poor eating habits, it is no wonder that digestive disorders of all kinds are so common in modern society. This is probably why there is such an interest in restoring the digestive tract to its natural health…

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10 Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

The New Year is always a motivator for a new diet and a change in lifestyle choices. While many seek out the latest paleo diet fad or vegan slim treat, I wanted to write about getting back to the basics.…

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10 Undesirable Additives Commonly Found in Fast Food

Most of us will readily admit that when we give in to a fast food craving we are not doing ourselves any health favors. However, it may be surprising and shocking to find out how absolutely unhealthy some of the…

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8 Hot Comfort Drinks to Beat Winter’s Chill

Take off the winter chill with one of these international favorites.  Hot chocolate is not the only way to enjoy a crackling fire on a cold snowy night.  Find a new tradition of warming your body and soul with one…

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Study: For Better Health and Weight Control, Eat More Beans and Lentils

It’s no secret that eating fiber-rich foods extends a host of health benefits to individuals, ranging from improved heart health to a lowered diabetes risk. In fact, multiple studies from the Harvard School of Public Health show that high total…

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28 Foods That You Should Never Refrigerate

According to the US Department of Agriculture, there are two types of bacteria that cause problems. Pathogenic bacteria leads to food-borne illnesses, and spoilage bacteria changes the way foods look, smell, and taste. When food develops dangerous levels of pathogenic…

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Four Honey Treatments for Dry and Damaged Hair

If you have dry, damaged, or generally unhealthy hair, you may be surprised to find that honey is a powerful hair care product as well as a tasty snack. Unfortunately, many modern hair care products, like shampoos, gels, and sprays,…

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10 Herbal Teas That Will Work Wonders On Your Digestion

It is a little-known secret that drinking a good cup of herbal tea immediately after a meal can significantly improve your digestion. These potent and healthy drinks serve to absorb excess gas, get your blood circulation moving, and reduce your…

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Portion Control For Weight Loss – 50 Foods Under 100 Calories

Proper portion control is a major factor when you’re trying to lose pounds and keep it off. It’s important to not eat too much of any particular type of food, and avoid eating too little too. Learn about the recommended…

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