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7 Road Trips in India that You Can’t Miss

Imagine if there was nothing else to do in life other than to read, read and read. Won’t it be incredibly dull and unromantic? Luckily life is not only about staying at home and building up our knowledge poll, but…

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Style Tips While Wearing a Keffiyeh or Shemagh

A keffiyeh has become so popularized that no longer is it worn primarily to fight against harsh weather. Instead, it can be worn alongside suits and daily wear as a fashion accessory made available in numerous patterns and colors.

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Pumpkin Seeds – Healthiest Seeds For Your Health

As more people become aware of the benefits of healthy fats in the diet, nuts and seeds (once shunned by many dieters) have really come into their own. This a good thing, as seeds – like the pumpkin seed –…

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Our Electromagnetic Universe

Electromagnetic forces are a fundamental element to all life on Earth however; it is becoming increasingly obvious that electromagnetic forces are at work amongst all types of cosmic bodies and their interaction with one another.
Electromagnetism. What is it? It…

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Essential Items for an Economic Collapse

Ammo, weapons, food, and medical supplies are all obvious to have during any crisis but more comprehensive items such as ‘how to’ books, spirits, and essential tools will prove to be necessary as well.
It is well understood what items…

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Safety Tips for Having a Road Bike Tour

Taking a bike out on a road bike tour is a great idea. It is a wonderful way to exercise your body and to see many great sights. A bike is environmentally friendly. It is also a great way to…

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The Benefits of Buying Travel Insurance

Travel comes with its own set of possible complications and amplifies the ones people face every day. Whether it is a different city in the same country to a foreign land across the world, being in a different environment creates…

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Remembering Ebola

On September 30, 2014 the first US ebola case was confirmed. The same day, Goldenstate Fire/EMS stated on twitter that Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) was informed months prior to the first confirmed Ebola case in the United States.[3]

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7 Popular Himalayan Treks Suitable for Beginners

If you are an aspiring trekker then there is no better place to hone your trekking skills than the stunning Himalayan Range. Come winter and you will find the mountain range covered in a blanket of snow which in turn…

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Top 5 Fastest Italian Cars in 2015

What is a fastest car? A car that accelerates fastest? A car that has the highest top speed? Or maybe a car that handles best and registers best time on tracks? There are also numerous hyper prototypes showing incredible figures…

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