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Top 5 Fastest Italian Cars in 2015

What is a fastest car? A car that accelerates fastest? A car that has the highest top speed? Or maybe a car that handles best and registers best time on tracks? There are also numerous hyper prototypes showing incredible figures…

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Who says NYC is not a kid friendly vacation destination? Check out for yourself!

When you think of a kid friendly vacation destination, NYC is hardly the first option to flash in your mind! Last winter, we were planning for a vacation with our two toddlers, Nick and Rachel. While chatting with Linda, my…

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Mango Leaves

Most people love the taste and texture of fresh mangoes, and the health benefits from these fruits are amazing. Rich in Vitamin C, an assortment of minerals, dietary fiber and antioxidants, mangos are a nutritional powerhouse and are a great…

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Why India Should be Your Next Holiday Destination

Elegant, extravagant, exotic and diverse are perfect traits that define India as a holiday destination. From its vibrant culture to its riveting tourist destinations, there are countless reasons why you should India as your next holiday destination. India is a…

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Egyptian Medicine Links to Modern Medicine

Egyptian medicine used plants and minerals for therapies that set the groundwork for the healing arts to this day. Egyptian medicine utilized a wide variety of drugs found in nature – from plants animals and minerals. Some of the remedies…

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5 Reasons to Buy a Car with Manual Transmission

Some people say that manual transmission is “dead” while other shout out loud “no way!”. Well, it’s the matter of preferences and likes. On the other hand choosing a car with manual transmission may turn out to be rather smart…

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Popular Haunted Locations in Washington State

Everybody loves a good ghost story but few people dare to investigate ghost sightings themselves. However, for those curious here are some popular haunted locations for both Washington state residents and visitors.
If visiting Washington state or currently residing there…

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Natural Tips: Doubling Cell Phone Battery Life

One of the most annoying factors of modern day technology is constantly charging a cell phone. Primarily this is because of the amount of usage a single device undergoes but regardless, continuously charging a cell phone somewhat defeats the meaning…

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Steps to Choose the Best Wedding Cars within Budget

So, now you have sorted out more or less everything, like a beautiful dress, romantic honeymoon, and even the best wedding venue. Now, what you need is the best and the most stylish way to get to your wedding reception…

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4 Ettiquette Tips to Remember While in India

India is a great place to travel to. However, Indian culture is not quite the same as Western culture, and there are a few important points to note regarding etiquette in India. This ettiquette and culture can be referred to…

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