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We All Have Parasites: Symptoms, Cleanses, and 10 Foods That Prevent

Humans, just the same as other animals, have always had parasites, both inside and outside of our bodies. Its easy to see inside of animals when you dissect a fish, frog or pig in a college biology lab. The perfect environment for parasites…

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Do We Really Need Ebola Legislation?

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.
Ebola is a cinematic nightmare come to life.  The mainstream media has provided Americans with a steady stream of contradictory reports, many of which are simply not believable.  At issue, among other…

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7 Website that make you more clever

Website that’s make you cleverer
Have you ever think internet change everything as it is a virtually limitless resource of information and best is this is even at our fingertips, thanks to the tech engineers of all over…

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Chasing the Weather: The Top U.S. Cities for Winter Living

As summer begins to recede and signs of autumn chill emerge, residents of many states are recognizing that winter is fast approaching. For some individuals, the colder temperatures, ice, and snow are a welcome part of the festive season; others…

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5 Must-See Festivals of India

Indian culture goes back several thousand years, and its customs have remained almost unchanged over the centuries. Celebration is a big part of Indian life, and consequently, the nation’s calendar is filled with a host of festivals. Let’s look at…

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Travel in Style: Your Boats and You

Are you looking to invest in a boat, but maybe you don’t know exactly what type would be your best fit? Or maybe you have recently purchased one and are just now researching its uses? A listing of powerboats with…

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4 Places in India For A Nature Trip

India is a land of diverse landscapes, cultures and places, and offers a variety of places to visit for the nature-loving tourist. But the great thing about India is that almost every destination has a multidimensional aspect to it. Your…

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The Best Times To Visit India

With 750 languages, 29 states and over 3650 ancient heritage monuments, India’s diversity and culture make it a great place to visit. Though the country has much to offer throughout the year, there are certain times when the country comes…

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Headed Down Under? Go Vegan!

Headed Down Under? Go Vegan!

Many people are now looking into healthier ways of eating and vegetarianism is a growing lifestyle choice. Unfortunately, traveling and being a vegan can sometimes be difficult. However, vegetarianism is a trend that is growing…

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5 Tips To Maximize the Benefits of Yoga

In the yogic lore, it is said that the god Shiva transmitted yoga to humanity as a path to enlightenment. But though it was created for this purpose, there are also many things that yoga offers on the level of physical…

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