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Maintaining Your Diet While Traveling to Jordan

We usually have problems maintaining our diet, thus our weight when traveling. Since we’re free to splurge, we think it goes for everything. For sure, you already know that it’s not healthy to eat a lot in a small amount…

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Adventurous Camping Locations: Washington State

Washington State is home to some of the most beautiful campgrounds that provide more than enough activities for the entire family and the adventurous individual. From hiking to kayaking specific campgrounds throughout Washington State offer it all. Drive a…

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7 Tips for Booking an Airport Taxi

When traveling to another city or country, booking a taxi is oftentimes more practical than queuing at the airport waiting for a vacant cab to arrive. Booking your ride is no longer a question if you’re on a business trip…

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Avoiding Corneal Sunburn and Temporary Blindness

Although uncommon, corneal sunburn and temporary blindness can occur during both the winter and summer months if proper eye protection is not provided. Whether skiing in the bright powdery snow or enjoying a nice sunny day at the beach damage…

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Stay Safe – Driving in Snow and Wintry Weather

Winter means you might find yourself facing ice, sleet and snow, which means you need to be prepared. Not only do you need to make sure your vehicle is ready for the weather, but you have to change the way…

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How to Choose a Healthy Food Tour When You Go On a Holiday

There are thousands of people that want to enjoy great food tours when they travel to another country or city. While that is definitely something that is great, we need to realize that having a healthy lifestyle and enjoying some…

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Letting Luxury Guide the Way in Africa


It can be simple to book a basic safari when you look at any number of the travel agencies advertising their services online. However, it can be much more difficult to book a safari holiday that offers you luxury…

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Alternatives for Bathroom Tissue Paper

One of the most important hygiene products known to modern-day mankind is bathroom tissue paper; or in other words toilet paper. This is because toilet paper is a product that is used by both men and women upwards of up…

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Great Ways to Celebrate the New Year in India

Every culture has its celebrations to kick of the new year, but some of the most unique ones are found in India. Of course, as per the Indian calendar, these celebrations aren’t actually New Year celebrations. They are more in…

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Enjoying Meals and Keeping Fit for the Holidays

I don’t know if there are many people who keep count of the calories during the winter holidays. All those goodies on the Christmas table are hard to resist, not to mention, there’s still the New Year to celebrate! Even…

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