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Anxiety Caused by Reading Xanax Side Effects

Xanax (Alprazolam), the popular prescription used for anxiety disorders, panic attacks and is even prescribed for chemotherapy related nausea has a list of side effects a mile long. In fact, I’m a pretty calm and down to earth person but…

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Aspartame – A Hidden Schedule II Narcotic

What? That can’t be right, you are likely thinking.
It is.
The methanol in aspartame affects the dopamine system of the brain causing addiction. Methanol, or wood alcohol, is classified as a severe metabolic poison.
Aspartame is a dipeptide molecule…

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Can Cherry Juice Really Stop Arthritis Pain?

The good news about cherries just keeps coming. As the cherry blossoms in the National Mall in Washington DC start to bloom, this tiny unassuming fruit is again gaining national attention. In addition to their great taste cherries are also packed…

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9 helpful supplements when having the flu

We all know that it’s awful to get the flu, and it can make you feel pretty run down. Surprisingly, few people really know what the flu is. Learn how to prevent and treat the flu from the guide from…

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The $750 Test that “Tells You How Long You’ll Live”

While most are used to fretting over their chronological age, a new test has the ability to show your biological age—the age your body has actually progressed to, and even more revealingly, tell you how long you may have to…

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Pediatric GERD Relieved With Chiropractic Care

A recent case report published at Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics lends support to the idea that chiropractic treatment can provide relief of pediatric GERD. There have been past reports of chiropractic care relieving GERD in adults. This report suggests that other…

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Beating Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally

Unlike osteoarthritis, which is brought on by age-related wear and tear of the joints and surrounding tissue, rheumatoid arthritis can strike at any age, and results from the immune system mistakenly attacking the lining of the joints. Over time, this…

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4 Natural Tips to Lower Your Cholesterol Today

1.    Up & at ‘em!
In addition to lowering LDL “bad” cholesterol, regular physical activity can raise HDL “good” cholesterol by up to 10%. The benefits come even with moderate exercise, such as brisk walking.  Robert Harrington, MD, professor of…

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Processed Food Lowers IQ in Children, Study Finds

The standard American diet is rife with processed food, so much so that more than 100 million Americans are either diabetic or pre-diabetic.  While the most commonly known results is a host of physical ailments, what’s lesser known is the…

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To eat or not to eat

A short guide (full version you can find here) on what you should eat to fight the flu, and what food can be dangerour for your health.

We are what we eat. So to strengthen our immune system, and ourselves…

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