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10 Natural Alternatives to Treat Depression

Natural Alternatives to Treat Depression
Depression is one of the most chronic conditions faced by teens, adults and even children. While many people take medications to deal with their mild, moderate or severe depression, others want to find all-natural alternatives…

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Green Heavy Metal Detox Juice Recipe

These days heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, cadmium, and mercury enter our body through the polluted food we eat, air we breathe, or water we drink. Even our skin is able to absorb them into our bloodstream.
Heavy metals…

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Alt Medicines Help Boost Your Immunity to Survive the Age of Superbug

A growing number of superbugs resistant to modern medicines are on the rise, and people are asking the question: Does my immune system have what it takes to help me survive a highly infectious disease?
Of course there are no…

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How Cancer is Mainly Caused by The Intake of Acidic Food

Cancer main cause is by the food we eat.  Some time ago we consumed a diet of mainly alkaline food but that has changed and rate of cancer also. The majority doctors don’t inform you on the correct food to…

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Massage: the hero of holistic therapy

Anyone who is stressed knows how infuriating it is to be told to ‘relax’. Be it from ominous work anxieties or emotional strain, we’ve all experienced stress in some way, shape or form. And, at some point, we’ve all told…

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There’s a Thin Line Between Education and Indoctrination

Any child who goes to a school in a Western country is going to be taught many ideas as if they were facts, for instance the Darwinian view of evolution, the idea that we have evolved to pinnacle of civilisation surpassing…

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Raw Honey Is Nature’s Energy Drink, Boosts Immune System

Multinational agricultural corporations are intent on processing, enriching, heat treating, ultra-pasteurizing, flash freezing, irradiating or genetically modifying everything we eat today. But more and more consumers are rejecting these developments, opting instead for natural foods, which have the types of…

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Cure Candida Without Causing Disease

Can you cure candida without causing disease? There is a lot of confusion about what is and isn’t effective against candida. Many websites promote this treatment and that treatment, with the people behind the websites having very little knowledge about…

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4 Simple Ways to Alleviate Stress & Anxiety

There is nothing worse than a bout of anxiety that leaves you feeling tense, drained and off-kilter. Anxiety and stress can easily throw off your routines disrupting your diet, productivity, sleep and overall state of wellbeing. These easy, all natural…

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Let’s stop this unscientific nonsense

How often do we hear of remedies or ideas as being ‘unscientific’? We may ask what does it mean to be ‘unscientific’? Here’s some possible meanings:

Scientific studies were performed under controlled conditions and the outcome does not support the…

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