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5 Alternative Uses for Coffee Grounds

#1: Body Scrub – When it comes to alternative uses, rubbing coffee grounds on your body may sound like a strange idea, but it really works! Coffee grounds are loaded with antioxidants, and when rubbed into the skin, they exfoliate…

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13 Essential Oils For Your Natural Emergency Kit

Next to the regular cotton balls, Band-Aids, bandages, and gauzes it is important to add some essential oils to your first-aid kit for their versatile healing properties. Essential oils, when stored in a dark glass bottle, don’t go rancid and…

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Woman Clears up Her Problematic Skin by Drinking Parsley Tea

Rebeca Plantier, CEO and co-founder of Fit to Inspire, an online and offline community dedicated to providing women of all ages, sizes and abilities with fitness and well-being inspiration, admits that she once wasn’t entirely on her game.(1)
One would…

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Top 10 Superfoods

Here is a list of some of the most nutrient-dense natural foods on the planet.
1. Avocado
Avocado has a myriad of healthy fats and nutrients such as oleic acid, lutein, folate, Vitamin E and glutathione. Avocado provides nutrients…

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Studies Show 3 of the Best Pain Relievers Are in Your Kitchen

Ginger, turmeric and cayenne are receiving a lot of attention due to their ability to rival over-the-counter pain relief drugs. Incorporating these potent, antioxidant-rich superfoods into your lifestyle is easy, affordable — and free of side effects. From common concerns…

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The Medicinal Power of the Chaga Mushroom Can Help Boost Immunity

David Koubek’s wife refers to her husband as a “chagaholic,” but it’s a term he doesn’t mind hearing.(1) After all, they credit his consumption of chaga mushroom tea for stopping his chronic respiratory problems — namely pneumonia or bronchitis —…

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New Study Links Common Cancers to Obesity

Mike Bundrant is co-founder of the iNLP Center.
A new research report from the United Kingdom shows an alarming connection between overweight and obese persons and the risk of developing the most common types of cancer. Using the body mass…

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Health Freedom on Trial in Nevada City, California

“…September 15th, 2014 will be known as the day the line was drawn in the sand for our health freedoms. Join us on the 15th at the Nevada City Court House, 9am, and stand in unison with the Bigelsens!”

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7 Essential Oils Packed with Medicinal Power

Essential oils are powerful, concentrated aromatic compounds extracted from herbs, flowers and other organic plant matter. Aside from their common use as fragrance in household and beauty products, most essential oils have a wide spectrum of health and wellness benefits…

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Understanding the Role of Chakras in our Body

The chakras are points in the human system where the network of energy channels come together and meet. According to the yogic tradition, there are 7 chakras that are the primary ones within the human body. These are named the…

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