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Five Cancer-Fighting Garden Herbs

Back before the advent of modern medicine, naturopaths and other holistic healers relied – as they do today – not an industrially manufactured chemicals, but on natural plant-based compounds to treat a variety of human diseases, ranging from the mild…

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Three Ways to End Acid Reflux, Without Surgery or Prescriptions

If you’re one of the nearly 60% of Americans with hiatal hernia and acid reflux, this holiday season may have brought more than just friends, family and cheer. Often, stressful times and overindulgence lead to flare ups of reflux or GERD…

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4 Reasons Why Hospitals Are Extremely Dangerous

If you’re reading this, odds are good that you’re living somewhere with access to top-notch medicine. Neither technology nor hospitals are inexpensive, and both help more than hinder – right?
In times of emergency or poor health, we’re lucky to…

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Cryotherapy: Natural Tips for Sore Muscles

As early as 2500 B.C.E cryotherapy, or ‘ice-healing’, has been used to relieve sore joint and muscle pain by some of the earliest civilizations such as the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Phoenicians. The practice of cryotherapy has remained in tradition…

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What Kratom Can Learn from Medical Marijuana

The kratom revolution could learn a lot from the medical marijuana success story. We can save ourselves a lot of precious time, money, and effort by choosing the most efficient strategy to take us to full legal acceptance by the…

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The Fruits of the Medical Model

All my life, I’ve been blessed to have both sets of grandparents around, and I’ve had a great opportunity to learn from them. Different food, different cultures, different values, and very different lifestyles.
On my dad’s side, I’ve got Baba…

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How to Prescribe Herbs the TCM Way

The history of medicine evolved from using plants as medicine. That is how aspirin was derived from willow tree or opium from poppy seeds for pain relieving.  Digitalis is commonly used for congestive heart failure and is from the foxglove…

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Midwives: Your Natural Health Advocates

For thousands of years, women around the world have successfully survived and reproduced without the benefit of hospitals, drugs, or anything remotely ‘modern.’
Yet somehow, keeping humanity alive and growing over the centuries has failed to make us experts on…

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A Deeper Insight Into Medical Negligence / Malpractice

Formally speaking, the notion of medical malpractice refers to professional negligence either by omission or by act, performed by a healthcare professional. If the medical treatment provided to a patient falls below the standards of practice in the healthcare industry…

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Knee Implant Industry Throws Patients Under the Bus In Rush For Profits

What You Need to Know to Stay Safe
If you are in the market to have a knee replacement any time soon, you owe it to yourself to read this post and take note.
You may have recently read a…

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