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I would like to share my recent experience about the Hitlerian Style censorship tactics employed against me by The Sydney Daily Telegraph.
I was reading an article titled ‘ Australian Vaccination Network, used fear ‘ to mislead ‘ parents in…

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Old is a hard reality of everyone’s life. It threatens many people. Are you one of them?
Because it is seldom trouble free. It comes with its associated problems and cause you to suffer from many unavoidable disease. Your…

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Influenza Vaccine Proven Ineffective and Dangerous

How are we expected to place our trust in the influenza vaccine when the evidence proves it is ineffective and potentially very harmful?
Proof the Influenza Vaccine is Ineffective and Dangerous
The U.S.S. Ardent recently had an outbreak of the…

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Pet Blogger: New Writer Joins to Help Pets and Their People

This pet blogger hopes to inform; educate; entertain and make you think, but most of all, will make you fall in love with animals!
As a new Natural News pet blogger, I had a very complex post planned for today–but…

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10 Influenza Vaccine Dangers Revealed

Although vaccines do provide some protection against illnesses like the flu, they remain controversial and those both within the medical profession and outside it continue to raise concerns about the current vaccine program, most for problems like those discussed below.…

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Johns Hopkinds Scientist Reveals Shocking Report on Flu Vaccines

Flu vaccines are so commonplace now that most people do not even give them much thought: it is just one of the things that they do towards the end of the year, like Christmas cards or phone calls home. However,…

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Lost Arts Radio Begins January 10, 2015 – New Health Information Talk Show

New Radio Show In January
Natural News readers already benefit from an incredible array of great information on the Natural News sites, radio programs, videos, research databases and Mike’s ongoing lab tests for heavy metals in superfoods, supplements and more. …

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12 Super Health Benefits Walnut Oil

Walnut oil is used to flavor salad dressings, fish and meat, mix with pasta and prepare desserts. It turns sour in the heating is preferable to use as raw or cold sauce. Walnut has been carefully studied in recent decades,…

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15 Cracked Heels Solutions For This Winter

Cracked heels (Heel Fissures) are very common problem in these days and it can range in severity from cosmetic issue to painful problem. Cracked heels occur as a result of neglect and lack of moisturizing to heels and these heels…

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Warning:The silent toxin in food that provokes cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and more

Found in everything from cereal grains to dried fruit and nuts to legumes, along with wine, hard cheeses and certain types of coconut oil — mycotoxins are difficult to dodge. Associated with a variety of diseases, these fungal metabolites can…

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