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What Happened To My Non-Immunized Children When Whooping Cough Broke Out

By Toby Monte
My husband and I chose not to vaccinate our three children. It had nothing to do with Jenny McCarthy, as she was only six years old when our first child was born.
It was a decision…

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Prescription Drug Rehab and Kratom

Prescription drug rehab is big business — and what’s even better from the rehab centers’ viewpoint — there’s a lot of repeat business.
But, when the public wakes up and says, “Whoa, seven times through rehab is enough!”, it’s time…

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Are Viruses Really Cut Short by Vaccines?

My son was poisoned with his first MMR vaccine back in the late 1970’s.  He ran a high fever, went into a convulsion in my arms, turned white and then blue.  He was rushed to the emergency room.  It…

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Contagious Viruses Spread at Dog Parks: Even in Cold Weather

Thanks for stopping by my new Natural News blog, “For Pets and Their People.”  Remember, the more people we can reach, the more animals–and their people–we can help! Note: Please visit my related post Rescue Ranch blog (see post that…

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Vaccination: Will the owner of my body, mind, and soul please stand up?

By the time we got the letter, my son was already excited about sixth grade and going to middle school. He had been through a wonderful weeklong orientation, met his teachers, found his locker, and felt like he already fit…

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I would like to share my recent experience about the Hitlerian Style censorship tactics employed against me by The Sydney Daily Telegraph.
I was reading an article titled ‘ Australian Vaccination Network, used fear ‘ to mislead ‘ parents in…

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Old is a hard reality of everyone’s life. It threatens many people. Are you one of them?
Because it is seldom trouble free. It comes with its associated problems and cause you to suffer from many unavoidable disease. Your…

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Influenza Vaccine Proven Ineffective and Dangerous

How are we expected to place our trust in the influenza vaccine when the evidence proves it is ineffective and potentially very harmful?
Proof the Influenza Vaccine is Ineffective and Dangerous
The U.S.S. Ardent recently had an outbreak of the…

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Pet Blogger: New Writer Joins to Help Pets and Their People

This pet blogger hopes to inform; educate; entertain and make you think, but most of all, will make you fall in love with animals!
As a new Natural News pet blogger, I had a very complex post planned for today–but…

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10 Influenza Vaccine Dangers Revealed

Although vaccines do provide some protection against illnesses like the flu, they remain controversial and those both within the medical profession and outside it continue to raise concerns about the current vaccine program, most for problems like those discussed below.…

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