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Natural Flu Remedies: 7 Powerful Herbs to Help Get You Through Flu Season

As we enter the colder season of the year, chances are many of us will get a cold or the flu. Luckily there are many inexpensive herbs that can help prevent or soothe the symptoms. They raise immunity and soothe…

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10 Foods You Should Always Buy Organic

Most people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle would like to buy all-organic groceries. However, because of economics, this sometimes just isn’t possible. Because of the way this food is raised and because it is not given government subsidies,…

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8 Health Benefits of Soy Milk

Soy milk has long been used in the East due to the fact that it is versatile and a great source of vegetarian protein. It is on surprise, then, that the use of soy milk and soy milk products is…

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10 Traditional Homemade Anti-Aging Medicines that Work Wonders

It’s natural for people to want to look as young and fit as possible, and there are hundreds of anti-aging products on the market which will help you do just that. However, many of the commercial products available can have…

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How to Save Money with Natural Skin Care

In 2013, 56.63 billion dollars in revenue streamed in from the purchase of cosmetics in the U.S. With approximately 1.2 million households, that averages to about $4,700 per year and close to $400 per month per household being spent on…

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Blackberries – The Little Black Dress of Foods!

Blackberries do not always get the same amount of press as strawberries or blueberries, do, but if you are serious about a healthy, detoxifying diet, they are definitely a food that you should consider adding to the bill of fare.…

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Revealed: Why Random Sexual Problems Occur!

Both men and women commonly suffer from random sexual dysfunction problems – men frequently experience either erectile dysfunction – trouble getting or keeping an erection – or premature ejaculation (ejaculating too early.) Many women find it challenging to regularly achieve…

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Do You Know What Is In Your Lipstick?

Through the years, the main reason why women, still use lipstick remain the same: they want to make themselves stand out among the crowd and make themselves look more attractive.
Without a doubt, the use of lipsticks has come a…

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Ebola Virus Workers Murdered by Guinea Villagers

Ebola virus workers were murdered by Guinea villagers this last week. The team of healthcare professionals was on an Ebola awareness campaign to alert and educate the inhabitants about the deadly virus, as well as disinfect the village. Some believe…

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Starting to feel like you are coming down with a chest cold & cough?

Stop it in its tracks by boosting your immune system.

What to take:
Nano Silver 10ppm 3x daily 1 spoonful.
Oscillococcinum – This is a homeopathic medicine for flu like symptoms (body aches, headache, fever, chills and fatigue). It is intended to…

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