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Apple to Ban Use of Benzene in Making iPhones Thanks to this Lady

Apple to Ban Use of Benzene
Heather S. White has not released her film yet called Who Pays the Price?The Human Cost of Cheap Electronics and she has already had a huge impact on the world.

 White is an award-winning, non-profit executive and researcher…

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News on Cancer

Giant High Tech companies wish Dr .Deva Davis would disappear! Davis has done studies showing that the high fat content in breasts conducts more radiation say versus the brain covered in bone!
New Research
Today, women have a…

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French Supermarket’s Fight Against Food Waste is a Smashing Success

In light of the news that an insane amount of food is wasted every year (over 300 tons), the European Union decided to make 2014 “The Year Against Food Waste“. In response, Intermarche, France’s 3rd largest food chain, has arranged…

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Banker Suicides Continue At Alarming Rate: JP Morgan Executive Kills Wife, Then Ends His Own Life

It’s happening all over the world. Banking executives are ending their lives, leaving a trail of tears in their wake.
The latest of US banking executives is Julian Knott, age 45. According to reports, Knott blasted his wife Alita, age…

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Sleeping Yankee Fan Sues ESPN For $10 Million Over Commentary

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.
On April 13, 2014 the Yankees played the rival Red Sox at Yankee Stadium, as the game was broadcasted to millions by ESPN.  During the game a Yankee fan had fallen asleep…

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Changing consumer attitudes force health care marketing to evolve

Today’s health care is constantly evolving. New technologies and advancements take us in new directions regarding the way we think about staying healthy. In the same way policies and regulations like the Affordable Care Act change the way we focus…

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Manuka Honey Madness: a Tale of Sabotage, Theft, & Food Fraud

The world’s #1 ranked tennis player Novak Djokovic starts each day with it. Actress Scarlett Johansson attributes her beautiful skin to it.
Millions of people buy it to ward off disease and illness, including cancer and antibiotic resistant bacteria. What is…

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7 Reasons Why Paper Cheques Are Not Dead

Over the centuries, cheques have been a mainstay method of payment. In fact, they date all the way back to the 9th century –back then, merchants relied on cheques to exchange funds, according to the Economic Review. And for much…

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New York State’s Highest Court Upholds Fracking Ban

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.
The New York State Court of Appeals has affirmed two lower court decisions upholding small town bans on fracking, effectively delivering a massive blow to the fracking industry.  In doing so, the…

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Facebook Admits to Mood Manipulation – Creepy but Legal

Do you suspect that using Facebook makes you feel blue? It might not be your imagination.
Facebook admits they intentionally manipulated some of their users’ moods by tweaking what was shown in their news feed.
Researchers wanted to see if Facebook…

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