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“Holographic Blood” Author Dr. Harvey Bigelsen Awaits Court Ruling

Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, author of the paradigm setting book, “Holographic Blood, a New Dimension in Medicine” and “Doctors are More Harmful Than Germs”, a book critical of the cut and drug approach of government approved medicine is still awaiting a…

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Bring Your Green to Manufacturing Plants

Manufacturing Plants Focus on Green
At the dawn of the Industrial Age, manufacturing was solely focused on mass production without much concern for the impact on the environment. Over time, the direct link between manufacturing processes and increases in air,…

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Relax your Mind and Body with Gardening Hobby

With the fast paced lives of people, there is less time for people to meet each other and spend time to relax. Everyone is so busy in his/her life that people rarely take care of themselves which is so necessary…

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Tips and Tricks for the New Investor or Trader

So, you’ve cleared most of your debts and can afford a family holiday every year. With bank accounts the world over giving interest rates that are at best a joke, you may want to make your money work harder. If…

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Three Strong Italian Fabrics For High-End Business Wear

Sometimes business is all about impressions, and that means dressing well for the right occasion. The savvy businessmen who want to create their own look, often turn to custom tailors and fabrics. It’s just one of the dirty little secrets…

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3 of the Coolest New Crowdfunded Health Tech items on the Market

 Crowdfunded Health Tech Items
We’re entering the next big area in health – one where the average person will, with the help of technology, be able to easily monitor, prevent and correct health problems before they even happen.
The emergence…

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You Might Be Making Yourself a Target for Credit Card Fraud

It’s all too easy to take our safety and security for granted. The problem is, many of the corporations and institutions in America have proved to be poor stewards of the data we entrust to them.
And when it comes…

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How Small Businesses can Improve their Business Security

Small businesses often store highly sensitive information regarding their clients. Since many don’t have the security resources of larger organisations, they’re often targeted by criminals. Digital theft has surpassed physical theft as the most commonly reported fraud. According to the…

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The growing scarcity of available parking space

As the population grow so does the demand for parking space
When one considers the growing parking problem in some of the large metropolitan areas on the planet then one cannot help but wonder what the situation will look like…

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Obamacare Once Again In The Republicans’ Crosshairs

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.
The elections are over and the Republicans have sent a clear message to the White House via the American people.  Not only are the House of Representatives and the Senate now controlled…

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