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Shocking Discovery: Seventh Generation fails Toxicity Test

I’ve decided the only way to remove products with toxins from our household is to not buy ANY products whatsoever.  I’m so incredibly frustrated right now with companies, labeling, government agencies and the general public in regards to allowing known…

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Warning: Do Not Be Scammed Into Overpaying Your Taxes

There is a new and very frightening scam out there to get you to pay even more of your hard earned dollars to the IRS.  Unfortunately, I have learned of the reality of this scam because I’m the recipient of…

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Violence – A Side Effect of Psychotropic Drugs days antidepressants, psychotropic drugs, and mood enhancers/stabilizers are being given out by physicians like Tic-Tacs.
Feeling sad? Have a pill. Feeling mad? Take a pill. Feeling anything at all? – We must correct that! – Here is a prescription.…

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Prisoners See Themselves as Morally Superior to Non-Prisoners

It seems that even those who have been incarcerated fall prey to the idea that they are better than others. New research from the University of Southampton has found that those in prison believe themselves to be kinder, more moral,…

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Arrested for resisting arrest

I am getting completely sickened and fed up with the way cops go about their business. It has been progressively getting worse. I recently saw a video of a man being detained outside of a bus station. He was sitting…

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How LASIK Surgery Destroys Peoples’ Lives

Warning – Just say NO to Lasik eye surgery!!
If you have ever thought about getting Lasik eye surgery, please read this! DO NOT risk losing your precious eyesight!
I am about to turn 52, and I had Lasik surgery…

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Red Alert: Engineered Drought Murdering California

How To Murder A State
A state being murdered?  How can that be? It is indeed very hard for most normal people to grasp the evil intent of those at the top levels of the power structure in America, and…

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Study Shows Impressive Emotional Benefits of Lying and Cheating

When someone gets away with cheating or being dishonest, chances are they will not feel remorseful; in fact, as long as they believe no one has been hurt by their cheating, they will feel positively upbeat.
Researchers have taken to…

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Smart meters: Spark attention, fight back and get free of this tyranny… Here’s empowering information.

Respecting Peoples’ Health, Safety & Privacy
“Smart Meters” and digital utility meters meet the statutory definition of unlawful surveillance devices put forth as “Wiretapping” in United States Code (USC) Title 18, Part 1, Chapter 119, Sec 2511 and other State…

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Online Shoppers BEWARE: Fake Sites are Everywhere!

Online Shoppers BEWARE!
I love the convenience of shopping online and do most of my Christmas shopping without leaving the house.  It is great that so many sites are now offering free shipping and when I find what I’m looking…

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