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Who to Fear? Reckless Cops or Out of Control Citizens?

In the past few years, a debate has raged around the country revolving around the racial diversion and reckless police. It is undoubtedly more noticeable than ever before. But have things really changed? Unsurprisingly, most of the attention has been…

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Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer ? Here is what you need to know!

If at all you’ve encountered a car accident, you might need to contract a car accident lawyer. A legitimate car accident lawyer can help you recoup losses because of any accident during driving or vehicle related issues by clearing the…

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The “Reorganization” of 24 Hour Fitness

Numerous lawsuits, several corporate layoffs, and the resignation of Carl Liebert, former CEO of 24 Hour Fitness, may sound like a recipe for a foreclosure but according to 24 Hour Fitness the business is simply ‘reorganizing.’
In 1983 Mark Mastrov…

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The War on Drugs – What You Need to Know

The war on drugs has been going on for upwards of a hundred years. It takes different forms from time to time, but each battle shares one thing in common; the use of violent and large scale tactics to attempt…

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500 Nigerian Children are Still Missing

The ongoing atrocities committed by Boko Haram
An astounding 500 children all of them under the age of 11 are still missing from a town which has recently been recaptured from rebels and this fact has been extensively reported in…

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The Psychological warfare of blame and why it’s such a useful tool for control:

“When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you.”

Or as Jesus said,
“Don’t focus on the speck in your brother’s eye while ignoring the log in your own eye.”
I’m sure you reading this, have…

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When will I stop paying child support ?

Getting a divorce is never a fun task. Even after the dust has settled and everything is sorted out you may still be on the hook financially. This can be for any number of reasons; alimony, restitution, child support, etc…

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Democide The Murder of People by a Government

In the 20th century Theodore Abel coined the term “democide” in order to define “the murder of any person or people by a government.” The term was hardly known but soon caught on after the political scientist R.J. Rummel redefined…

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Commercial Mediation and its Rapid Growth in Popularity

Mediation is an effective and inexpensive tool and a non-binding process where the two parties mutually attempt to find an acceptable resolution to their specific dispute. Commercial Mediation in South Florida is quite in demand .The people belonging to the…

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Understanding Your Options Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

As someone who has been practicing criminal law in all its avatars for the past two decades, I consider myself well-qualified to talk about the subject. Throughout my years in the sector, I have not only found the majority of…

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