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Tips for Keeping Critters from Backyard Gardens

As spring approaches families are preparing to plant, grow, and harvest their own backyard fruit and vegetable gardens. To ensure a large harvest here are some important tips to help deter both birds and critters away from backyard gardens.

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12 Collective Facts Why Sodas are Horrible for Us, Homemade Healthy Soda Recipes

The health dangers of soda have long existed: whether they are regular or diet, caffeinated or caffeine-free, soda is just plain bad news. Willingly drinking soda is almost like opting to smoke: if you know how harmful it is, then…

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2 Surprising Ways Chlorella Helps Your Kids Stay Healthy

It’s a constant struggle as a parent . . . how do you make sure your children are getting the nutrition they need? Some parents turn to supplements to help ensure their children are getting adequate nourishment. But then you…

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The Best Foods to Increase Kidney Function

Most people do not realize what an important role that kidneys play in the general health of the body until something goes wrong. Then, when in the throes of a kidney infection or in the very painful process of passing…

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Landmark Study on Health Benefits of Spinach Proves Real Food Is the Best Medicine

A new study by U.S. researchers found that eating two helpings of spinach every day improved cognitive abilities so much so that scientists say the brains of the study’s participants who ate the leafy green veggies were found to be…

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Natural Alternatives for Dyeing Easter Eggs

This year families are switching over to concocting their own food coloring dyes rather than purchasing store bought food coloring due to the increase in health effects brought on by Yellow No. 5 and Red No. 3.
Easter is around…

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Vitamin K – An Extraordinary Anti-Aging Nutrient, Functions, Sources And Deficiency

Unlike many other nutrients, vitamin K did not receive much attention in the past. New research, however, indicates that this vitamin is one of the most amazing anti-aging nutrients available to us. An ongoing scientific research suggests that vitamin K…

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Kava, Kratom, and Anxiety

Both kava and kratom have a growing reputation as helpful in self-treatment of anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, and addiction. At the same time, concerns have been raised about the healthfulness of both herbs. This blog will try to separate the truth…

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6 Foods That Increase Your Energy Levels

We all know the feeling – it is mid-afternoon on a Tuesday and making it through the staggering
pile of work left for us before it is finally time to go home seems like a daunting task. The energy

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Home remedies to reduce hair fall

There is nothing more attractive than a thick hair that add more stars to your personality but hair loss is a problem that many people suffers now a days. There can be many factors behind hair loss such as


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