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5 Fragrant Herbs that Repel Flies

The warm weather brings with it time in the garden, bloom flowers, eating outdoors on the patio – and, unfortunately, flies. Depending on where you live, these flying pests can seriously ruin your enjoyment of the great outdoors once things…

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7 Ways to Reduce Your Medical Bills

Everyone knows that the cost of medical care is rising much faster than income levels and that even with insurance, medical bills can be extremely high. However, there are some tricks of the trade that you can learn that will…

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4 New Flat Belly Diet Recipes

If you are wanting a way to diet and lose stubborn belly fat while still eating foods that don’t leave you hungry, the follow recipes will be a right for you. The key to their success is that they contain…

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The Known Health Benefits of Dates – What are Dates Good For?

Dates haves been cultivated from tropical areas of the world for thousands of years. Even the Ancient Egyptians harvested the fruits for making fine wines to have at a special gathering where the finest of foods were served. Today, dates…

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How Losing Weight Is Great For Your Sex Life?

Losing weight is something that can make for a better everything. This also does include sex. If you lose weight. It makes you feel good about you. It’s more of a mind over metabolism kind of awesome feeling that makes…

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The health benefits of eating more Arugula.

Everyone needs to eat their leafy greens to have a full balanced diet, but most people don’t know the right vegetables to really eat. Arugula is an early summer vegetable that not many people know about, but many people should…

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New Study on High Fat Diets; Men Seriously at Risk

I hope that it’s not news to anyone; men and women, are not created equal. Based on my headline, you may think I’m referring to politics or pay, or even relationships. Today I am not taking a political stand. What…

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Headaches and Chiropractic: What do I need to know?

Headaches affect 46% of the adult population globally. They range from mildly annoying to severely disabling. The good news is that less than 1% of them are life threatening. Just because your headache is not life threatening, though, does not…

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How Do Essential Oils Work?

Because they are concentrated, essential oils are from 50 to 70 times more therapeutically potent than the herbs or plants they come from.
 How Do Essential Oils Work?
Essential oils have the ability to clean receptor sites on the surface of cells.…

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Medicine’s Biggest Threat – Healing Cancer With HEMP OIL

The reputation of Cannabis drastically increased over the past few years, since its ability to cure cancer had been proven in many instances. According to studies conducted over the past 10 years confirmed the magical power that this plant has…

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