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Kava, Kratom, and Anxiety

Both kava and kratom have a growing reputation as helpful in self-treatment of anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, and addiction. At the same time, concerns have been raised about the healthfulness of both herbs. This blog will try to separate the truth…

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Our Planet and Solar System is Shifting

It’s no secret that the entire solar system is undergoing a shift and it seems that an agenda has been set in order to blame human beings for changes seen on Earth. However, the universe has told the truth.

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“Your location has been shared 5,398 times by 10 apps in the last 14 days.”

That’s what one recent study participant was told with his new app that detects location sharing. He was shocked, and took immediate action to restrict the data on his smartphone.
You probably should do the same.
With the age of…

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Essential Items for an Economic Collapse

Ammo, weapons, food, and medical supplies are all obvious to have during any crisis but more comprehensive items such as ‘how to’ books, spirits, and essential tools will prove to be necessary as well.
It is well understood what items…

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Prescription Drug Rehab and Kratom

Prescription drug rehab is big business — and what’s even better from the rehab centers’ viewpoint — there’s a lot of repeat business.
But, when the public wakes up and says, “Whoa, seven times through rehab is enough!”, it’s time…

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Getting Started with Growing Sweet Corn from Home

Sweet corn is a great vegetable to consume in order to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. However, during the summer months bushels of corn become more expensive due to drought. To avoid this families are beginning to grow corn…

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Vaccination: Will the owner of my body, mind, and soul please stand up?

By the time we got the letter, my son was already excited about sixth grade and going to middle school. He had been through a wonderful weeklong orientation, met his teachers, found his locker, and felt like he already fit…

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The Psychological warfare of blame and why it’s such a useful tool for control:

“When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you.”

Or as Jesus said,
“Don’t focus on the speck in your brother’s eye while ignoring the log in your own eye.”
I’m sure you reading this, have…

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Kratom Fights for Recognition

The many chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and fatigue sufferers who live in and visit Florida are now watching that state’s legislature to see whether they will recognize kratom’s benefits or ban the herb altogether.
Those who are in constant pain…

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Has PHA or ACO asked for Information and Permission? Who? What?

Have you received “important” looking mail from your doctor? Beware! It really is from the Accountable Care Coalition (ACO), an out-growth of Medicare, requesting information related to your health. This is under the guise of assisting your medical care givers.…

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