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7 Ways to Reduce Your Medical Bills

Everyone knows that the cost of medical care is rising much faster than income levels and that even with insurance, medical bills can be extremely high. However, there are some tricks of the trade that you can learn that will…

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What to Do when the Holidays Lead You into Debt

It seems to happen every year – the holidays cause you to go into debt. You most likely charged up your credit cards again and maybe missed a bill or two to afford gifts, food for parties, a tree and…

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Is Your Credit Score What It Should Be?

When was the last time you checked your credit score? Do you even remember? There are a lot of numbers in life that we’re forced to memorize – social security numbers, license plates, phone numbers – but one of the…

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How to Save Money with Natural Skin Care

In 2013, 56.63 billion dollars in revenue streamed in from the purchase of cosmetics in the U.S. With approximately 1.2 million households, that averages to about $4,700 per year and close to $400 per month per household being spent on…

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Oncologist Pleads Guilty on 16 Counts for Administering Unnecessary Chemotherapy, Fraud

It’s becoming increasingly evident that in order to maintain physical and mental health, one must continually ask questions, engage in their own research, and never take something for truth just because it came from a so-called “respectable” source. While some…

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Class Action Suit Over Potential Cancer Vaccine Settles For 1.25 Million

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.
In July 2013 a class action was filed against biotechnology company Biovest International, Inc. (Hill v. Accentia Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. et al.).  The lawsuit emanated from alleged false and misleading statements made by…

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Gamers want game companies to accept Bitcoins

The popular crypto currency has been on constant rise for a past few years.  More and more businesses are preparing to shift their transactions by opening up Bitcoin wallets. Bitcoin has a bad reputation gathered due to the media constantly…

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Forex For Amateurs: Gambling Or Acumen?

We have to acknowledge that no established educational institution can actually teach you how to consistently make money in forex trading. We frequently see ignorant representatives of the mass media equating forex trading to casino gambling. However, professional forex traders…

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Governor Challenges Legality of Common Core With Federal Lawsuit

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.
In our June 5, 2014 Scales of Justice article entitled, “Is The Common Core Illegal?” (See we  examined the legality of the Common Core national education program.  Some of the challenges…

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Judge Strikes Down Kauai’s New Law Restricting GM Crops

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.
Last year the county of Kauai, Hawaii passed Ordinance 960 limiting and restricting the use of GM crops to consumer protectionist acclaim.  Syngenta seeds, DuPont Pioneer and Agrigenetics Inc., doing business as…

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