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Product Liability Is A Complex Field

The extent of corruption and cover-up by most corporations today is unbelievable. Everything from drugs to cars to food products can cause injury or death, yet few of these products will own up to their shortcomings and make amends for… 0 Shares | | Posted in Business, Money, News

How to get benefits by selling scrap metal recycling

Scrap metal yards buy metal in light of weight. You crash into the scrap yard and stop your vehicle (and trailer now and then) on an expansive scale where they record your weight. You then commute over to the discharge… 0 Shares | | Posted in Business, Money, News

Satisfying Your Wanderlust Safely and Cheaply. Travelling tips

We all have it – that desire to travel to new and exciting places. For some, travel goals include seeing all that there is within their own countries; for others, it means planning trips to faraway lands. Whatever your pleasure,… 0 Shares | | Posted in Lifestyle, Money, Travel

The “Reorganization” of 24 Hour Fitness

Numerous lawsuits, several corporate layoffs, and the resignation of Carl Liebert, former CEO of 24 Hour Fitness, may sound like a recipe for a foreclosure but according to 24 Hour Fitness the business is simply ‘reorganizing.’ In 1983 Mark Mastrov… 0 Shares | | Posted in Business, Crime, Entertainment, Environment, Fitness, Fitness Nutrition, Food, Free Speech, Health, Health, Liberty, Lifestyle, Mental Health, Money, News, Nutrition, Personal Care, Pilates, Strength Training, Weight Loss, World, Yoga

Top 5 CEO of Car Companies

What does it mean to be the Cheaf Executive Officer of the company, which has assembly plants worldwide? Do that people work around the clock? How people, who take charge of the biggest automakers, manage to respond to constantly changing… 0 Shares | | Posted in Business, Money, World

Tips for Living Off the Grid

Living off the grid does not mean reverting back to old ancient ways but instead means taking the ideology of sustainable living and sustainable development and applying it to living with today’s technology. The ‘grid’ has come to be known… 0 Shares | | Posted in Aquaponics, Backyard Chickens, Business, Chemicals, Chemtrails, Child Care, Constitution, Electropollution, Environment, Farming, Firearms, Fitness, Fitness Nutrition, Food, Food, Free Speech, Gardening, GMOs, Health, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Home, Liberty, Liberty, Lifestyle, Medicine, Mental Health, Money, News, Nutrition, Nutritional Medicine, Parental Rights, Personal Care, Pets and Animals, Politics & Government, Recipes, Strength Training, Travel, Water, Weather Control, Weird, World

Kratom: A Beacon of Hope

The use of kratom, a plant that is indigenous to the South Pacific, has become known mostly through word of mouth as a way to manage withdrawing from opiate painkillers. More people are learning about the beneficial properties of the… 0 Shares | | Posted in Fitness Nutrition, Health, Health, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Mental Health, Money, Nutrition, Nutritional Medicine, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Politics & Government

Rotten To The Common Core

The Common Core program, which is seemingly force fed to our children in school, is currently under the microscope of scrutiny as more and more parents are opting out of having their children being subjected to the program’s standardized testing. … 0 Shares | | Posted in Business, Child Care, Constitution, Liberty, Liberty, Lifestyle, Money, News, Parental Rights, Politics & Government

At the Top of the Ladder: Sir Alex Ferguson and Professional Poker Players

When we look at successful people, we often imagine a long road of hard work. Grit and determination may be one way to get there, but there is also something to be said for working smarter rather than harder. For… 0 Shares | | Posted in Money, World

What Must You Have in Your Financial Emergency First-Aid Kit?

Do you keep your finances organized? Do you have an emergency plan for every viable situation? Just as the families have an emergency first aid ready for every unavoidable situation similarly we also require a financial first aid kit for… 0 Shares | | Posted in Money