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5 Ways Local Governments Can Show More Concern for Health Matters

Local governments need to be a reliable source of help and support for their communities, especially regarding health matters. While it is not the government’s place to decide exact specifications for each citizen’s health, there are small things local governments…

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McDonald’s Defends Unhealthy Food with New Ad Campaign

In 2014, several organizations declared war on obesity. This led to a brutally honest global discussion of the fast food industry’s effect on public health putting McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast food chain, in the hot seat. In September 2014, McDonald’s…

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Equality: Really for Whom, the Powerful through Personally Driven Agendas!

Think about it! Many speak about equality for all, but it seems that those who speak are above all others and treated differently. Therefore, is this not inequality for those not speaking, but must follow what has been put forth…

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Absurdity prompts Clarity within Linguistics and Perception.

For six seasons during January 1996 and May of 2001, 3rd Rock from the Sun provided absurd perceptions of humans as noted by alien life forms. This was thought by some, but many found the sitcom quite humorous. Personally during…

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Doctors Are Not Authority Figures

Despite years of programming, indoctrination and popular belief – doctors are not authority figures.
Keep this in mind on your next visit.
If your primary care doctor has not yet asked you about whether you have guns in your home and…

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What Kratom Can Learn from Medical Marijuana

The kratom revolution could learn a lot from the medical marijuana success story. We can save ourselves a lot of precious time, money, and effort by choosing the most efficient strategy to take us to full legal acceptance by the…

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A Deeper Insight Into Medical Negligence / Malpractice

Formally speaking, the notion of medical malpractice refers to professional negligence either by omission or by act, performed by a healthcare professional. If the medical treatment provided to a patient falls below the standards of practice in the healthcare industry…

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Decisions that Make Our Mother Earth Desperately Unhappy

Our Mother Earth is desperately unhappy with our insatiable appetite for energy that is now being obtained through a technology called:  Fracking!
Our earth is compromised of an amazing complex balance of energy and frequencies.  The universe can be seen…

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New York Says No Fracking Way!

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.
In a surprise decision to many, Governor Cuomo has decided against hydrualic fracturing (fracking) in the state of New York.  The decision has been approximately six years in the making, as detailed…

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5 Countries Children Need Your Charity Aid this Christmas   

 Children Need Your Charity Aid       
Christmas is a time for giving. It is a time for family and friends and for being thankful for what we have. Whilst many of us will be eating and drinking, giving…

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