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“Orthorexia nervosa” – a veiled attack on your health

“Orthorexia nervosa” is the psychiatric industry’s veiled attack on organic food, your health, and the organic food movement.
Concerned about toxic and unhealthy ingredients in your food?  You may suffer from “orthorexia.”
A more precise definition of “orthorexia nervosa” is…

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Three Sisters: Growing Beans, Corn, and Squash

As spring gets closer families are beginning gardening projects that not only bring them together but also provide nutritional balance. Such gardens include vegetables that complement one another also known as companion gardening.
As of late indoor gardens, small gardens,…

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Safe Points in Houses during Natural Disasters

Various safe points exist within the home during events such as earthquakes, thunderstorms, tornadoes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions however; evacuation may still be necessary and is always recommended.
Recently there has been a peculiar increase in the amount of severe…

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Tips for Living Off the Grid

Living off the grid does not mean reverting back to old ancient ways but instead means taking the ideology of sustainable living and sustainable development and applying it to living with today’s technology.
The ‘grid’ has come to be known…

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Electric Comet VS Dirty Snowball Comet Theory

For years it was assumed that orbiting comets and sun diving comets had no effect on the Sun because of their believed composition. However, as more evidence comes to light comet composition may have to be reanalyzed.
One of the…

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Our Planet and Solar System is Shifting

It’s no secret that the entire solar system is undergoing a shift and it seems that an agenda has been set in order to blame human beings for changes seen on Earth. However, the universe has told the truth.

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Remembering Ebola

On September 30, 2014 the first US ebola case was confirmed. The same day, Goldenstate Fire/EMS stated on twitter that Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) was informed months prior to the first confirmed Ebola case in the United States.[3]

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The Psychological warfare of blame and why it’s such a useful tool for control:

“When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you.”

Or as Jesus said,
“Don’t focus on the speck in your brother’s eye while ignoring the log in your own eye.”
I’m sure you reading this, have…

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Popular Haunted Locations in Washington State

Everybody loves a good ghost story but few people dare to investigate ghost sightings themselves. However, for those curious here are some popular haunted locations for both Washington state residents and visitors.
If visiting Washington state or currently residing there…

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GM-What? GMO

GMO. Genetically Modified Organism. Huh? Yes, it can be a mouthful and even more difficult to possibly try and understand. I originally set out to write this article as a brief, yet simple, synopsis of what GMO’s are and how…

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