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The Cost Factor: The Effects of Prices on the Sales of Technological Devices in Africa

The sales of technological devices have never really flourished in the continent of Africa – until recently. As a result, for many decades, Africans have had to catch up with the world’s advancement in the tech scene at a much…

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8 Health Effects from the Fukushima Disaster

It has been several years now since the shocking events of earthquake and tsunami did such damage to the Fukushima nuclear power plant spilled untold gallons of radioactive waste into the water and atmosphere. Even years later, the fallout from…

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Women Warriors To Battle Cavemen of Isis

Several years ago, Microsoft founder and C.E.O. Bill Gates traveled to Saudi Arabia to speak at a technology conference for the leaders of that industry in the Kingdom. He spoke before a segregated audience, something he was not used to.…

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Restore Inner Peace and Sanity Through Positive Thinking and Healthy Foods

As people hear all kinds of unsettling news about the world, from widespread diseases and droughts to corruption and cover-ups, it’s not surprising that individuals are craving more inner peace to help restore their sanity. In fact, Mike Adams recently…

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Homelessness is not a disease

How would you feel? Down to your last dollar, no money for rent, no place to keep your possessions – what you have left anyway, and no one to turn to who will help you. Out on the street.
Strangers that…

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U.S. Makes Top 10 List For International Food Safety Violations

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.
It may sound like a Letterman routine, but this top 10 list is no joke.  Food Sentry, a global food monitoring service designed to protect consumers, has released the findings from their…

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Video: Fishermen Report ‘Waist-High’ Fukushima Debris in Pacific

By Chris DePaulo
Canadian fishermen off the coast of Langara Island in British Columbia say they are seeing “waist-high” debris from Fukushima, Japan, that goes on for up to 15 miles floating in the Pacific Ocean. They are concerned that…

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Starvation May Affect the Health of Descendants

Starvation may affect the health of descendants of future generations according to a recent study. Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) found evidence that starvation causes changes in nucleic acids and are inherited by the offspring of at least…

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French Supermarket’s Fight Against Food Waste is a Smashing Success

In light of the news that an insane amount of food is wasted every year (over 300 tons), the European Union decided to make 2014 “The Year Against Food Waste“. In response, Intermarche, France’s 3rd largest food chain, has arranged…

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Chemtrails: What are They and How You Can Protect Yourself From Them

When it comes to asking people what they think about chemtrails, there are three probable answers you’re likely to get. Some people will say that chemtrails are a bunch of bull and that they aren’t real. A few others will…

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