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How Technology Is Making It Easier Than Ever To Drive Eco Cars

The growing popularity of eco-friendly cars is receiving a boost from the availability of new technology. Modern eco cars have long been a novel solution to the growing concern on greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles. Some driving theory tests include…

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The Impact of Chemtrails On Your Overall Health

When does a conspiracy theory no longer become just a theory? When it’s the truth.
Most of you, I’m sure, have seen the long white lines that run across the sky, that are left by planes flying high above. If you…

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What Every American Should Know About What Is In The Food We Eat

by Long Island Attorney Paul A. Lauto, Esq.
In the movie Apocalypse Now, Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore (played by  Robert Duvall) may have had a strange love for the smell of napalm in the morning, but would he have loved…

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iPhone 6 “Bending” Fears: What’s the Truth?

According to a latest news published in the Guardian, reports suggesting that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones are bending in the trouser pocket, are actually blown out of proportion and potential users are not required to shy away…

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Water: What Your Body Is Really Craving

Do You Need More Water?
Water is a way of life, or rather life itself. Water is essential for every form of life. It is needed to keep us hydrated, and it assists in the flushing of toxins from the body.…

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Hospitals going paperless

Maintaining tremendous amount of patient records and their history is a daunting task. There are never enough walls to store files of patient records in any hospital. Hospital is a dynamic place and you never know when the receptionist might…

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Infertility Causes and Solutions

Infertility has become a problem for many couples today. The issues could be something from the environment to a change in hormones. The result is many families are having a hard time conceiving a baby.
Let’s talk about possible causes of Infertility
For Both Male and…

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Brain Games: Do they make Your Brain Sharper?

You’ll find many quotes related to the mind. Some compare it with water, others with a sword. Just like a sword, our mind is thought to need sharpening every now and again, for otherwise it might grow dull. But are…

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How Healthy Is Your Brain?

Most of us do so many things to take care of our body, such as eating right, exercising and daily hygiene routines (e.g. brushing our teeth).
But do we do the same for our brain?
After all, it plays a…

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New DNA research may hold the key to the world coffee crisis

New research has succeeded in sequencing the DNA of the Robusta coffee plant and decoding its evolutionary past. At a time when climate change has decimated the local coffee crop in both Central America and East Africa, the research hopes…

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