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Top Directories for Business Owners: A Valuable Primer

With 2014 well past its first quarter, it’s time to jot down the top web directories which have emerged as clear user favorites between the period extending from the end of 2013 to the first half of 2014.
The list…

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School Laptop and Tablet Programs Increase Yet Again

A laptop has become more important than ever for success in college. Without a laptop to take notes on, complete assignments on and research the web (wherever the student happens to be), it is immeasurably harder to be a good…

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Does A Laptop Harm Your Sexual Health?

Men often worry about their sexual health especially as they grow older, but now it is becoming a growing concern among the younger generation. While problems with performance and even penile size will always be some of the most common…

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What’s Your IQ on eWaste?

Recycling is becoming more and more of everyday life for many people. However, America is well below the amounts and items we should be recycling. Especially when it come to electronics.
If any of you are like me, you will…

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The Top 3 Ways to Protect Yourself From the Negative Effects of Wi-Fi

In my opinion, one of the greatest threats to our health and wellbeing comes from something that has become commonplace today: Wireless Internet connections. Nowadays, pretty much everyone and every business has a wireless connection, so learning how to live…

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Encrypted Virus Designed to Hold Important Files of User

Computer Trojans and viruses have long been known for being destructive and chaotic, but some take it to the next level by demanding money and data.
When it comes to computer Trojans and viruses, it doesn’t take much for you…

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Health Technology – Why Cloud Security is So Important for Healthcare Providers

You’ve probably seen the rise in popularity of cloud storage systems like DropBox in recent years. Such technological innovations aren’t just for blue-chip companies – they present real efficiency savings and an easier way of working for all types of…

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Can You Make Money with 3D Printing?

3D printing has received a lot of attention over the past year or two. But while some are super excited, some seem reluctant or even clueless about it. I admit that I took a much larger interest at the beginning…

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Government Agencies Becoming a Threat to Internet Freedom

As the internet becomes larger, and governments are attacking the internet 24/7, security is more vital than ever.
The internet is a large place filled with many great things, as I am sure you all know. While its a great…

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Is Social Media Destroying or Building Self Esteem?

Social media has become a staple in most of our lives, whether we use social media for personal reasons or for professional ones. Nearly one in four people use social media and 73% of adults who are online use social…

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