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Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Identity While Online Shopping

Shopping on the Internet is the new norm and for good reason – it’s ultra-convenient and provides more buying options. Unfortunately, just as it is convenient for you to shop online, so is it for hackers and viruses to get…

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How to Take Good Care of Your Laptop Computer

You can prolong the life of your laptop computer by performing regular preventative maintenance techniques. Your laptop will last longer and require less unexpected maintenance if these simple steps are followed. The speed and performance of the computer will also…

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5 Things to Consider About Patents

Not everyone will be an inventor. Few will make landmark discoveries or think up the next technological advancement in society like the TV. However, in our current internet age we are constantly consuming and creating information, images and ideas. Because…

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6 stages of developing a successful app

Any app development company dreams about developing their own app which will become a hit as soon as it hits the market. But nothing comes easy. Here’re some tips for developing a successful application.
Determine your goal
Any project should…

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How Small Businesses can Improve their Business Security

Small businesses often store highly sensitive information regarding their clients. Since many don’t have the security resources of larger organisations, they’re often targeted by criminals. Digital theft has surpassed physical theft as the most commonly reported fraud. According to the…

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Study Finds Taking Selfies Can Help Heal Skin Conditions Like Eczema

Taking selfies–yes, the word everybody loves to hate–may play a role in improving skin conditions without having to visit a dermatologist.
According to findings published online October 22, 2014 in the journal JAMA Dermatology, researchers from the University of Denver,…

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5 Ways to Start Encrypting Your Online Communications

Digital communications are everything, the way data travels over the internet, the way we browse the web, every email, text message and phone call we make. It is all fed from one provider to another, all over the world with…

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Ergonomic Makeover: Design Your Workspace in 3 Simple Steps

Give your workspace an ergonomic makeover and reap the benefits of better posture, better productivity, and less pain and discomfort at work. A recent poll determined that 86% of employees that work at a desk job were uncomfortable during work.…

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7 Website that make you more clever

Website that’s make you cleverer
Have you ever think internet change everything as it is a virtually limitless resource of information and best is this is even at our fingertips, thanks to the tech engineers of all over…

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Hospitals going paperless

Maintaining tremendous amount of patient records and their history is a daunting task. There are never enough walls to store files of patient records in any hospital. Hospital is a dynamic place and you never know when the receptionist might…

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