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“Your location has been shared 5,398 times by 10 apps in the last 14 days.”

That’s what one recent study participant was told with his new app that detects location sharing. He was shocked, and took immediate action to restrict the data on his smartphone.
You probably should do the same.
With the age of…

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How to Decide : Whether to Buy a Computer or Build Yourself

Do you have wish to have a new computer? You have some idea about the latest version of computer system and you wish to have that one in your house. In these circumstances, you face confusion whether to buy a…

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Invest In the Right Biometric Identification System to Enjoy Maximum Security

A biometric identification system remains concerned with the validation of an individual based on his/her behavioral and physiological characteristics. There are different types of identification software available and can be grouped based on the physical characteristics they are able to…

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5 Awesome Utility Apps on Android

Gone are the days when you can only use your cellphone to call or text someone. For smartphone users, specifically those with an Android OS, they would agree that this mobile operating system has a number of uses that it…

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10 Steps to Become a Mobile App Developer

Becoming an app developer is not as easy as it can seem from the first sight. You may think that it’s all about programming skills. But it is not. It is really great if you are able to create award-winning…

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Keep Your Paperwork Organized?

The name paperwork says it all. There are some people, who are great in many things but there is one thing that we all are unable to manage no matter how hard we try and it’s keeping our files and…

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Are people smarter in the digital age than they were in the past?

Thanks to technology, knowledge has become so easily accessible to modern users that it’s hard to imagine life without it. From the simple everyday queries about the time or the weather forecast, to more complex, situational needs, the answer to…

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Internet Marketing threats that should be avoided

In the modern business world, internet marketing is essential for success of any business. Among the most effective internet marketing methods is social media marketing. There are millions of users using the social media networks every day. Despite the great…

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The Basics of Mobile Application Security Testing

Mobile phones have come a long way from the cumbersome handheld device to a smart device which can perform banking transaction, online shopping and various other important things.With the beginning of the smart phones, another popular and equally interesting phenomenon…

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Advantages of VPN Solutions

VPN is the medium to supplies the connectivity of the network for a very long physical distance. In this scene, the VPN is a form of Wide Area Network (WAN). VPNs also enable the indulgence in file sharing video conference…

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